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    Reading, watching Lifetime & Hallmark channel, listening to music, coloring and drawing in the adult coloring book, I love to cook and bake to. Spending time with my furbaby, Peaches. She loves to cuddle. Three of my favorite things are butterflies, angels and teddy bears.

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  1. Hi and welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the trauma you've been through. Though I'm glad you found us. You're not alone. You'll find a lot of caring and supportive people here. Take care Patti
  2. I hope you’re doing well. Hugs if ok.

  3. I'm  feeling better.  Physically very tired but not freaking out.

    I miss home and my AS family.

    Hugs if OK. Patti and peaches 

    1. Finchy


      So glad you're feeling better, Patti. ❤️ Keep taking gentle care of yourself. We're all here for you!

    2. Doll6


      Glad you’re feeling better Patti 

  4. Trying to be brave.  I get to come home next week. Yay.  Miss you all.  

    Sending hugs Patti and peaches 

    1. Finchy


      You can do it, Patti! You're so brave. ❤️ Sending you and Peaches hugs in return. :) 

    2. MeBeMary


      You are brave! Just believe it, we do! :throb: 


  5. I talked with therapist.   I'm getting ready to go  to the hospital.   I'll be ìn touch.

    Hugs Patti and peaches 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MeBeMary


      You are very brave to reach out to your T and ask for help. You've always been braver than you've known.

      Sending positive vibes and safe hugs. :hug: 

    3. Patti72


      Thanks so much for the hugs and encouragement. 

      Hugs Patti 

    4. waterlily13


      Good luck Patti, sending you lots of love and healing energy❤️

  6. Welcome to AS wolfmoon. I'm glad you shared your post. It's good to go at your own pace. What feels safe and comfortable for you. Take care Patti and Peaches (Peaches is my furbaby)😀
  7. Hi Safe44, welcome to AS. I'm glad you found us. This is very supportive and caring place. You're not alone. Take care Patti
  8. I'm feeling overwhelmed, trying to make the right decision.  About intensive treatment program.


    1. Finchy


      Sitting with you, Patti. I'm sure you'll make the right decision. I'm wishing you well. ❤️ 

    2. MeBeMary


      The right decision is what you end up deciding is best for you, know matter how difficult figuring out what that right decision is. 

      Also, treat yourself as good as you treat others. You are worth it. :hug:  

    3. Iheartcupcakes


      I echo what @MeBeMary said...treat yourself the way you would any of us :throb:

  9. I'm going to the hospital tomorrow.  I'll miss you all.

    Love and hugs  Patti and peaches

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Finchy


      Take care, Patti. We're all here for you when you return. :bighug:

    3. Iheartcupcakes
    4. 8888


      Take care of yourself!  

  10. I talked with my  therapist  today.  We talked about my ritual  abuse.  And, managing  symptoms.

    1. 8888


      I'm glad you were able to talk.  I hope it was helpful.  

    2. AKB


      @Patti72I'm glad you were able to talk to T. I hope it is helping you and I hope that Peaches continues to help you as well. 💜

  11. Hi Abcd, welcome to AS. This is a safe place You'll find lots of supply and friends. Take your time checking things out. Your not alone. Take care Patti 🐈
  12. I'm having a yucky day.  My hip is hurting bad.  I'm having flashbacks of my brother hurting those poor kitties

      Peaches and me are hiding under our favorite blankets.



    1. Finchy


      Sitting with you, Patti. *hugs* I'm sorry your day is yucky. :( Sounds like it. Do you have something that can help with your hip pain? Like an ice or heat pack? I hope the pain eases and the flashbacks go away, too. You don't deserve to relive those moments. I'm so sorry. ❤️ Try distracting your mind. I'm glad Peaches is with you!

  13. Welcome back Dawn. I'm not sure if we've met. I'm here to offer support and sit with you, but if ok. Take care Patti
  14. Feeling sick and yucky.

    1. Finchy


      Oh no. :( Take it easy. I hope that you feel better! :hug:

    2. 8888


      Get well soon!  :hug:if okay.

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