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  1. okay, I was able to find the one post by searching the forums for my topic title. Whew! I thought I was going to die! Any way this could again be added to our "topics" section in our profiles?
  2. I know about the whole fiasco about lost posts. But back in February after everyone was able to log in, my "share my story" post was still accessible and I was happy it had not been lost that far back. Most of my other posts were missing. Content with having the ONE post needed, I didn't log in to AS until today. Now, the only post I have is from February 26th. We used to have posts from October of 2010 or 2011, correct? Where did all of those saved posts go? I need my story. I cannot rewrite it. It wa safe and now I do not know. Am I just missing the tab? THe only tab I see is "view new conte
  3. Is the luminous facebook-esque design the new (permanent) look/skin?
  4. Jillian michaels and later some more cardio. Also bought some new additions to my wardrobe.
  5. "It belongs to the very substance of nonviolence never to destroy or damage another person's feeling of self-worth, even an opponent's. We all need, constantly, an advance of trust and affirmation." -bernard haring
  6. Well, what do you know about that? Dang. All this time. It looks like an obvious link, but I just thought it was a title...and the next button would bring all of the smileys. hehehe.
  7. Okay, I've noticed people using smiley faces that I just don't have in my box or drop down menu. Where is my "applause" smiley or my "triggering sign post" smiley? It would help a lot. Thanks.
  8. Honestly, so much stuff triggers..ha..hard to avoid it. I try to avoid something triggering. After time has passed, I revisit that trigger to see if it is still potent. I found out the other day black snake moan actually bored me. Trigger free now. I dont think I can ever watch book of eli. Couldnt finish it the first time. Crash I really hate but I can watch it...crying of course. I've not decided if seeking it healthy or tortorous.
  9. While my first thought was a description of life after we've spoken up about our abuse, further thought significantly changes that. Now, it carries a new meaning for me: For me, it's that moment after the abuse has just stopped. Everything is silent, and you know that something horrible has happened to you. You suddenly know that you have to begin a completely different journey than you'd expected. Thus, after the silence is the phase immediately after abuse and for the rest of your life.
  10. LovesHerald


    This is a good place to do that. If you want to discuss personal issues, though, I'd recommend any appropriate thread (like gathering place, etc.) other than this one, as it is a public thread. Glad you're here and hope you enjoy the site and the comfort it brings.
  11. Welcome! Sometimes it does take a while to get responses. There are many reasons why there could be little to no reply: 1) differing time zones. 2) perhaps while reading, the person was triggered and couldn't finish. 3) They didn't know what to say/how to respond. Either way, some of these forums are public, meaning anyone can view without registering. Therefore, some people don't like to write anything in them.
  12. Hi, Beth! I'm glad you're here. Welcome! I think we all get nervous at times. I joined in 2009 and it took me until 2011 to read or make any posts. I hope you find the community here very helpful.
  13. Welcome to the site. Hope you find what you're looking for.
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