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  1. Welcome My Fish Jim - I nearly wrote My Fish Gym there and it conjured up a hilarious image 🤣 I'm also relatively new to the board and have already found it such a source of comfort. I hope you will too and that it'll compliment the work you do with your therapist. Wishing you luck getting started with the EMDR. PS. I think my last time in a forum was when I was 15 and on a Green Day fan forum!
  2. Thanks @Capulet and @missfrier - your warm welcomes mean so much. I hadn't been able to cry all day but your messages unlocked that momentarily. Even those few tears and sobs helped release some of the tension that's been stuck inside my body, so thank you. I can already feel how helpful this space is going to be for me. Makes me feel much less alone to read about other people experiencing similar things, though I'm also very sorry that you've been through the things that brought you both here. Thanks for your support
  3. Hi @Capulet - thanks for your response. No worries at all, I realise sometimes it's not possible to change these things. I am actually a cis woman myself but wanted to flag on behalf of others who might feel excluded. Great that there's a safe and welcoming space for trans survivors within the forum, and thanks for having this on your radar in case it's possible in future.
  4. Hi there, I'm hoping this is the right place to post this kind of feedback, but I noticed when signing up that the registration form only gave the options of male or female gender. Is this something that can be updated to reflect the full spectrum of gender identities or at least give people the option to self identify? There's a great article on gender inclusive forms here. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I've just joined the site as I am at the very beginning of my journey of healing having had a past trauma resurface two weeks ago. I had no idea I was pushing something like this down and what an enormous affect it has had on me over the past 17 years. I'm trying to get a therapist lined up to help me work through this but in the meantime am really pleased to have found this forum as another form of support. Looking forward to connecting with other survivors as I come to terms with what happened to me.
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