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  1. Yes it does make sense and it's perfectly valid for you to feel that way. I am glad you are okay with who you are!!!
  2. Hello Becky! Welcome to After Silence!!! I am glad your therapist referred you so you found us but I'm sorry for the traumas that brought you to our community. I hope that being on the site will help you feel a little less awkward and alone and that it will feel like AS is supporting you every step of the way as you make your journey through life as a survivor. Please know that the NewbieSupportTeam (NST) is here to assist you if you have any questions about finding your way around or with anything in general. Please feel free to contact myself or any of the NST by PM and we will
  3. Hello Sister I'm sorry that you've been through trauma to bring you here but I'm glad you found After Silence for support in the aftermath of what happened. I hope the site will be of value to you and give you some of the kind and compassionate support you deserve as you make your journey to healing. I'm glad you've got a good counselor to help you along the way and that you've reached out here for support! ActivistAlly
  4. Hello Hopeful12 Welcome to After Silence!!! I'm sorry for what brought you here but I'm glad you found the site and I hope it will provide you with the kind of extra support outside of therapy that you are seeking. That's awful that your family demanded that you basically deny the truth in order to maintain relations with them. That must feel very unfair and like a betrayal that they would not believe you and support you when you told them the truth about what your father really did. Again, I hope you will find kind and compassionate support here from the members of AS and th
  5. Hello Jazzmin, Welcome to After Silence I wish that nothing had happened to you that caused you to need a site like ours but I'm glad that you found us to help support you through the aftermath of what happened. I am glad you have been able to reach out to get therapy and that you have come to the point where you feel talking to fellow survivors could be helpful for your recovery journey. That is interesting that you maybe moved to Sweden as you say you don't speak the language at an advanced level! How adventurous to have made a move like that and I hope you enjoy living in
  6. Welcome to AS SailorMoon and I hope you'll find this to be a safe and supportive place where you can talk about things with people who can understand a little better where you are coming from after enduring trauma. good luck!!! ActivistAlly
  7. Hi Hiddenworld, I hope you will find supportive friends here who understand you and can help you feel more connected. Like Mary said, I hope you'll find no pressure or judgement here but compassion and kindness. ActivistAlly
  8. @Thatsnotmycircus Hi KC Welcome to AS! I'm sorry that the things that brought you here happened to you but glad you reached out and joined the site. I hope it will help you as you deal with the aftermath of what you went through and work on living your life as well as possible. Sounds like you have some wonderful interests and despite what you went through it seems to me your spirit and warmth shine through. Good luck to you on your journey!!! ActivistAlly
  9. Hello Sam30, I'm sorry you went through something so traumatic. There are no "shoulds" when it comes to a time frame for "moving on" because as you say it's hard. I think it might be a good sign that you are ready to share your story and I hope that AS (After Silence) can give you some of the kind and compassionate support you deserve as you work towards healing and adjusting to your life after trauma. I am part of the Newbie Support Team (NTS) and would like to officially welcome you to After Silence. It's our sincere wish that AS will be a safe and supportive site for you to explore
  10. Hello May, I want to welcome you to After Silence. I'm sorry for the reason that brought you here but I'm glad you found us and I hope AS can be a place where you receive some of the kind and compassionate support you deserve as you walk towards healing from SA. I think you will find AS is quite gentle and certainly you will have time to get familiar with rules and such. Strength to you, Activist Ally
  11. Hello Yes @ForeverRecovering AS welcomes males as well as females though I'm sorry you have had something happen that has brought you here, I'm glad you found the site! I am also male and have always found AS (After Silence) a welcoming and supportive site. I hope you will also find support as you work on healing.
  12. Hello @Hope4Grace I'm sad to hear that you suffered those crimes from your birth father but i am glad you are reaching out for help and that you've found After Silence (AS) as a support community. It's really great that the posts shared on AS have been helpful to you so far and that belonging here is helping you not feel as alone. Support to you, Activist Ally
  13. Of course you are welcome back Poppy!!!! 😸
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