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  1. Poppy_

    I Got Help

    @Doll6, @Hope321, @Capulet, @Ian37, @abhaya - Thank you all so much for your feedback! It truly means the world to me that you would take the time to read my writing and to share your support for my recovery
  2. I'm officially back! Sending out loads of hugs :hug:

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    2. Capulet


      Welcome back, hun! 💕

    3. waterlily13


      Hi @Poppy!!  So glad you are back, hugs right back! 💜

    4. Poppy_


      Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! Oh, how I've missed you all ❤️

  3. Poppy_

    I Got Help

    It’s been a long time and I am so excited to be writing again! Not only have I missed you all, but I have missed the therapy that comes with writing and releasing everything. So much has happened since I last wrote a blog entry, and I am going to start sharing some of that! Most recently, I just finished a two-month long outpatient mental health program and it was life changing. I’m wishing I would’ve kept my blog going during this process so I could talk about what happened each week and it would be fresh, but I didn’t. I’m going to do my best to recall some of the highlights and pu
  4. Wow... Thank you ALL for the support! I have missed AS so so much and it feels good to be welcomed back with open arms! I can't believe how much I have missed writing and communicating with you all. I'm so happy to be here
  5. Hey, everyone. I've been gone from AS for almost two months now. I'm not exactly sure what to say here... So much has changed and I've done so much since I left. The bottom line is that I miss this place so much. I miss feeling like I was a part of this community and I miss my friends and I want to come back. I'm afraid that it won't be the same or maybe no one wants me to come back... I don't know. But if you read this, I wouldn't mind some support in coming back. It's still hard for me to be here after what happened, but I don't want to stay away anymore. I miss it too much. Hope
  6. Signing off and probably not coming back. Thanks to everyone that helped me along the way. I just can't be somewhere that I'm not wanted. 

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    2. Doll6


      I don’t know where you got that idea @Poppy_... I very much hope we see you again 😔

    3. snmls


      It is an honor to know you Poppy. I wish you the best always. We will always be here to support you no matter what. You are a valued member of this community. 

    4. BrightSide


      Your always wanted here, im sorry you were made to feel like that. Im glad your fighting back and have returned to AS. I missed you 💛 B

  7. I just really don't see the point in living anymore. I'm done. 

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    2. Goldeneye


      Sitting with you if ok. Sometimes everything seems like this.. life seems so dark and pointless. But keep fighting, later you'll find why it worth living and fighting. I almost stop at some point and I don't regret keep going. It's not always easy, but it worth it ! 

    3. waterlily13


      So sorry I am late, but sitting with you if that's ok, I'm here if you want to message me ❤️ 

    4. WannaMoveOn


      I am late too but I just wanted to check in. Do you know a hot line that you maybe could use? Sitting with you if ok?

  8. Hi, @N.Bin - Welcome to After Silence! I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling every day because of past hurts. I know these things live inside of us and can come up to hurt as at the most inconvenient times. I will say that during my time processing my trauma in therapy, I have been told that it doesn't always help to try to avoid things. If you just try not to think about it, it's harder to move past it. This isn't true for everyone, but it was certainly true for me. While I can't tell you the best way to heal, I can tell you that being here helped me so much! Just being able to talk t
  9. Hi, @Itzel - Welcome to After Silence! I'm so sorry to hear of the trauma that you endured at the hands of your brother. I'm also sorry that you've had to carry this secret with you for so long and didn't have the support you deserved. Telling family about this is so difficult. You shouldn't tell them until you're sure you're ready. I know there are a lot of factors, but it's ultimately your choice if you share that or not. I hope that by being here you are able to find healing and maybe answers to some of the questions you have. Just know that we are here to support you always! No
  10. Happy July, everyone! I know I say that like it’s the first of July and it’s actually the twelfth, but the month of July has been a blur and I haven’t quite gotten caught up yet. I was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 1st and since then, I have done nothing but lay in bed, binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, eat trashy food, and sleep. I know it sounds like a luxurious vacation, but it’s only fun when your body doesn’t feel like your muscles were replaced with lead and you can actually taste the trashy food you’re eating. I know I’m kind of making light of this, but in all seriousness, this v
  11. Hi, @BloomingRose - Welcome BACK to After Silence! I know how hard it is to join this site and feel like you don't belong like everyone else seems to. I'm terribly sorry that you DO being here, but I'm glad you found a healing community to connect to. I hope you'll stay this time and let us help you on your healing journey. No one deserves to go through these things alone. I hope you're getting settled back in! Keep looking around and I know you'll get back to posting when you feel ready. I'm glad you came back All the best, Poppy
  12. Hi, @Dreamer24 - Welcome to After Silence! There are a lot of people here that were recommended this site by their therapist, and I'm one of them too! You are certainly not alone I was also not wanting to join an in-person support group so we have that in common as well. I hope that you're liking it here so far! I know it can be intimidating and confusing and a lot to take it - don't let it overwhelmed you! Just take things at your own pace and explore as much as you need to! If you need help, NST (Newbie Support Team) is a wonderful group of people that can help answer any questions yo
  13. Hi, @Backto3 - Welcome to After Silence! I am so proud of you for getting up the nerve to posting! I know how intimidating that first step is. My T was also the one that recommended me to this site and, like you, I was never going to join. After I got tired of her bringing it up, I finally joined. I was never going to post or get involved. But then someone posted something I related to and I finally felt like I should post... so I did. Since then, this site has been such a lifesaver for me! It's a truly wonderful and supportive community and I hope that you will feel at home here
  14. Hi, @emma12 - Welcome to After Silence! I am so sorry to hear of what's happened to you I know what it's like to go through something like this not have anyone to talk to that understands what you're going through. It can be very isolating and make you feel so alone. I am glad you found this community to reach out to so you know that you are not alone and you are supported. I am sure it can be very scary having to face your attacker - especially when you have a connection like this one. You shouldn't have to be the one to leave the group of friends because of HIS actions. I think if you
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