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  1. claralee


    Hello Xander, welcome. Hope that you will find a safe community here.
  2. i tried to open up my journal last night and say my inner child could have the two pages for whatever she wanted. drew/doodled a lot of random things. tried to get her to write something with words and just wrote 'help', three different times. maybe not ready for words yet.
  3. Hello, welcome. I hope you find the support you need and deserve here!
  4. Good morning Patti, thank you. Seeing you talk here around AS openly and honestly has been inspiring for me. It helps me feel like talking is possible. I have a kitty too, I'll call her Raisin here. If I get a secret name she can have one as well. She was my first pet and she has certainly helped me with healing.
  5. Thank you all. Good morning. I've already found this to be such a welcoming place. Hope you all have the best day you can today.
  6. Hi. New here. I'm terrible at introductions without a script! You can call me Clara; it's a name I used to go by as a kid on internet forums, so it feels like the right space to return to in this moment. I don't know what else to say here! Wishing you all luck, and peace.
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