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    New everything. Still me.

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    from the Northwest... Newly living in the South.
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    I am remaking my life. Used to love yarn. Still think it is cool, but now that I can walk, I would rather be active than crocheting. Would love to dance. Finding out who I am now that I have started over. Trying whatever I see that is next.

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  1. welcome to AS meg! glad you found us.
  2. if you mark a topic on the top right under options if you mark it that you want to track it you can see it in "my controls" and see if there is anything since YOu last read it.... there is an option to get an e-mail - or not. that really helped me keep track of threads I want to watch or have responded to - or my own threads...
  3. Clarity I am so glad you found us here at AS. I am so sorry you had reason to need this place. Welcome - and feel free to poke around! All my support, Hope
  4. You will never be free. You can't hide your filth. Die without love, respect, acceptance. Losers dose victims for control. Lovers give of themselves freely. I'm waiting for judgement day. Filthy rotting sick pervert perp Die slowly, painfully with agony! Nobody will ever love you. That is all for now.
  5. glad you are here, Roxy! welcome back to AS!
  6. I could stand to know where that thread is. I have some things to say! (and not just five words either.)
  7. Pastor to me when I asked for help - husband was raging.... "It seems to me that when you leave the house - it escalates the situation and causes things to get blown out of proportion. You should stay home - and negotiate agreement" with the man you chose to marry and spend your life with." Really? Ya think? Maybe you only see his rage when I run away - cause otherwise he is throwing it in my face instead of yours?
  8. me too. can't get in maybe they are decorating the room my birthday is tomorrow so maybe they are putting up streamers in there? you never know!
  9. look what you helped me do! I found a bamboo grove to sit by my name and a panda chomping on some bamboo to put in my profile. I feel dressed! thanks heaps, dodo and briarrosa! I am all giggly....
  10. where do I find pictures that are nice to download? I just want a flower - or some bamboo or something.... do you know where I can look?
  11. I had given up hope on an answer to this! so nice of you! thanks - I am going to try it...
  12. I am so glad you are working on it! thank you! It is really hard for me to read - with all the colors the same. so yeah for AS who takes good care of us - and is going to get us back our colors!
  13. hope is thinking fairy the pirate should write script? or maybe she already does! either way - glad she is here! the way she sits on counters slurping coffee makes me feel welcome and I already thought I had made myself at home!
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