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  1. Hello

    Welcome Michelle to AS.
  2. Hola, new to the forum support stuff

    Hi fearless welcome to AS. Proud of you for standing and speaking out things some of us can't even imagine doing.
  3. Not new but been away for quite some time

    Hi Katina, welcome back.
  4. And then the dreaded car shopping started. Thought the last time I did this was rough now I have to have someone else test drive everything for me... Alwell getting a new car seems pretty awesome even though I'm sad mine is gone.

    1. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

      becareful out there :) .

    2. elisand


      so I guess there's a good feeling even though there's also a sadness that the old car is gone. That's amazing, to see different parts  and allowing yourself to feel happy about the good part!

  5. need someone who understands

    Hi @Looking for peace welcome to AS. Though I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here.I wish I had some advise to give you I have been single for a very long time avoiding relationships altogether its just easier for me to be alone. I do understand not wanting to be alone, and I am sure if your friend wants a lasting relationship they will be ready to wait for you to get a chance to start healing. I am glad to see that you have started with a therapist and I would say it would be a good thing to continue to work with a t while you go through this you could even talk to the T about your feelings. I want to point out AS is a safe place to share and receive/give support. Please take your time look around share at your pace.
  6. I can't believe I'm doing this...

    Hi @PhoenixEmber, welcome to AS. This is a very safe and supportive group. I was also afraid of being over looked or invisible when I joined I understand that fear. It was incredible brave of you to join and to post looking forward to seeing you atound the forums and supporting you.
  7. It is such a beautiful day out today just thought I'd share some of my piece of the world with all of you




    1. MeBeMary


      :throb: Beautiful pictures! :throb: 

    2. Jaccod77


      Wow that is truly gorgeous, love the pictures. 

  8. Just a something I wanted to share


    1. MeBeMary


      You remember that your yourself, too, BraveOne!!! :) 

    2. snmls


      Thank you for sharing 

    3. BraveOne
  9. Newbie

    Hi @Saz78, Welcome to AS. I am sorry about the recent trauma that brought you here. AS is a safe supportive place to heal filled with kind caring supportive individuals. Your not alone here. Take your time and share whatever you want at a pace that's good for you. One
  10. new and confused

    Hi @bebie95 Welcome to AS. Sorry for the trauma that brought you too us. I remember well not feeling like I belonged here too. Your T seems like a smart guy AS is a safe caring online environment. My T also recomended I come here a couple years ago and I am very thankful she did. The people here are very kind and caring. Take your time share at your own pace. Remember you are strong and courageous just for joining and for posting your first post here. Can't wait to see you around the forum.
  11. New to this

    Hi @Scaredbutreadytoheal, welcome to AS. I'm so sorry for the trauma you've endured that brought you here. You've been directed to a safe space to share whatever you need to. The site is full of supportive caring people who have all been through something. For me when I joined I was very nervous and posting my first post was not easy at all, it was brave of you to join and be proud that you are taking huge steps towards gaining more support. One
  12. New here

    Welcome to AS Heather. Sorry for the trauma that brought you here. This site if is full of kind caring and supportive people who have all been through something, friends are definately made here pretty easily and you'll find your not alone. Take your time, while you are free to share what ever you want however much you want, I would recommend doing so at a comfortable pace for you. This is a safe place to open up and talk about feelings and thoughts and people are always willing to offer guidance and advice to those asking for it. It took great courage to join a site like this and a lot of Streangth to put your first post up. One
  13. Newbie

    @Jaccod77 welcome to AS. I am so sorry to hear about the trauma that brought you here and wish we could have met under better circumstances. I am struggling to reach back to when it was that fresh for me, I know I definately withdrew from life barely spoke to anyone and was majorly depressed. I'd like to say it took a lot of courage to Join this group to seek support its very brave of you, others can see your streangth. Please know you are not alone as @silentg said your feelings are pretty common for survivors of this kind of thing. Please do use the forums to talk about your feelings and vent them its a great place for it. I am glad to see you are getting help from a therapist already getting help as soon as possible is very important sorry you dont get to see your counselor very often. Something to keep in mind here is that you are in control of what you share you can say as little or as much as you want do so at your own pace. This site if full of supportive caring people. Welcome again and looking forward to seeing you around the site. One
  14. Still oneinamillion just changed my name to reflect where I am as apposed to where I was when I first joined AS

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    2. BraveOne


      Thanks everyone I really like it it wouldn't have come into existence without the help of a very special friend and I'm glad I met them here

    3. snmls


      powerful statement!  

    4. BraveOne