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  1. I miss you Wishes

  2. I miss sleep. The doc wants me inpation again

    1. josiel


      :hug:if ok.  

    2. teleah


      Sitting with you always and sending strength to find the help you deserve and need, whether inpatient or not (((((((Field)))))))

  3. Yep beyond broken with this new diagnosis

  4. Why do I belong in so many places in the Sexual Assault. I feel sick.

    1. fallenstar


      :bighug: you're not alone!! Sorry, this is awful for you. I wish it wasn't true.

  5. I'm falling fast and there is no safety net

    1. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if okay?

      im here for you friend.

    2. EmergingLight



    3. EmptyInside


      Me too Fieldy..... me too. But I wanted to say that I hope you're ok, you can message me if you need to talk to someone... there's always someone who'll listen and care x

  6. Pdoc=DONE

    1. ActivistAlly


      I'm sorry Fieldy :hug:

  7. @teleah thinking of you today

  8. I feel guilty for keeping my mask on to my best friend :(

    1. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if okay?

    2. snmls


      I feel the same way.  Sitting with you. 

    3. teleah


      Sorry you feel you have to hide, you are loved with mask off or on, ((((((Field)))))

  9. In a very bad spot. Kinda done with this shit.

  10. Too sick for surgery. This sucks

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    2. EmergingLight
    3. ski.t


      Im sorry- sending heaps of safe hugs if ok.

    4. fallenstar


      Get well soon, Fieldy :hug:

  11. 343 gone but not forgotten.

  12. Help


    1. tuliptorn


      Feel free to PM me if you need. :hug:

    2. teleah


      Sitting with you, not alone hon, stay safe and know i am here anytime, sending peace and calm as you get though this ((((((field)))))))

  13. How do I tell my bestie that I'm really in trouble?

    1. New_Leaf


      @Field8 if you are not able to talk to her about it, you can write it in a letter or email and give it to her. When I wanted to tell my sisters about what happened to me, I couldn't even start talking so I wrote them a letter. It was easier that way. Whatever method you choose, know that you will feel better once you tell someone, especially your friend. You may be surprised by how understanding and accepting friends can be. 

    2. Field8
  14. Thinking of you, please know you are not alone, in your pocket ((((((field)))))), please stay safe today, love u