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  1. hey mods and admins, i noticed that in this topic http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.ph...ic=91318&hl= the researcher's last name was removed, i suppose in accordance with the forum guidelines. i see how this rule makes sense for survivors, but researchers are not here as survivors or private people, they are here as professionals, and therefore neither claim nor should be "forced" into anonymity (imho). on the contrary.... i find it very important that researchers identify themselves with their full name, name of their institution, and preferably full name of their supervising researcher (if applicable). there have been, in the past, attempts by shady individuals to get sensitive and confidential information from us by posting "research" requests. normally, it is easy to spot those, bc for one those people tend to have no idea about research and the conventions used (like naming the purpose of the study, informed consent, etc.) and for the very reason that they shy away from giving their full name as well as other identifying information. we need their full name for checking the legitimacy of their request, e.g. via google, which is why those who are serious researchers give this information freely, and those who are not do not give it at all. so basically.... i am asking that for safety reasons, the rule of anonymity should not apply to reasearchers here, and should not be enforced by moderators. thank you for listening to my concerns... riana
  2. vera, thank you for checking the filter and taking out the swear words that are not especially sensitive in our context! it makes total sense to me to leave the ones that you left. and i am really glad that you are making it possible for us to express our feelings in an uncensored way. riana
  3. i'm using the "spring" skin, and it's the same here, too....... hmmm. i dont like it, either.
  4. hey anna welcome back! i usually dont stop by in this section very much, but i really like your screenname. it's sad and true. you really dont sound to me like someone who would upset others here! it's ok, of course, if you are not comfortable posting, but i'd like to encourage you to just try it out every now and then and see how you feel about it. and hey, everybody who's new does not know anybody here; and we were all new some day. the community is used to seeing new names every day - and i do think that most people feel welcome and like they are part of the group here pretty soon. (i did.) wishing you all the best riana
  5. bettyboop i think that's a good idea. when i was checking into my email account from work (where people might be looking over my shoulder), this actually made me uncomfortable, too. i dont think it would have anything to do with silencing to be more discrete in the email name. riana
  6. hey kendra welcome back, hun! i am glad you have come here for support now that new things are coming for you. riana
  7. chasm, how good to hear that things have turned out so great for you! and it is really nice that you are coming back to give support now! welcome back!! riana
  8. i had been thinking about this option, too...... but for one, i assume it would be pretty tricky technically....? but also, i think it would be really confusing for us; cause that would mean that not only the original poster but also everybody who replies would always have to check for who this particular thread is visible....... i think it would impact the feeling of being able to just speak freely for many. i explicitly appreciate the presence of secondary survivors here, and i often would like for them to be able to participate more here...... but i have come to the conclusion that i personally prefer it the way it is now. willard..... it might be just me.... but to me, your post is pretty offensive! for one, i personally dont struggle with any of those things that you mention. so please dont say "survivors" are x, y or z; that sounds like a pretty rough generalization, and it is simply inaccurate. and then...... you know..... the thing about trust is: it is given. not demanded. maybe think about that. - and the way you act as if you knew more about healing than we do (and as if you knew how this board works for us, and imply that we are not "honest" or "open" here bc things are not visible to you), well, sorry but that is just plain rude and actually quite typical of the ignorance and arrogance that some of our secondaries tend to display. - and btw..... lewis carroll actually may have been an offender. seriously, look it up on wiki or somewhere. "alice" was modelled after a girl he actually knew. well... look it up.
  9. ok, i am delighted to say: whatever it was, it has fixed itself. this morning it still was not, but now everything is back to normal!
  10. karen, thanks for letting me know - glad i am not the only one..... i just deleted cookies and it might be a little better now (? ) but it is definitely not normal yet. i dont think it's a virus because this only happens with AS. i feel like it is sth about the AS server..... maybe some changes were made to it so that it does this now to certain computers?!?! (no idea if that is even possible.....) my browser gives me the message "waiting for aftersilence.org/etc....... " in the bottom left corner while it shows me that loading bar. maybe anyone who knows some more about this tech stuff could help me out? thank you!!!
  11. thank you for the info, possum. hmm. it already happens when i just type the web address into the browser and when it first loads. and it is actually closer to 20 seconds. per click. which means i cannot reasonably use it. this has not always been this way, just for a few days now, i think, and i am not aware of having changed anything on my computer. i tried logging out and in again, aswell as using a different browser, but no difference. does anybody have any idea how i can fix this?!?!!
  12. hey, so for a few days, i think, i have noticed that everything on here takes foreeeeever to load. i mean, whenever i click on anything here, it takes a good 5-10 seconds until the page comes up. anything, a forum, a topic, whatever. it's not that way with other websites, even when i use the same browser; so it's not my internet connection. is it the AS server (?!?! i have no idea what that really is) that suddenly got slow, or......? do other people have this problem? is it gonna pass? thanks for any info.
  13. is that so with private groups? i actually remembered there was a group and looked for it a while ago, but did not find it. so i think it should be posted somewhere here if other people want to join.... cause since it's secret, well, nobody can know about it. possum, i understand your concern about privacy. i personally do not want to add just whoever is on AS to my fb friends. i only add those who i feel i know on a personal basis already, and who i would call, well, friends. even if you join such a group, you can still protect your privacy from potentially malicious members. i have my settings so that only my friends can see my friends list, for example. some goes with all other info you mention. and i think it is definitely time to have some official AS representation on fb.
  14. thank you, karen. i think the description posted in that forum is not really clear though, hence the confusion. here's what i understand from your reply, please correct me if i'm wrong: it is for positive topics that we feel reflect our progress / achievements in healing? it is not for discussing problems that people who have been healing for a long time still have? and it is not for encouraging others directly and giving healing tips? (considering which posts have been moved) just asking to clarify. riana
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