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  1. Welcome to this platform Wolfgang! I've been here since January 1st, and received much support, advice and empathy in this forum. I hope you'll experience the same. Don't worry about being "rather late", because it's never too late. We are here for you. PS. If you are coping with flashbacks, feel free to contact me, I share some experience in that particular area.
  2. Welcome! I've been here since January 1st and found this site providing much support. I hope you'll feel the same. Here on After Silence, we give away safe hugs, if ok?
  3. Hello and welcome! I have been here since January, and I have experienced good advice, dialogs, and support here. Feel free to write me any time. Here on AS, we offer another safe hugs Want one?
  4. First of all, welcome to AS! I am deeply sorry for what happened to you, and those comments about you not having a case because of the influence of alcohol is just rubbish. Assault is assault and you have the right to your body despite any excuses or circumstances. I was also afraid no one would take me seriously. My boyfriend caused my SA, and I wondered for months if it really was a case of rape. I also had some struggle being taken seriously, as the SA happened in a complex situation. But also, I have been blessed with a lot of support. I agree, sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger. I am sitting with you, and please don't worry. Only you decide when you are oversharing. Safe hug if ok?
  5. Yes, the reason why we all are here is sad, but we got each other's backs!
  6. Welcome to the site! Good thing you've decided to join us, here you'll find support for any topic you could think about related to SA, relationships, feeling better, process trauma and much more! I found AS by chance as well, just a few months ago, when I was super low. This site provides some really useful and mind changing content. I wish you a nice experience. Here on AS we give away safe hugs. It's a thing. Want one?
  7. Hi PurpleBee! I have been here for about a month and can confirm this place offering a lot of support, company and new perspectives. Have a nice one! safe hug if it's ok.
  8. @goldraindrops @SippingTea Thanks, you guys! I am making progress right now and I have to say, this site has helped me in multiple ways.
  9. - The truth will haunt you. - What is done is done. - You are your own plague. - What goes around comes around. - Survivors are the real winners.
  10. @Quill Welcome, I just joined as well. I'm so proud of you taking the big step and asking others for support. You are not alone, you are a survivor. Good luck with your recovery
  11. Hi, @AKBI am grateful for the opportunity to co-work on healing with others on this site.
  12. @MeBeMary, thanks for bringing up pressure and manipulation as abuse. It's exactly those kinds of bullying from my previous partner I'm trying to heal from. I appreciate your support.
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