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  1. Hi @Rdy2try welcome to AS. It is unfair that you have suffered any abuse in your life, but I am glad you found us here. Take your time and look around interact wherever and whenever you feel comfortable.
  2. @Valdahar welcome to AS. You will find many people at various places in their own healing journey here and although the process isn’t the same for everyone we do all learn from and support each other… so I am glad you found us. I agree with Mary it can take a couple tries to find a therapist that is a good fit. Finding a therapist who had experience working with people who have had trauma has been the most helpful thing in my healing journey.
  3. @Happy Girl Welcome to AS. I am glad you found your way here.
  4. @Cheyenne00 Welcome to AS. I agree it does suck that a space such as this is even needed, but like you I am also glad that you found it. This space is full of supportive and caring people who will be able to relate with what you have been through. I applaud you for your courage to make these first steps on the healing journey. Take your time look around and interact where and when you are comfortable.
  5. Welcome to AS . It was unfair the abuse that you suffered, but I am glad that you found this site to aide in your healing. It is a wonderful community full of welcoming and supportive people.
  6. Hi Duckey welcome to AS. I’m glad you found your way here.
  7. Hi @sara5774 welcome to AS. I am sorry that you have experienced traumas in your life but I am glad that you found us. There are many people here who will be able to relate to your experience. This is a welcoming community, many of us have found great healing while being here, I hope the same for you.
  8. Hi confused… I’m so glad you decided to reach out here. You will definitely find people here who will relate to what you’ve been through and there are so many who are ready to offer support, insight, and advice to help you on your healing journey.
  9. @Blossom854 welcome to AS, I'm sorry for what you have experienced, but I am glad you have found your way here.
  10. Welcome to AS @ButterflyPrincess I am sorry for what you have been through but I am glad you found your way here.
  11. I think sometimes this is the hardest part of healing. very often things do at least feel worse before they get better. When we are healing we can no longer continue to ignore all the wounded parts so the pain is much more present, at least for a moment.
  12. Welcome to AS! I am glad you found us.
  13. @bcpmfaithhope I am glad you found us as well. It really is a great community here full of people who will be able to relate to what experiences you have been through. Welcome to AS.
  14. welcome to AS @Zoe F.. I am sorry for what you have been through but I am glad that you found us. You have found a place we’re many come to give and receive support.
  15. I have been enjoying terraforming mars lately too. I have been playing a lot of wingspan lately now that it is on board game arena... Our school is similarly structured to yours (we have pk-8th grade (3year olds - 14 yearolds) we cap our classes at 15 for most grades except the younger grades it's less. We definitely have some challenging kids but not as a majority rule. There is a very high level of generational trauma in our students families, so many of them have a lot of difficult situations at home. The very week I started remembering the stuff from my childhood one of my stude
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