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  1. Hi Rhea, Welcome to AS. I'm sorry that you've a reason to be here, but I'm sure you will find the support and understanding that you may need to help you through. Everyone is amazing here Hope you're doing okay, BB xx
  2. Ohhh, Okay. Hmm. I'll try Twich's idea and see if I get can them to go into a different folder. Thank you xx
  3. Hey, I'm not sure how possible this is but thought I'd ask anyway... Is there any chance the 'name' on email notifications could be altered? I get pop-ups on my laptop if I receive an email, and if anyone else is nearby they can see "After Silence - a message board and chat room for R, SA, and SA survivors" (obviously with the full words not the acronyms) pop up in a box on my computer. 'After Silence' is pretty miscellaneous in itself and the vast majority of non-members wouldn't bat an eyelid to it... I understand that we shouldn't be silencing the whole reason why we're here, that's the LAST thing I'm trying to request, I just wondered if you had any thoughts on removing the 'other' part on email notifications? I'll completely understand any answer given, it's a bit of a long shot, I'm just not ready for other people to see or hear anything about "this stuff", not sure if I'm the only one who freaks out when they receive an email!? Any thoughts would be great! BB xx
  4. I like this idea I can't even find my own posts, they're all over the place lol... or maybe that's a sign that I need to STOP posting?! Good idea though, hopefully it'll be well-received. You could always start up a "you" thread in "Take to the Sky", maybe that's an appropriate place?
  5. Gah. Note to self - THINK before writing. Okay, no worries, thanks hun x
  6. Thanks... is there a way to delete something all together though? Would love my threads to just disappear... BB x
  7. Sorry, I'm a techno-phobe but is there any way we are able to delete our own threads? I have somehow developed an immense talent for writing without thinking and then regretting it later, and I don't know how to remove things... any ideas? BB x
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