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  1. @h-o-p-e Having people question your credibility when it comes to such traumatic issues is jarring. I am sad to hear that nobody believes you. That will change with this community, you deserve that!
  2. Hello h-o-p-e (nice choice of a name!), welcome to After Silence I am Wanna. I want to start out with sharing my sympathies, I am truly sorry for your trauma and pain. Please know that we will believe you. It's alright to be nervous, this is after all a big step. You are being brave and I hope this platform will match your wishes. After Silence is a place to do just what you described. To have some extra support, to connect and share with other survivors, to have a safe place whatever turn life might take. Also, the members are doing a wonderful job supporting another. Giving others advice can help yourself too, I am happy you want to do that. Have a look around, feel free to browse, and once you feel ready, we will be here for you! Stay safe, - Wanna ☀️
  3. @LeslieD Hello and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna We invite all kinds of survivors here, in whatever place in life they might be. Even if we consider ourselves recovered, or mostly recovered, I believe every survivor should have a safe platform for networking. Especially in these times, trauma and old thoughts might catch upon us, and our needs might change. I am happy to hear that you feel support from people close to you. That you have experienced helpful support and got the chance to heal. You can ask any questions you want here and come as often as you like. Browse, as you said, get to know the platform. Once you feel ready, to can share and participate just as you like. I am truly sorry for your trauma. Please know that we believe you. All best, hope to see you around. - Wanna ☀️
  4. Hello, and welcome to After Silence, I am Wanna Good thing you found us. Please know that none of what happened to you is your fault. You wanting to offer support is very kind. I hope to see you around here. I am very sorry for your trauma. You have my sympathies. You can share whatever you like once you feel ready. Stay safe - Wanna ☀️
  5. @SoulSong Hello Song! Nice choice of a name, I call myself Wanna Welcome to our community! After Silence is here for you. I am deeply sorry for your trauma. I sympathize with you. Good thing you found us! Music can be a wonderful tool in healing. I am certain you will be a great therapist, I am happy to hear that you are studying something you enjoy. We have a wide diversity of survivors, and different types of diagnoses and challenges is one of the many things we tend to talk about here. Have a look around, feel free to browse the website. Once you feel ready, you can share what you like here in the pace you choose yourself. All best and hope to see you around - Wanna ☀️
  6. Hello Mel! Welcome to After Silence. I am Wanna I am deeply and truly sorry for your reasons to be here, you have my sympathies and respect. I hope you will find this community as a boost and comfort in your healing. You can share anything you want here, once you feel ready to. You hobbies and major sounds wonderful! I like puzzles too, although it's been a while. All best, and hope to see you around - Wanna ☀️
  7. Hello M34. Welcome to After Silence I am Wanna Starting out here hopefully makes you feel less alone and sense some sympathy and understanding. You own your story and are invited to share once you feel ready to. I second @MeBeMary trauma does tend to change us. Healing is a transforming experience, but you can actually come out stronger and happier from this. The healing journey will be challenging and rocky at times, but with unconditional support and the right methods, you will have a foundation to rely on. You don't have to be alone in this and you shouldn't either. Good thing you found us! I am truly and deeply sorry for your reasons to be here. You have my respect and sympathies. Hope to see you around - Wanna ☀️
  8. Hello, I am Wanna Starting to open up about repressed trauma is a significant step. Being scared and worried is completely normal, although you shouldn't have to be. I am truly sorry for your pain and struggle. You have my sympathies and respect. I hope you will find yourself a safe spot here, a place where you can feel free to share anything. You seem to have set your mind on attending your healing journey. I am rooting for you. You can PM me any time! Hope to see you around. A warm welcome to you! - Wanna ☀️
  9. Hello and welcome! I am good, I wish the same upon you. Welcome to the community! I am sorry for your trauma. Good thing you found us. - Wanna ☀️
  10. Hello @SlynZ Welcome to After Silence! I hope that you will find a safe place in this community. Know that you are not alone and that none of this was your fault. We believe you. All best, hope to see you around! - Wanna ☀️
  11. Hello @Mlbrown welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna You are right, burying it and avoiding it won't help you. Every survivor needs to be allowed to actively heal and processing. That you have turned to a therapist is an important and good step, I am happy you decided to. I am also happy that you are here. Having a community always gives you some back up, with others who can relate and sit with you. This is a place where you are allowed to share in your own pace. Of course there is patience, and only you decide if and when to share certain things. We appreciate members both sharing and supporting within the amount they want and are able to. This is in first hand a place for you to find comfort, but giving someone else advice and support can be a wonderful addition. I am truly and deeply sorry for your trauma, pain and how this has affected your life. We believe you, we will be there for you, and you own your story. I hope you are aware that none of this is your fault. Have a look around here, browse a bit and when you feel ready, you are most invited to post Stay safe. If you would have any questions, would need to vent or chat, do not hesitate to reach out to us staff. - Wanna ☀️
  12. Hello @sophianoelle I am Wanna, welcome to After Silence. 🌻 What happened to you is not okay and you did not by any means deserve this. This can, sadly, happen to anyone. From what I read, it sounds like he is blackmailing you. This is illegal and you can get legal guidance anonymously. This community will be here for you, and you are being super brave for sharing this today. You are not supposed to be alone in this. You own your story, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. We are all here to share, heal and exchange support. Yes, we are anonymous and strangers at first, but this is a safe place. I believe you. If you would need support, someone to hear you out, or have any questions, us staff always has doors open. Stay safe, I am here for you! - Wanna ☀️
  13. Hello CJ! Welcome back! We appreciate members both supporting and sharing, this is great! I am so happy that you feel that you have come far. I have been here for a little less than 2 years myself. Take care and all best - Wanna ☀️
  14. WannaMoveOn


    Hello @purge You can DM me any time if you need someone to listen. Sending you my support.
  15. Welcome back Poppy Of course we want you back. I am happy to hear from you. Sending you my best wishes and support. - Wanna ☀️
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