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  1. Hello everyone!

    Hi @catmom and welcome to AS. Im sorry for the trauma that has you here and for the lack of/ little support in your life. You have found a very safe and supportive site here, full of caring people. I came here to AS a few years ago unsure and afraid think it was the best thing I did for myself, we are glad to have you with us. Please keep in mind your in control of how little or how much you share go at a pace that works for you. Lots of people here have some great advise on support and healing. Your brave strong and courageous it shows in your joining our site and putting this first post up, I know you can heal. BraveOne PS I spent many summers in San Francisco growing up I love California.
  2. Hi Everyone

    Hi KAM! Welcome to AS. Sorry for the recent trauma that brought you to us here at AS though. Everyone handles things differeby my and individually, a site like this is full of helpful ways to cope and try to make sense of it all, even some helpful people who can point you in the right direction to find support locally if you need it. Please know your not alone people do care about you and understand the struggle and are here to listen when your ready to talk about it. BraveOne
  3. Hello

    Welcome to AS. Its was so encourageing to see your post here in the welcome forum. I am excited to see your healing journey here. This is a safe place for express yourself as others have said and a good place to start theCan't wait to see how far you go BraveOne
  4. Feel So Hollow

    Hi @Hollow19 and welcome to AS. Im sorry you have a reason to be here. I agree with you I was shocked by the amount of people too it almost made me feel more alone and I had a hard time thinking it was gonna be ok here but I was welcomed by so many warm and caring people. It took me a while to really feel at peace with being here but I am thankful everyday for those who have helped me along the way. You will fit right in here in no time. Looking forward to seeing you grow and heal. BraveOne
  5. Welp here goes nothing... Hello!

    Hi @Cam♂ welcome to AS. I am sorry to hear of the trauma you endured 4 years. Your gurl friend is right talking to others is helpful and it helps to support others as well. Have you sought out any professional help like a therapist, I know its hard to think about doing but worth it too. Well take your time or jump right in around the forums but remember its up to you how fast or slow you go were all pretty supportive kind and caring. Welcome again and look forward to seeing you grow. BraveOne
  6. New here

    Welcome to AS! Though I am sorry you have reason to be here, I am glad youve come. Your really aren't alone, I know it feels like that though. You have found a safe place to talk about it and get some support. Can't wait to see you around the forums here! BraveOne
  7. Old account, newly present.

    Hi @nightmarish, and welcome back! I remember When you joined in January back then I had a different screen name here I was Oneinamillion, think that's about the only change I can point out on the top of my head. We are still a warm caring supportive place that has room for everyone. I'm glad your back. I feel like I can understand you pretty well, I too tend to withdraw at times and want to be antisocial. Its fine if you just want to be in the background as long as you know you are safe here. Its brave to join a site like this even braver to come back. BraveOne
  8. I’m new here

    Welcome to AS @victoria_k. Your friend was right it is a healthy place to open up, its a safe place full of supportive loving and caring people. It was brave of you to join here and took a lot of courage to put up your first post, want to point out how strong you are. I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here, but I know you can make it to healing. BraveOne
  9. New Here

    Hi Gwen, Welcome to AS. Your old therapist and family friend was right to direct you here. Your not alone sadly none of us are. I am really sorry you have a reason to be here though. This is a warm safe space to talk about whatever you need too with people who have been through some stuff and won't judge you. Take your time or jump right in its up to you Compleately. BraveOne
  10. Another newbie

    Welcome @Curious_george to AS. I'm so sorry that the trauma you endured 15 years ago is So freash in your mind today. Your not alone, I can remember how I felt when I finally opened up to my T about it qnd how messed up I felt over it. You however did come to a great place to work through it, full of safe supportive people who actually care. I know from expierence how much that hurts and would recomend a lot of gental self care and taking all the time you need to reflex. Take your time looking around jump right if that what feels best to you. Your free to be you here. Big safe warm and gental hugs to you if they are ok. BraveOne
  11. Hi - I'm new to After Silence

    Hi @Belle_in_Australia! Welcome your not alone. Sorry you feel that way and for the trauma that brought you here.
  12. Hi!

    Welcome to AS @Howie. Glad you found us, but I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you here. It is a great supportive place. Welcome again.
  13. Hi There

  14. Hi, I just started

    Hello, welcome to AS. Sorry for the trauma that brought you here, I dont think anyone really wants to ever have to join a site like this one, I didn't either. Its inspiring that you want to help others as well, I'm sure you will be a great part of the AS family. Keep in mind we have all lived through some form of trauma and all of us are in different places in our healing please be gental with yourself and talk at a pace that works best for you. Welcome again.
  15. New here

    Hi @Engenbran, And welcome to AS. Sorry to hear about the SA. This is a great place to recover and get support. AS is a safe place fill of caring and supportive people, who have exprienced trauma firsthand and there are some that are secondary survivors (limited to specific parts of AS) all here to support eachother. I am encouraged to see you here it takes a level of courage to join a site like this one and an amount of bravery to post your first post. Your not alone, and if you need help navigating the site your free to reach out anytime. BraveOne