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  1. Too much but don't want to talk to anyone and bring them down, Isolation is good.

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    2. Annie7


      im isolating it's ok to not talk to ppl if you dont want to . but im always sitting with you. ive been calling warmlines just to talk so i dont totally lose touch with reality. its anonymous and easier for me than talking to a T right now . i dont do well in person. 

    3. Painnbroken


      Sitting with you if okay.  I can relate I’m doing it myself. 

    4. 8888
  2. Older member, but I'm back :)

    Yay!!!!! Welcome back
  3. Paris & London

    Very cool
  4. Snow Snow Snow More Snow In Chicago

    1. tuliptorn


      Stay warm.:candle:

    2. MeBeMary


      Here in Michigan, too. Ready for spring, how about you? 

    3. Field8


      So ready for spring!!!! @MeBeMary

  5. Too much in my head. Mania is no joke :(

  6. Migraines

    I am sorry that you are going through that. I am a chronic migraine patient. I am in the middle of surgical intervention because they are so bad. I also have trouble sleeping even if I am so tired. I do use ice packs on the head and that would sometimes help. Have you seen a doctor about it?
  7. Ugg...this new medication is making me so sick :(

    1. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: , hope you feel better soon.

  8. So It's Been A Long Time...

    Welcome back Wolf!!!!!!!!!!
  9. You are amazing Fieldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Field8


      You are amazing SweetMoon

  10. Christmas at Seven

    I am so sorry that all that crap happened. Please know that I am sitting with you always.
  11. I cannot stop crying and I don't know why???


    1. GaleH


      I use an SAD lamp. Im sorry you aren't feeling well. Also could help to take vitamin d 

    2. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if okay?

      sorry your crying :( 

    3. MeBeMary


      Sitting with you. :hug: if ok.

  12. I have missed too much being a victim but I am not a survivor. Kinda messed up right now.

    1. tuliptorn


      You are wrong. :throb:

    2. Juniperberry1900


      Sitting with you. I think it’s not a complete one way or the other. You can feel okayish about some aspects and that you’ve survived, while feeling not so great at all about others. Safe huggs, if okay.

    3. ActivistAlly


      (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))  You can be both at the same time.

  13. I miss sleep. The doc wants me inpation again

    1. josiel
    2. teleah


      Sitting with you always and sending strength to find the help you deserve and need, whether inpatient or not (((((((Field)))))))