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  1. BrightSide


    Hi @Lovelylady welcome to AS, im fairly new here too and find it a very supportive and understanding community. B
  2. Hi Jade, welcome to AS. Im sorry for your truama that brought you here, but glad you found this site, and us. It is a supportive community full of people who understand and can support you on your healing journey. B
  3. Hi @boxergal30welcome to AS, im sorry for your traumas that have brought you here. I am fairly new here too, It is a very supportive community, I hope you find the support that you need here on your healing journey. B
  4. Hi Camellia, welcome to AS. Im sorry for what you have been through and that you have reason to be here. Im fairly new here myself and am very grateful to have found this community too. Im in my mid 30s, im studing to be a childrens therapist, I love painting, drawing, theme parks and time with my safe family. B
  5. Hi Abbie, welcome to AS. Glad you have found us. It is a lovely and supportive community that i have only been a member of for a few months but im very glad to have found it. Somewhere where people understand you and to listen when you need. Everyone explains that there is now rush to tell your story, to do this when your ready and in the mean time explore the content on the site and take your time as it can get overwhelming. Be kind to yourself. B
  6. Keep holding on lonelygirl, keep talking to us on AS, your boyfriend and your furry doggy friend - we are all here to listen and understand your struggles and insecurities very much! Be kind to yourself, B
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