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  1. awi


    Welcome friend to this safe place. Past therapy done isn't lost. Sometimes we just face some stuff where we need some support and that is ok. We are always moving up and forward even though it may seem as if it is two steps forward and one step back. I have gone back to work on healing several times to recharge my batteries, face new challenges, etc. Age has little to do with it in my experience. Please be gentle to yourself. Sitting with you. awi
  2. welcome C to this safe place
  3. awi


    @4sa Welcome to this safe and healing place. You are very brave.
  4. awi


    @Xanders welcome to this safe and healing place
  5. awi


    welcome to this safe place
  6. Hi, I hear you and can relate a lot. Know you are not alone and this will also pass. Let me say you write in a beautiful way. I feel every word. No effort is in vain. Yes, sometimes it may feel like two steps forward and one back. But, you are always, always getting ahead. Because, you know what dear friend? We are here and just that is triumph. Don't let that get you down. You are strong and don't need the approval of others to help you move forward. You have that rare inner strength that takes life by a storm of power and a sound mind. Often I have thought if we don't feel sad when some
  7. welcome to this safe place
  8. welcome to this safe place
  9. welcome mushroom dance
  10. welcome to this safe and healing place
  11. wecome friend,know you are not alone and that healing is possible
  12. @KendraPal33 welcome back
  13. awi

    New here

    welcome friend. know you are not alone. healing is possible.
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