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  1. I will change out of the pj´s I´ve been wearing for the past two days. I put on a shirt on it for my zoom-lab yesterday. I will go out for grocery shopping and the  do some studying. Í have not been outside of the apartment since Thursday lol. I am usually not like this, but 1. weather is bad 2.I have no place to go rn. Everything is locked down. 


  2. This could really be the day I met my stupid ex. Man, when you can relate. I am sincerely sorry they had the fortune to meet you. You were way to good for them, and they used your wish to think the best of them against you. It was not your fault, that takes some serious manipulation skills. Even in tough times, you live a better life than them, because you choose to honor you dignity and accept support, being true to yourself. Those are important factors for a full recovery. And you will shine by doing that.
  3. What a day... 

    started quite cozy, then I had a long class. Then, I had multiple stress sessions as I found out that the new renter moves in the very day I am leaving, and I am not getting my keys until that day either, so it will be a stressful move. 

    I kind of worked out a plan though, and then my insurance company called. They have started a cooperation with my campus housing department, meaning I get 25% off my insurance as off next month. I also remember last minute today that I had to admit two assignments, and did them in a rush. 

    Today I started packing, but I will not be moving until two weeks, so will be holding off on packing more until the weekend. 


    1. mini.finch


      My goodness, you had quite the day! I hope everything works out with your move. Wishing you all the best. ❤️ Sitting with you if you'd like.

  4. I went and had a peek at my new apartment yesterday. I am very excited. The move has been arranged, I was lucky to hire a classmate to do the job for much cheaper than what the firms offered me. 

    Also, I sprayed deodorant in my room, and now I am inhaling chemicals as I am studying chemical analysis methods. Not my brightest idea. 

  5. Hello @Helianthus and welcome to After Silence You can call me Wanna. I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and what you have to battle with on a daily basis. Please know that we believe you and want to support you. This is a platform for anyone who seeks ways to cope, heal, looking for advice or just needs to vent. After Silence is a safe place for the bumpy road of recovery. Taking that step into healing is a big milestone, and having a community can be crucial. Here, you have a chance to connect with survivors of similar experiences, who can relate first hand. I am sorry y
  6. Hello WolfMoon! Welcome welcome to After Silence! We already met, but I was so happy you decided to post here, I wanted to greet you again
  7. Hello and welcome on board! I am Wanna I really like your profile name. Yes, you are blessed with a voice and you have broken your silence. 22 years is enough indeed. I am sincerely sorry you had to go through any of that. Please know, none of it was your fault. It seems like you have realized a lot about your past already. That will indeed help your journey towards recovery. I hope you will feel access to support every day from now on. After Silence is a safe place with kind members, who form a wonderful support system. This is a good platform to get advice, relate and conn
  8. I prepared dinner for the week and shoved 2 weeks worth of laundry in the washing machine. 

  9. Hello and welcome to After Silence, I am Wanna My sincere sympathies on your trauma. Please know we believe you, and that it was not your fault. This is a safe place, you share whatever you want at your own pace. 10 years is a long time to carry such a burden. I hope you find what you are searching for here. This site offers a wonderful support system by our kind members, where we can share everything related to healing to just simple things in life. And yes, learning healthy ways to cope is a big part of it, I really like your attitude about being here Every story is
  10. You broke the chains while he still walked this earth, maybe you would have reported him if he was still alive, but the most important thing in all of this is you, Maya, and you are still around.
  11. Slay! We should make T-shirts of this!
  12. Welcome to After Silence Safe44! Check your DM for more information about this site All best, Wanna ☀️
  13. I am also happy to be back at the NST. I feel like a rock star who´s been on a break and now gets to work with the band again. 😎
  14. Hello @Moe and welcome to After Silence, I am Wanna This is a safe place, you are free to share as much or as little as you´d like. Nothing is too small or too big. Sharing your story is a great way to cope, and others may find reading it helpful. We are all here to support each other, our members form a warm support system. I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and pain. Please know, we believe you. After Silence is here for you If you have browsed our site already, you might have noticed that we speak about pretty much anything here. If your would have any questions, need so
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