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  1. First snow of the season today.  I want to curl up in bed with hot coco, but I have studying to do. 

  2. Really starting to run out of faith in humanity. 

    1. Annie7


      i think the world covers up evil cleverly and now the mask is being shed. i feel the same, been hurt by too many ppl. at least we arent like they are, evil. 

    2. snmls


      yes,  at least I know there are good people on this site. 

    3. Ian37


      Snmls, I am right there with you. I just have to keep the faith that all in life is specific and that for every ten horrible people, there is still always one good soul. Just a matter of being lucky enough to come across and appreciate them is all.


  3. Anyone struggling this thanksgiving, know that you are not alone.  I'm struggling too, but I am thankful to have this space to share with all of you.

    1. Ian37


      Snmls, thank you so much for posting this as I can definitely relate in general. Life can be rather challenging at times to say the least. Just have to try remembering that none of us out here are truly alone. May you find as much peace possible within this day.


    2. snmls


      Thank you :)

  4. Got a chance to hear Gretchen Carlson, the woman who sued Rogar Alias for sexual assault in 2016, speak tonight.  Very empowering and much needed after the past few months.

  5. Every time I think victim blaming comments can't get any lower, someone always manages to prove me wrong.  If you've been following the news, you probably know what I'm talking about. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Karac


      Whats going on?   I only have time to be a complete bit*h, cause my gang stalker wont stop....I live 24/7 in survival mode 

    3. snmls


      @Karac I'm sorry to hear that you are being forced to live in survival mode, but making sure you are safe is the most important thing. 

      This is what I was talking about.  Trigger warning 



    4. Karac


      I don't undestnd anything.....think im having a break doen for the 7th time in my so exhausted .....I live 24/7 in survival mode 

  6. Got my grade back on my paper and got the highest grade in the class!

    1. fallenstar


      Yay! That's really great, well done! :) 

    2. snmls



  7. The "Me too" posts on Facebook got me feeling down.  It's reminding me how scared I still am to fully speak out.  I feel like I'm not helping.  :(

    1. fraidyfreida


      You aren't alone.  I've been tempted to participate too, but I've been holding off. All my family is on fb, so I was thinking about sharing my story on twitter where I'm more anonymous, but the trolls are worse there...

      It feels like a good time because other people are sharing their stories, but I'm not quite ready myself. I've just been retweeting relevant stories and using the hashtag #metoo. Just be an ally to those who are brave enough, and trust that someday we will be strong enough to speak out too! 

    2. LuthienTinuviel


      i agree... i kind of resent the whole thing....

      like now its ok to say it when it wasnt before ?


    3. snmls


      Thanks @fraidyfreida.  I post a lot of things about sexual assault on my facebook and I attend events in the city, but I still can't come out to a group of people and say that I was sexually assaulted.  I still feel too much shame.  I'm sorry you feel this way too.  But I know you are right, that we just have to do what we can until we are ready.  

      I'm sorry you are feeling the same way too @LuthienTinuviel


  8. The world's got me feeling down :(

    1. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if okay & sitting with you , sorry the worlds got you down.

    2. snmls


      Thanks Free2Fly.  :hug:

    3. Free2Fly


      Your welcome :) 

  9. Volunteered at Philly's March to End Rape Culture yesterday.  It felt good to give back in that way.  

  10. Loving my new fidget cube! 

  11. Named how my parents have treated me as emotional abuse today in therapy.  :(

  12. Went to get a snack to eat and was triggered.  I was triggered by yogurt. Yogurt. :( 

    1. Juniperberry1900


      I think it's the consistency of it. It makes me gag sometimes.  I'm not sure why and think it's something weird about me, 

    2. Bluesclues


      I've gagged on it several times or I just wasn't able to swallow or I'd just get nauseas and shutter. 

    3. snmls


      I can understand not liking the consistency. I don't think it's weird to feel that way.  I'm usually okay with yogurt, but before I ate it I remembered that the flavor was the same flavor that my rapist ate for breakfast the morning after.  

  13. I go back and forth between wanting to be in a relationship to wanting to be alone forever. 

    1. Free2Fly



      your not alone.... my hope for love is gone completely although I have day were I want to be strong and find someone to make me happy it just seems impossible, I bearly socialise as it is .... sorry I am ranting... ignore me.

      :hug: if ok?

    2. snmls


      It's okay Free2Fly, you are not ranting. You are expressing something that many of us feel.  I too have a lot of trouble socializing and making friends.  It makes it seem very unlikely that I'll ever be in a more intimate relationship someday.  

      Maybe someday we will get there.  We all deserve love in some shape or form.  


  14. Taylor Swift won her court case!  

  15. 3rd anniversary today.

    "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."


    1. Dahliaa


      A thousand safe :hug: Sitting with you today.

    2. snmls


      Thank you @Dahliaa :hug: