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  1. If I have been a little distant, it´s because I worked a lot lately. I even stayed at a friend´s last night because my shift ended at 9.30 pm and my next was 06.45 am. So I slept over since she lives close. I will have some more time off soon, but my plate´s full right now 

    1. mini.finch


      Make sure to rest when you can, Wanna. ❤️ It sounds like you're super busy!

    2. WannaMoveOn


       @mini.finch Yes, I nap a lot these days. Yesterday I napped so hard, as I woke up believing it was the next day. 

  2. Aaaah! I have two days off in a row for the first time in a while. I had a Big Bang theory type of morning. I gently exercised, deep cleaned my room, did some laundry and organized my mail. Pay day tomorrow (since Friday is a national holiday), so I went extra with my pizza ordering. I shall be elite lazy for the rest of the day! I even forced myself not to do all my chores in a row, but to watch one episode of something inbetween. :supacool:

  3. Hello there, wishing you welcome as well! I am Wanna I myself have found great comfort in this forum. You can talk about pretty much anything and share in the amount you feel comfortable with. Everyone here has a different story, but we tend to relate to another here. We are here for you, wherever you are at healing right now and will be for ups and downs. All best, W
  4. Boy, got up at 5 so I could be at work by 7. Worked 7-4 with only a 30 minute break. It's a messy bun, scented candle and blanket kind of night. Will work again tomorrow, so recharging all night now! 

  5. Oh, no problems at all! Always happy to help a newbie out
  6. Having today off, but working this weekend. 

    I had a shower, a walk, and now some caramel popcorn and ice tea. 

    My doctor will call in an hour, I have check up today on quitting Flouxetine. I have been experiencing some mood swings, but nothing I cannot tackle with the techniques I learned in therapy. 

    Hope everyone is well, and will have something fun to look forward this weekend. 

    1. mini.finch


      Sending you safe hugs, Wanna. ❤️ Good luck working on the weekend! And I hope that you're able to handle side effects from stopping the medication. Best wishes. :) 

    2. Tangerine_VVV


      I hope work is not too much this weekend, and caramel popcorn and ice tea sounds like a lovely combination. 

      Quitting Flouxetine is a challenge, and I understand mood swings may happen. I do hope you find balance soon. Take good care 💜


    3. WannaMoveOn


      Thanks you guys, I am fine but exhausted. 

  7. Hello and welcome here! I am Wanna by the way I am glad you decided to join here, so you hopefully can feel less alone and more supported. After Silence has really helped me out, having an anonymous place to unload and recharge. Our members are kind and with our many forums, you can discuss a wide range of topics. Take your time to settle in! All best, W
  8. Hello and welcome here! I am Wanna btw I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and the pain that comes with. This is a good place to explore different coping strategies, we discuss many different techniques. We also talk a lot about therapy and creating a support system. You choose how much you' like to share, we are here for you! Of course you'll be supported, that is what we are here for. You can throw me a PM at any time, for questions, thoughts or just some chat/venting. Hope you're having a lovely day/night - W ☀️
  9. Hello and welcome here! I am Wanna Our trauma start coming back at the least expected of times. It is important that you take good care of yourself and find a support system. I am proud of you for reaching out to get help, that can be scary but you'll thank yourself down the road. Being wait listed can sure be frustrating, been there myself. I hope this community will ease that waiting a bit. This is a safe place for all types of survivors, where you can share in the amount you feel comfortable with. We tend to relate to each other here. Please know, we believe you. Let me kn
  10. Hello! Popping in and wishing you welcome! I am Wanna by the way I am deeply and sincerely sorry for your trauma and that comes with. Please know, we believe you, and you are not alone. Yes, I think we somehow feel validation once we understand that our struggle is real. I suffer memory loss after my trauma, and have been afraid I suppressed giving consent. However, one doesn´t feel this way without reason. I personally think a person affected by substance cannot give consent. I am glad you came here, I think you could use a place like this. After Silence is a safe community where
  11. Boy what a day! I set the alarm at 5 am, so I could be at work by 7 am. As I got off my 7 hour shift, I went to the store to buy some buns and pepsi, and went to my friend's. She had two fur babies that day, her own and one she was watching. We sat outside, and a couple of neighbors joined us. One of them brought a fur baby as well. So we ended up being 3 girls and 3 doggos. I had brilliant sushi. 

    Am home now, 16 hours after that I left. 

  12. Just cleansed out my make up and washed the brushes. This really took me down memory lane for a second. Some of those products were from my prom 3 years ago. I am not much of a makeup person, so I usually remember specifically when I got which product. Just threw out my first lip palette and eye shadow palette I bought for prom. Cheap stuff but my friend helped me make it pop. 

  13. Hello, welcome to AS! I am Wanna I am sincerely sorry about your trauma and all that comes with. Please know, you are not alone. Healing is a bumpy ride. I myself have plenty of experience with feeling like I am finally done, leaving therapy behind, and then something new comes up. It doesn't have to mean we are spinning in circles, but rather have a journey of ups and downs. After Silence is here to support you at any point of your healing. We have members here who are open about their CPTSD. You decide how much you'd like to share about that and anything else. This is a safe plac
  14. Hello and welcome here! I am Wanna I am sorry about the job. Anxiety sure can make one overthink to the point of being too exhausted, or stressed, to do anything. Graduating college sounds like a fresh start. I am 22 and a university drop out. I am fully planning to go back, but for now I am only working. Anyhow, I am glad you signed up here. This is a warm community, where you can talk about pretty much anything. Everyone has a different story, a different journey, but we tend to relate to each other. Let me know if I can be at any help, I am just one PM away. Wishing
  15. I'm 20 minutes in van Helsing and it's hilarious. I had evening tea and mud cake before bed. After waking up 6 today, it's sure good to sleep in tomorrow an start work at 12. 

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