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  1. Welcome home. May you find peace and healing. Feel free to reach out anytime. Jason
  2. I'm sorry for what you went through. I'm terrified of writing it. When I think about it I get lightheaded and almost faint. And I feel like it's nothing compared to everyone else so I don't deserve to feel the way I do... I'm going to therapy in the morning and will discuss with him. Thank you so much, Jason
  3. Finaly someone called me back about a support group they run. The problem is that it's virtual. I'd really prefer in person, as I feel that would make it be more like we're together and I'm not alone. Though it's better than nothing. I'll still look into other options though. Does anyone done both in person and online to be able to tell me whether its comparable? Thanks
  4. No one's gotten back to me about support groups in my area. It's very disheartening and makes me feel even more isolated. I'm just sitting around with anxiety and pain and even once mustering the courage to research and ask for help, I get no responses. Thinking of just giving up. Maybe I'm trying too hard to get better. And maybe it's not as bad as I think, idk... Maybe someone here knows of a support group in the vicinity that I haven't found yet online? If so, you can pm me. At least I have all of you here who care, understand, and support me. Thanks. Jason
  5. Thank you so so much. It really means so much.
  6. Welcome!! I may not have so many recipes to share, but I'm a professional taster! I'm sorry for what brought you here and hope you get better soon. Something to keep in mind is that as great as this place is, it may also be beneficial to go to in person support groups. Just a thought. Great that you have a dog! My parents just got my little brother two puppies. He named one Krispy and the other one Kreme
  7. Jason92


    You are so so strong. A true inspiration. Take things at your own pace and don't do things you aren't comfortable doing yet. Best wishes, Jason
  8. Welcome home. I'm so sorry for what you've been through. The pain is unimaginable. We're all here for you, always. Feel free to reach out anytime
  9. Wow, I was/am exactly the same. I would always tell myself and therapists I'd been to that it was no big deal and my fam was surprised when I said I wanna deal with it. Even now I have a hard time admitting that it was really that bad and I feel like my feelings aren't justified....
  10. Hi, I'm terrified typing this. Was molested at a young age..... I always buried the pain. For years just dealt with the symptoms, like depression etc. I feel so alone, lost, aimless, and misunderstood. I've received sympathy from others, but not real empathy. I trust no one. I yearn for relationships but I'm terrified of them because I'm afraid to lose it. I feel utterly trapped, suffocating and drowning in the waters of all my suppressed pain. I hope I can get better, though doubtful.... Much more to say but keeping it a short intro. Thank you all so so much. I reall
  11. Reading this I've become emotional, and almost came close to crying (which I'm terrified of yet wish to be able to do). Just wanna say thank you so much. I'm only 2 months into therapy and hope to be able to do stuff like this.
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