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  1. Hi @truth teller, welcome to this forum- PTSD is awful! You’re safe here ❤️
  2. Ah, oops. I hope emdr goes well for you- I’ve heard it’s so helpful for many people.
  3. Hi Mary, I like the I support U emoji it was awful what I went through and I’m working on making sense of it- trauma seems to be such a confusing thing. I hadn’t thought of it as a power move before, that’s cool. i appreciate the support and wishing you healing, too. Suntosea ❤️
  4. Thanks and welcome to you I already feel so supported, do you have a supportive t? I hope so.
  5. Thanks, yes I should. Thanks, it was definitely awful. Thanks for the advice. Sending lots of love
  6. Dear Missfrier, it sounds like AS has been such a big help for you. Likewise, if anyone needs support I’m here if I can. I’m sorry to hear about your trauma, too. It’s can be such a long road to recovery, so I’m glad you’ve found After Silence to help shorten the journey, too!
  7. @missfrier @SociallyAwkward @rainbowunicorn @uk63 @Dawn76 @Patti72 @Sleepographer @MeBeMary @Finchy Hi 😊 thanks so much for the warm welcome- I just did a little inhale that I guess was a mixture of relief, gratitude, and simply a ‘wow’. I really appreciate the support and I want to be here for you guys, too. I’m so used to being the “strong one” and figuring things out for myself (I have loved ones irl although sometimes go it alone) that it’s so nice to know I’m supported here. Sending you lots of love x
  8. Thanks so much, very helpful, Finchy ❤️
  9. Hi thanks for the warm welcome, @Finchy. Sorry to hear that you and many others can relate to CSA- it is awful! Thanks- is there a space where we can go into a bit of detail with what we’ve experienced at AS, please? I want to open up and be there for others, although only in the right place! Warmest, Suntosea ❤️
  10. Hi guys, I hope you are all okay. I feel nervous about opening up, however I’m relieved we have this community here. I’m a young adult and childhood abuse survivor- *TW* I experienced a lot of CSA from my parents and have a wonderful therapist that’s helping me through healing. For a long time I felt so alone with what I’d experienced because CSA is often such a hush hush topic. I’m beginning to feel like there’s hope in healing and that the shame I feel is no longer as strong. Even though I know that it’s not my shame to carry. Anyway, I guess I’m relieved to have found a
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