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  1. You’re an amazing writer @Poppy_… You express yourself so beautifully… I think writing/publishing a book of your poems is a great idea… Take good care of yourself. 💙
  2. thinking of you and hoping you're doing okay.

  3. @ZiggyStardust Cool name, and welcome here… Unfortunately many of us survivors have experienced similar things… friends and/or family can’t understand what we’re going thru and can’t support us the way we need to be supported… They’re uncomfortable with our pain… and they may make us feel bad, like we’re too intensely upset or it’s taking too long for us to process the traumas… and so we end up feeling invalidated, alone, silenced… Please realize that none of this is your fault. The abuses and assaults are certainly not your fault. The only ones to blame are the individuals who
  4. @rebelliouslyhopeful Awesome name!
  5. The bowl with gold is beautiful… and the picture of the woman is beautiful too…
  6. You truly do absolutely amazing work on here. I always look forward to reading your responses to posts.

  7. I've been feeling like a wild animal lately, a stray cat with a compass. Thank you for your kind words. In my 20s my favorite word was autonomy. Now in my 30s my favorite word is agency. 

  8. @orangegiraffe I used to have the same issue, (I get your frustration!) but it works for me now. I wish I could remember the remedy… Could it be when I switched from Safari to DuckDuckGo and Chrome as my browsers…? Maybe someone else knows this answer….
  9. This is just a wording issue… but could we get rid of all the words “New” that show up when hit Forums… that are shown for Gathering place, Aftermath, etc. I find them confusing… and perhaps separate Public and Private areas… by putting all the Public areas under one heading… and maybe consider decreasing the number of areas that are available to nonmembers….
  10. Love your Winnie the Pooh!!! 💜

    1. Finchy


      Thank you!!! :thanks: Gotta love Pooh Bear. ❤️ 

  11. feralcat


    @Poppy_ Is it possible that what you’re feeling is much less intense than what you’re used to feeling? I know you’ve had traumas, a terribly rejecting mother, and probably a lot of unhealthy attachments to people, as well as a lot of ups and downs in your life… You’ve been thru so much… had to deal with so much… You said that you don’t feel depressed now… I wonder if these new feelings could be part of a new, stable, less intense kind of life? Bc of all youve gone thru, a quieter life might seem kind of unfamiliar, uncomfortable, numb… I’ve been hoping and praying for you to have less depress
  12. Hi, how are you doing today? Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

  13. I didn’t know you, you were here at AS before me… but it’s obvious that you touched a lot of lives. I hope that somehow you know that your friends still miss you and love you. I hope that you will shine some of your light into their lives and continue to love them… I hope that you have peace. 🕊


    1. Field8


      Thank you ❤️

  14. Thank you for your responses to my posts. I don't usually have the energy to respond to everyone unfortunately. I just recognized your name once or twice.

    1. feralcat


      No worries Wolfennights… I hope I can be helpful sometimes. I think you’re doing well with complicated, difficult stuff. You have such a good heart and so much strength 🌟💙

    2. Panther
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