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    flea markets , garage sales, art, poems, etc

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  1. gloworm

    Hi All!

    hi . welcome to your new family. you'll meet lots of friends here. gloworm
  2. hi and welcome to a.s. I'm glad you decided to join us. some of the things on here can be triggering too , but most everybody puts up triggering so you will know ahead of time.hope to see you around the site. gloworm
  3. hi hon we're glad your here
  4. welcome simone and I hope you'll stay and make lots of friends. we come from all ages and backgrounds, and we are all here for you gloworm
  5. hi hon , I'm glad you found us . we are all former victims here and understand what you are going through . hope you find your way around all right. you can always pm me if you have a guestion or just need to talk. just click on my picture in the top left hand corner and send me a message. your new friend gloworm
  6. hi again, hope you find your way around here alright, I put some tips on your other post . hope to talk to you soon.
  7. hi welcome to a s . I am so glad you found us. you will make some good friends here , because we all understand where you are coming from gloworm
  8. hi everyone, I'm not new here, been here for about two years. glad to meet all of you though. If you want to pm someone ( that means send them a personal message just between you and them )you just click on their picture in the top left hand corner and it will tell you what to do. if you go to the top of the page you will see a line that says after silence a message board and chat room etc. click on it and it will take you back to the index. also I think you have to have a certain amount of post before you can chat. ask one of the newbe moderators at the bottom of the page in the index
  9. hey , did you figure out how to use the smileys if not jus tlook to your left and click on the one you like with your mouse.
  10. hi hon welcome, you will make some good friends here. gloworm
  11. gloworm


    :hi glad you decided to join us. there are plenty of people here that can understand what you have been through. lots of hugs if thats all right
  12. :flowers hi teri glad to have you here. I hope you will make some good friends here. we are all here to support you feel free to pm (personal message ) me if you would like to talk: just click on my name in top left hand corner. here's a few hugs
  13. hey bookworm thats cute . it made me laugh
  14. oops thought I was waving but It was a hmmer . Im new at computers
  15. hi again guys .I really feel good about this site. you have all made me feel so welcome. iv'e only been on here 2 days and already I have much more peace , just having someone to talk to it means the world to me. gloworm
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