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  1. My roommate works two jobs and takes classes. I am living off my parents while trying to get better. Uni gave me resignation due to my current mental issues. I am seeing professional help. My mum and stepdad both say that I am not exaggerating, that they are happily helping me out. I just feel tired, worn out and unproductive at the same time :( 

  2. Hello am419, I am Wanna Welcome! I am sincerely and deeply sorry for your pain. This shouldn't have happened, and you have every right to your emotions. Please know that you have no guilt in this, and that After Silence is here for you. When something traumatic happens to us, the experiences sadly doesn't dissolve by itself. The trauma needs to be actively processed, why it can come up at unexpected times. This is completely normal, and there is great help to receive. I am sorry you are worried about your child. We have plenty of parents on this platform, who can give some advice.
  3. I understand that feeling. The situation on its own is very confusing and hard, and sharing can make you feel vulnerable. This is a safe place, we are anonymous and you don't have to share what you'd like to keep private. Feel free to have a look around the site, maybe you'll find that someone has similar experiences. Relating sometimes makes it easier.
  4. Hi @Novu, I am Wanna I am glad you've found us. I sounds like you have been through a lot. I am deeply sorry about your trauma and what comes with. Please know that none of what happened is your fault. We believe you. I am so proud of you for starting to share. Telling somebody, especially the first time, can be very difficult. You shouldn't be alone in this, and After Silence invites all kinds of survivors. When healing, things tend to go up and down in life, and this community is here for all kinds of days. Stay safe, sending my warmest welcomes! - Wanna ☀️
  5. We can take this discussion, but please PM me about it. This forum is public, so I'd suggest a private conversation to protect personal information. You can write me any time
  6. Hello @ToyahW and welcome to After Silence, I am Wanna First off, I am sincerely sorry about your trauma and what you are going through. You did a very brave decision by reporting, and I am proud of you for doing so. Speaking up and reaching out for help is strong itself, and I am so happy you chose to come here. It's wonderful to hear that you already find it great having a community. After Silence carries kind members who form a warm support system. It is very important that you find a safe place. You can vent, share, get advice and support here. When healing, life tends to get u
  7. Hello PhoenixiaCa, and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna. First off, I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and what comes with. Please know that you have no guilt in what happened. You own your story ad we believe you. Opening up about these things is very brave, and I am so happy you joined here. This is community carries a wide diversity of survivors. Our members form a wonderful support system. When we heal, life tends to go a bit up and down at times, but in whatever place you are, After Silence is here for you. You can talk about anything here, receive advice, support
  8. Hello! Welcome we are her for you. I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and the hurt. I hope you'll find yourself at home here, all survivors are invited. We believe you. Take care. - Wanna ☀️
  9. By the way, English is not my native language either. You'll become more comfortable with it with time. We have many members who are not having English as their first language as well
  10. Hello! Welcome to After Silence, nice to meet you I am Wanna. First off, I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and what you have to cope with. It was not your fault, and we believe you. You are being very strong to work towards healing, and I am so happy you decided to sign up here. Yes, we do help each other out. We tend to relate to each other here, and our members form a wonderful community. I hope you will find what you need here. PM any time with questions or if you want to share something! All best - Wanna ☀️
  11. Hello! I wish you my warmest welcomes. I am Wanna You can use your surname, username or a nickname out of your choice! First off, I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and what comes with. You own your story, and we believe you. Please know, that you have no guilt in this, and nothing to be ashamed of. After Silence invites all kind of survivors, and our members form a warm community. You can share about yourself when you are ready, and listen to other's stories, like you said. This is also a great place to get advice, vent, relate and just get some empathy. I am happy you decided
  12. Hello J! I am Wanna I want to start with wishing you my warmest welcomes. I am sincerely sorry about what happened to you. Please know that we believe you. After Silence invites all kinds of survivors. It it easy to think, that one is exaggerating, but we take you seriously. We believe you. If you feel that something is off, then you should have a safe place to talk about it. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Of course it is ok to talk about it here. What you tell me does sound concerning. A child should be kept safe from experiences that might disturb them, even if the ex
  13. Hello Jane Doe and welcome to After Silence I am Wanna. I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and what you have struggled with these past months. You are being very strong for reaching out and getting help. Good thing you found us! I believe a community and professional help complete another in a support system. It is important that you know, that you are not alone in this. Nothing in this is your fault, and you own your story. We have your back! Yes, those questions can keep you up at night. What you always need to keep in mind, is that nothing was your fault. We can only process
  14. Yes, you have to tag them if you can't find them as followers in the bar on the top of the post's page titled "Follow". You can find the forums organized under "Browse-Forums". If you click on "Activity", you can choose to see "All activity" if you want to see recent posts.
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