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  1. Something someone said to me the other day got me thinking about what I would actually say to my abuser if I ever saw him again. And I started by thinking about all the swear words I could use and then about how much I hate him etc, and how I feel. And I could say so much to him and hurl so much abuse at him. But then I thought, if I could only say 5 words to him, what would those 5 words be. Of the thousands of words in the english language, what five would I pick to express everything I feel towards the man that I love the most in this world, hate the most in this world, yet at the same time am most scared of in this world. So, feel free to add The five words I would say are; "Let this go - you're forgiven"
  2. This place is for all ages - you're certainly welcome! Welcome to AS. Z
  3. "Did he have a big c*ock?" First thing my friend said to me when she found out - it hurt and she still, can't to this day see why it hurt me so much.
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