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  1. FUCK you, you grooming child molesting twatty excuse of a father
  2. You made me think I’m a black sheep to keep me quiet
  3. Be kind to yourself, take your time, moment at a time you will get through
  4. Welcome to AS we are a lovely caring forum and we will sit with you along your healing journey, however long that takes 💛
  5. Welcome to AS!! I hope you find lots of support and comfort here
  6. Hi snowowl I am new on here too at at the beginning of my journey. This is a lovely supportive place x
  7. Thanks so much everyone. Therapy Helps, I just feel very lonely because what happened was in my family and many years ago (I was 6 and now 36) and so no one knows apart from my husband. I struggled to get up this morning and saw these lovely messages thank you. I’m at the beginning of a journey it feels daunting xx
  8. Hi everyone, I am very new to all this and I’m not sure what to say.. apart from this has been a long time many years and now the first time I’m reaching out (through therapy, and now on here). This is a journey like no other and it’s so hard when it’s not like an everyday topic with your mates or family or that you can just shout out for some comfort and people understand. I pretended for so long to myself that I made it all up. I want to feel like a survivor. I blame myself so much but I’m hoping my journey will take me there. Love to all xxxx
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