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  1. Welcome!!!! It’s a safe place I hope you feel the compassion and care you need.
  2. Hello and welcome!!!! You are in such a wonderful, safe space, it saved me. We’re here for you ❤️
  3. I had these wanna, for a very long time. They can be a little scary, but they do go with treatment eventually ❤️
  4. Hello Nicki and welcome I also had non epileptic seizures due to my trauma and was also mis diagnoSed with epilepsy. I have not had a seizure now for 19 years following a few years of treatment. Your very welcome to inbox me if you would like to chat
  5. Very weirdly, I’ve just seen my T in the park- we live in the same village. As I had handed over my little self to her I’m the session this week I was thinking about her more than usual this weekend (I don’t tend to between sessions much). I was secretly hoping to bump into her, was even looking at people thinking is that her. And then there she was! She smiled and I smiled back I was on my bike with my daughter. Wonder if it’s a sign? A reminder that little me is being taken care of. it’s very strange, that the week I finally tell her out loud some of my csa story and hand over litt
  6. Welcome to aftersilence! I am sorry for whatever brought you here. Remember though it was not deserved, and what you do deserve is lovely kind people like us!
  7. I wish I had the courage to report you when you were alive.
  8. FUCK you, you grooming child molesting twatty excuse of a father
  9. You made me think I’m a black sheep to keep me quiet
  10. Be kind to yourself, take your time, moment at a time you will get through
  11. Welcome to AS we are a lovely caring forum and we will sit with you along your healing journey, however long that takes 💛
  12. Welcome to AS!! I hope you find lots of support and comfort here
  13. Hi snowowl I am new on here too at at the beginning of my journey. This is a lovely supportive place x
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