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  1. Definitely not! We are looking to re-design the forum soon and we will hopefully be able to re-create a skin as similar as our old one as possible. The upgrade changed so many of the board's features that the old skins became all incompatible. I don't personally like Luminous very much but I don't see a resemblance with FB. I don't even have a personal FB page though so I'm not the best frame of reference.
  2. How awful of this person to say something so mean and so very STUPID. It really speaks of the type of person he is more than anything.
  3. Thanks for brining this issue to our attention. The full name of researchers will no longer be edited out.
  4. The issue should be fixed now and the Humor and Silliness forum should be active again as of now. Thank you for your patience.
  5. No, moderators don't have access to members' private messages. Administrators have access to private messages in the sense that they have access to the entire database of the forum, as every part of what compromises the forum, every line of code, every setting, etc, has to be stored somewhere to function. In our case, we pay a monthly fee to our host to store all of our information and we have unlimited access to it. This is the same for virtually every website owner on the internet. Everyone who owns a forum on the internet has access to every part of his or her forum. Technical things asid
  6. Yup, you are absolutely correct. It's okay to use full cuss words in posts, but not in titles. And we do ask that members place a triggering warning in the title, so members who are sensitive to cuss words or who are triggered by them can choose not to read. Whenever possible, we really want members to use their voice as freely as they want, and censoring cuss words would go against it.
  7. Hey there, I went to check our "Badword Filters" and did notice a lot more words had been added since the last time I looked, which I believe was done automatically when we last updated the board, so all the common swear words, like the f. one, were included. I fixed it and the only "bad words" left now are the ones we believe trolls could use to upset people and/or post sexually explicit messages with the intent of upsetting members. I'm gonna list the only censored words we have now below, in case any of you want to know which one they are. If you are triggered by explicit swear words an
  8. Thank you for alerting us, Karen! It was my mistake... I'm not as good with html as I used to be. I think I have fixed it now. Let me know! P.S. The font never changed though. It was only the alignment of the text.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion, kenzo28. We now have a category for "Sexual Abuse By A Family Friend Or Neighbor."
  10. Your topic has been removed. Big hugs and stay safe.
  11. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience that some of you are experiencing. I can certainly appreciate the importance of privacy and you all bring very valid points to the table. Unfortunately, to compromise the detail description of email notifications would also mean to compromise our keywords, which are in many cases responsible for how survivors find us through popular search engines like google, yahoo, etc. The email notification system borrows the title for the email from the complete title of the board, After Silence - A message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual
  12. Hey there, I'm sorry for the delay! The Humor and Silliness! forum is a private forum (it used to be public but we changed it a while ago), so no worries about privacy. Only registered members have access to the Humor and Silliness! forum.
  13. Thank you very much for your kind words, hopeprays. And thanks to all the members who are here everyday, healing and supporting other survivors.
  14. We will definitely add a Facebook page for After Silence very soon and will post the link on the board!! It will be a public page, however, similar to the one RAINN and other organizations have on Facebook. For safety reasons, only AS staff can create and monitor any group/activity that is directly associated with After Silence.
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