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  1. Hello

    Hi @prettybird148 welcome to AS, and being a supporter it means a great deal to those of us that have been through these types of trauma to get support from people around us, and it is imperative that those supporters get support for themselves as well. BraveOne
  2. Hello!

    welcome to AS, sorry you have experienced trauma and that you had to call the suicide prevention hotline but I am glad you are here. You are not alone in this heal journey, and I am happy that you reached out for help and that they gave you this resource. looking forward to seeing you around the forums. BraveOne
  3. Hello

    Hi @Goldenboybrokeme, welcome to AS and I am very sorry you have a reason to be here. I am sorry for the fate you suffered at the hands of an older cousin, it was not your fault at all that lies on him. Sounds like you have had a negative experience with therapy and I am so sorry about that, it probably wasn’t a good fit don’t give up there are good therapists out there it’s important to keep trying. Joining AS was a huge step and I want to point out how brave I think you are for joining us here and reaching out to a community of supportive people who have all been through Similar traumatic life events. You really aren’t alone. Looking forward to seeing you grow and heal will keep an eye out in the forums for you for sure . BraveOne
  4. Hello

    Hi @PenguinDance welcome to AS, glad to have you even though your struggling with the traumatic even that brought you here. Lots of us struggle with if it actually happened and how do we move on with calling it what it was. The truth it happened no matter how we feel we survived and we have to pickup the pieces dust ourselves off and heal in our brokenness.our stories don’t end in those moments but begin again when we decide to get up and try again. I’m happy that you are here looking to start healing it was a brave bold step. BraveOne
  5. Hi and Thanks

    Hey @Angelbee, welcome to AS! Glad you’ve joined us, though I am sorry for the trauma that led you to our site. I know it’s hard to admit that you’ve been sexually abused I think it’s hard for every member excluding myself, I’ll admit admitting it out loud has been a struggle I continue to deal with. Your really not alone everyone here has been through something. Most of us were shy at first myself included, it’s hard but I know it’s worth it to try and pick yourself back up and heal you can do this. BraveOne
  6. It’s official I got accepted got all my stuff in for school now to figure out how to pay for everything. Support and advise would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Capulet


      Congratulations!!!  :throb:

      I'm in the same boat.  I just filled out my FAFSA this afternoon.  It's never too early to do that if you haven't already.  Also, look into state grants and other means of getting some financial assistance. :)  Sometimes they want you to have filled out your FAFSA first, so that's a good place to start.  Wishing you all the luck in the world on your collegiate journey!  

    2. snmls


      Yay congrats! 

      I echo what Capulet said.  You also may be able to find some small scholarships online.  If your school has a financial aide person, you can also try talking to them; they may have some information on how to get additional funding. 

    3. MeBeMary


      You got some good advice above, so all I have to say is... :yahoo: 

  7. Hey

    Hi @0Kelly0 and @Amber01 welcome to AS, hope you had a great day, glad you’ve both found AS. It is a great place to find friends and connect to others who have been through similar traumatic experiences. I am sorry that you both have reason to join our site but I’m proud of both of you for joining. See you around the forums. BraveOne
  8. Hello everyone and thank you

    Hi @Citizenerased. Welcome to AS, though I am sorry you have reason to be here. This is definitely a warm and caring community with lots of memembers that have been through similar things so I am sure you will find out your really not alone and that this is a very safe place to talk about anything without fear of judgment. Looking forward to seeing you around the forums. Keep taking positive brave steps forward one day you’ll look back and see how far you’ve gone. BraveOne
  9. Hey Everyone!

    Hi @asleep, welcome to AS. I am sorry for the assault that happened to you years ago, though I am glad that you have found this site. Will keep an eye out for you in the forums. Your not alone and there is healing; even if it seems impossible. It was brave to join our community you must be a strong person. BraveOne
  10. New and Nervous

    Hi @Ethel, Wanted to take a moment and welcome you first of all and to let you know how deeply sorry I am that you have reason to be on this site at all. Its a very brave thing to join a site like this and I like to point out to new members when I see that courage and give you a pat on the back so to say. You will find AS is a very warm welcoming place full of supportive folks that are easy to talk with and willing to let you "in" (for lack of better words). Ive been here for a few years now and I have not noticed clicks really at all, we are all here to support one another and do our very best to heal from our traumas. I am thankful that everyone has already filled you in and given some great information, feel free to reach out if you need anything. Looking forward to seeing you suceed on this journey of healing. BraveOne
  11. Hello, new here

    Hi @angel200, welcome to AS. I'm so sorry that you have reason to be here and for all that trauma. Your free to share as little or as much as you want on AS a good rule of thumb is if it could set off someone's trigger its best to put a trigger warning on the top of tbe post. Glad to have you here, you will find this to be a supportive site/community. Can't wait to see you heal here. BraveOne
  12. New here - hi!

    Hi and welcome @rainbowvalley and welcome to AS. This is a safe place to talk and get support. Sorry for the trauma you have endured as a child and as a teenager. I hope this site helps you open up I know its helped me personally as well as a lot of others. Can't wait to see you around. BraveOne
  13. Don’t know what I’m doing

    First of all I want to welcome you and tell you how brave this welcome post is. I at first struggled to respond because I know all to well the shame of having not reported and the anger of not "having done" enough to stop it or not knowing it was gonna happen I know that fear of what if they are out there hurting others. I too choose to forgive them give it to God and try to continue on with life. You are not alone and there is healing and peace, its hard but you have a whole community here now to get extra support and love, you can do this and continue on your healing journey. I am really encouraged to see that you have found 💘, I can only imagine how hard it is to trust that safety. I would suggest talking to your therapist about how to tell him as if maybe he can come in so you are supported while talking to him about it, and he can get some very good insight on how to support you and express love to you. I'm glad you joined us on AS and look forward to seeing you grow. BraveOne
  14. New Here

    Welcome to AS, sorry you have a reson to be here, though glad you are. Your not alone and your right the journey is very long, sending support and strength your way.
  15. Hello

    Hi @lotus37 and welcome to AS.