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    Reading, watching Lifetime & Hallmark channel, listening to music, coloring and drawing in the adult coloring book, I love to cook and bake to. Spending time with my furbaby, Peaches. She loves to cuddle.

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  1. Hi peachycove, welcome to AS. This is a very safe and supportive community. I'm sorry for all you're going through. But, I'm glad you found us. Your not alone. Take care, Patti
  2. Welcome to AS. This is a very and supportive place. I look forward to getting to know you. Take care, Patti
  3. I'm very depressed and and anxious.  But, trying to something positive/fun each day.

    Sending lots of support and hugs.🐈💐❤️

    1. MeBeMary


      That is a good goal to have. :)

      :hug: back to you.

  4. Hi Carol, welcome to AS. I'm a survivor of multiple traumas to. You're not alone. I'm an Aires. Take care, look forward to getting to know you. Patti
  5. Welcome to After Silence Abbie.💐
  6. I love butterflies, they give me hope.

    1. samantha2009
    2. HayHay


      They give me hope too, they are bright, beautiful, they can protect themselves,  they represent change and they are free. 🦋

  7. Hi snowowl, welcome to AS. This is a very safe and caring place. Take care, Patti
  8. Hi Maya20, welcome to AS. You'll find lot of caring and support here. You are very brave. Please message me anytime. Take care. Patti
  9. I'm trying to process new memories.  It seems so easily triggered right now.  I'm feeling very depressed and anxious.

  10. I'm trying to find a new therapist.  I'm feeling depressed and anxious.  I keep wanting to isolating myself.

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    2. Patti72


      Thanks Samantha, I'm sitting with you to.  

    3. Capulet


      It's important not to isolate when we're feeling so badly.  I'm sitting with you, hoping this helps for you to feel a bit less alone. Sending hugs.

    4. Patti72


      Thank you, it really does help.  🐈

  11. Patti72


    Hello AnaT, welcome to AS. This a very supportive and caring community. You're not alone.
  12. Welcome to AS. You are not alone. Hugs, if ok.😍
  13. Getting ready for surgery next Tuesday.

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    2. MeBeMary


      Pocket-riding, if you like...tho I don't know if hospital gowns have pockets? Supporting you tho, hoping it goes smoothly. :hug: if ok.

    3. Patti72


      Thanks, I have been at a rehab facility.  I'm going home Friday.  I don't use my walker much.😀

    4. MeBeMary


      Sounds like it went well! :hug:

  14. Patti72


    Welcome to AS. This is an awesome, safe place. Take care. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  15. Patti72


    Thanks, safe hugs to you.🐈
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