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  1. Not sure 🤔 if I’m back back for good or just back for a bit to say hi 🙋‍♀️ but hi everyone.

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    2. BraveOne


      @Free2Fly I’ve been great actually the time away was good for me doing a lot better feels like I’m healthy enough to be here again sharing and growing and learning from other survivors.

    3. 8888


      Hi, welcome back!

    4. Free2Fly


      That's great Brave 🙂, I'm glad your doing better.

  2. Hi @Thegr8ful, First off Welcome to AS. It is a very brave first step to join a site like this and it takes a lot of courage to share your first post. I wanted to say I am proud to be able to welcome you, to our family here. PTSD is so hard! I am sorry you are struggling right now with those fairly recently recovered memories. I am really sorry that you were sexually abused as a child, you did nothing to warrant what was done. I am sorry you have to deal with the intrusive thoughts and memories even the flashbacks, I have been dealing with them so many times. I know these symptom
  3. Hello everyone at AS. I wanted to take a minute to share a few things about my experience here so far. All positive by the way. When I was new here I was lost and incredibly scared. I did not feel that what I had been through was enough to warrant me coming to a website like this and becoming a member, I only did so because a therapist recommended I try this. Everyone here welcomed me and has held my hand (metaphorically speaking) and helped me to open up and talk about what the issues were. I see it today still; the members of the NST or newbie support team are really outstanding i
  4. Guess I am going to make this a public announcement as well.  It is with a heavy heart I have decided to step down from NST/ AS staff to focus on my personal life.  I will still be here on AS and available to listen to anyone should you need a shoulder to cry on, I just need to step down and do some other things at this time.  I want to support and encourage anyone that would like to step up and help out here at AS, to volunteer and do so. It has been an incredible journey. This was a very difficult thing to do. Big warm hugs, and warm wishes to all.

    1. waterlily13


      You are very brave @BraveOne, you are always so kind and warm and welcoming to everyone, you deserve a break❤️ Thank you for everything you do❤️❤️

    2. BraveOne
  5. Hi @Arabellachristie (what a beautiful name), Welcome to AS. I am sorry to here about the childhood trauma that led you here. Many of our survivors here were victims of CSA like you. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to go through life trying to hide that from others much less yourself. I do know it’s important to talk about it and to be heard supported and validated, your story matters! You’ve found a place full of survivors who are supportive kind and helpful. This was a huge step to join our site and monumental to post here, I applaud your courage and bravery. It’s an honor to meet
  6. Hi @happykats, Welcome to AS. I am sorry for all that trauma, all that emotion can be hard to deal with. Your not alone! I personally don’t like sex either the idea of it scares me and I have troubles trusting my partner afterwards. You deserve to be cared for and loved so be gentle on yourself. You will be heard here and validated and given support. It was a brave step to join as AS it took an inner strength that should be applauded to post your first post. Looking forward to getting to know you. BraveOne
  7. Hi @Mimity, Welcome to As, though I am truly sorry for the trauma that brought you here. This is a safe place full of caring people who have been through some stuff that may be similar though may not be the same. I know it’s scary to join a site like this and I too was nervous when I joined wasn’t sure anything would help. It took real courage for you to do that and I know you can get to that happy place. The road there is hard, but you can do this. Your here, do you have someone that you can talk to like a therapist or a counselor in the real world? BraveOne
  8. Hi @Sabrina757 welcome to AS though I am sorry about the circumstances behind your arrival. I am proud to know you because you reported it not everyone can does or ever will myself included. I know it’s not easy to post your first post here or even join our site so I wanted to honor your bravery and courage in the face of adversity. You have found a community of survivors that have all come together to give and receive support from one another, you’ll fit right in and be like family in no time. I am sorry that the police officer that took your statement didn’t seem to take you seriously I
  9. Hi @Nbed80 I already Welcomed you in another post but I did want to say that you are in a good place to get some support and understanding from others who have been through similar things. Everyone here has been through something or watched someone close to them go through it (those folks do not have full access to the site and or all the forums). I am in my 30’s as well and when I first had issues I didn’t feel like anyone would accept me here because I felt guilty for my traumas AS has helped me so very much and I know it can help you as well. I’m almost always around so feel free to message
  10. Hi @Leda and welcome to AS. I’m so sorry about the trauma that brought you here, and the trauma of reporting and going through the courts. It all seems very daunting to me. That all takes a lot of bravery so I just wanted to give you a high five or fiat bump and to tell you that’s I support you through all of this. BraveOne
  11. Hi Nbed, i saw your first post was embedded within this post and wanted to take a moment to welcome you as well! I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here. I can tell you are going to be fine here as this is a supportive place that it seems you fit right into. We have all been through something here so I feel it is important to say that you should take care of yourself if you feel uncomfortable with a post you don’t have to respond if a response will cause you any ill feelings. Welcome again I am glad to see you feel comfortable enough to join in. BraveOne
  12. Hi @Alice... just saw this post today I’ve been under the weather this week. First of all Welcome to AS! I am sorry for the recent trauma and wanted to say that is it takes a lot of bravery to reach out for support while going through all this and a great deal more as someone in the mental health field. Sitting with you and sending lots of support your way. BraveOne
  13. Hi @cal and welcome to AS! Though I am very sorry for the trauma you endured. You have found a safe supportive place to share freely. You are a brave courageous person to have joined our site much less put up your first post. Your not alone, I tried to burry myself in work too after my trauma’s as well. It only made me angry at everyone everything and myself and I would release that anger at the drop of a hat. Be gentle with yourself is an important tip a lot of people share here and it’s hard to do but practicing self care and self love is important to healing. Looking forward to seeing man
  14. Hi and Welcome to AS @Unl0v3d, sorry for the trauma that brought you here. I am a victim of DV as well as other things. Sorry you feel unloved. We are all survivors here, and we all support each other. While I have been through a phase where I was into dark humor and the macabre stuff too, I still understand and relate too it. It was brave of you to join and put up your first post. Looking foreword to seeing you around the forum. BraveOne
  15. Hi @Hope49, while I am truly sorry for the incident that occurred that led you to AS I would like to welcome you to the site. It is hard to find others that understand and relate in the real world. You are not alone and you have found a very supportive place full of kind caring individuals that have all been through something similar but can give you help and advice or just give an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. We come from all different walks of life but find courage through the support spread here. Healing is hard work it takes time and support. You were brave enough to seek the s
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