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  2. Hi, Verdif, and welcome to AS!
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    Hi, Aquarlefty, and welcome to AS!
  4. Hi, Gracie, and welcome to AS!
  5. Hi, Heavenly, and welcome to AS!
  6. Hi, Coffee Alicorn, and welcome to AS!
  7. Hi, Queenie, and welcome to AS!
  8. Safe hugs if okay? nice to meet you btw. it does seem all over the place sometimes . sitting with you if okay? free
  9. Hi, Summer, and welcome to AS!
  10. Hi, Oceonwaves, and welcome to AS!
  11. Hi, Sunshine, and welcome to AS!
  12. Hi, Vermont, and welcome to AS!
  13. Hi, Emmah, and welcome to AS!
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    Hi, Darby, and welcome to AS!
  15. Vermont, welcome to AS. so sorry you need this place, but it's a great place to be.
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  17. Hi Patriciag

    I  am so grateful to you for being such an inspiring awesome  human being . 

    your  about me touched my heart and brought tears to see how much you have overcome and how great you are.

    my mother died on march 14 nth 2016, I miss her. there were lots of secrets in her family.

    I went to Ireland to see her before she died I did not recognise her at first (cancer)

    she had Parkinson's for many years  I said goodbye to her on 4th of March

    I had to return to London .  thank God I had that time with her  most we ever talked

    and it was healing.  for both of us. crying as I type this .

    the Eagle     spirit animal       =       trust in your higher self 

    also means Vision  Courage  Universality its from power animals oracle cards

    your light will shine if you only let it.

    I flew like an eagle in a meditation  in circle it was beautiful several years ago

    also saw the most beautiful wolf  by my side another time.

    1. patriciag


      Thank you for the kind words. I am glad that you were close to your mom. I never had that but made sure I was close to my daughters.

      I have always liked eagles. NS has a fair amount of the them.

      WOW a meditation circle how exciting

  18. Im dehydrated, sleep deprived and unwell, but today i gathered my stones and went to a buddhist center in the city, something I've been wanting to do for many years now :) lovely foods and they have a library so i took out some books about the organisation, calming the mind, and one on forgiveness. I'll report back on my findings :)

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    2. limbodante


      It seems a big part of it was anxiety. I caught the train back rather than the bus because there was a toilet option, but I didn't need it, and the fewer stops between me and home, the more relaxed and less unwell I felt. Of course, I downed a bottle of mountain dew on the train which may have helped. I feel ok now, just a bit woozy from today's exertion. Walked 8000 steps. May recover a bit then go walk over the meadow like I would if I had the dog, that should tip me over the 10000 steps target.

    3. MermaidGirl91


      Hi Dante. Sending safe hugs. Take care of yourself

    4. Juniperberry1900


      hydrate Dante. hope you find some inspiring thoughts in the books!  safe hugs

  19. @phoenixxx It is, my degree really is my life i love it so much. But, yes. People really do expect you to have all the answers and thats not helpful when you're hurting. I wish people had the same attitude as you as you're right, it doesn't discriminate. I'm sorry we're all in the same position of having to be here after trauma but i'm glad this site exists; it's proving to be an absolute blessing.
  20. That is great! I imagine it's very interesting. But I can also see how it would make it difficult because people expect you to have the answers to your own problems, and it's just never that easy when it comes to ourselves, is it...Of course you are like everyone else. Trauma doesn't discriminate...I am a jurist (academic) - knowing the law well didn't help me see what was happening to me either.
  21. Last week
  22. Hi Verdif, Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for what your ex put you thru. It was wrong and HE was wrong. Unfortunately some people truly don't understand. They should be saying that can't happen, but shouldn't happen, and it shouldn't. You do not forgo consent because you are in a relationship. Being in a relationship means he should respect that even more. I'm sorry this happened to you and wish that others could understand. We do. You are supported here and you are believed. I do wish you the best as you begin your healing journey. Mary
  23. Viral infection so I have to wait it out :(

    1. Oneinamillion
    2. Free2Fly


      Damn I am so sorry BLT, I will be at the doctors in like 10 hours to find out what's wrong with me and to talk about mental health issues.


      hope your feel better soon :) 


      :hug: if okay?


      free/ J

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      thanks you two

      i had a fever last night. im trying to do what i can.

      how was your appointment, free?

      hope to chat soon again

  24. Comment ca va? 

  25. Thank you everyone, i feel very overwhelmed by the welcomes and support right now. I'm unusually emotional, I'm very grateful @phoenixxx I'm studying for my MSc in clinical psychology, which has made this journey harder, as the people around me expect me to be this strong, unwavering pillar who would never be manipulated or r**** by my boyfriend. But in reality, i'm just like everyone else and have fallen apart since then. I really hope no one judges my MSc, i'm not here to look into or judge anyone. I think i just need some friendly faces around that understand, and thats why I'm here. It's very good to know there are fellow yoga and animal lovers out there in yourself phoenixxx and @Bluesclues!
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    Welcome to AS
  27. Hello !! Warmest Welcome...
  28. I verdif welcome to AS, I'm sorry for what your boyfriend did to you and others didn't believe it. I believe you!!!!! This is a safe place and we are here for you as you start your journey of healing. Patricia
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