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  1. Just saying hi

    Hi @CeeJay47 and welcome to AS! Sorry for the trauma that brought you here. Your right this is a friendly supportive caring place full of welcoming people who are happy to assit you in the healing process. It takes a lot of small steps to go a great distance but youve got this and the support to get there. Feel free to share as little or as much as you want at a comfortable speed for you. I am looking forward to seeing the progress you make. BraveOne
  2. Silent No More

    HI @Aerlyn, and welcome to AS! I am so sorry for the years of abuse and trauma you have endured. AS is a great place to start the healing process and your not alone here many of us have either waited to talk about the abuse, pushed it down and hid it away for years or couldnt talk about it at all with family or community. AS is a very supportive, kind and caring place filled with people from all manner of differnt backgrounds and trauma and abuse we come here to support care for and lift up others and get our needs met too, its a very safe place. Your free to share as little or as much as fast or slow as you want too. I am looking forward to seeing you around the forums. BraveOne
  3. Breaking the Silence

    Hey @Redness, welchome to AS. Youve found a very supportive site with lots of caring people. I am so sorry for the trauma you endured 5 years ago, your not alone in waiting to talk about it, I waited 10 years before I dealt with my struggles and I'm still dealing with them. You are free to share as little or as much as you want at a pace that is comfortable with you, I know this can feel a bit overwhelming at first. I'm glad you found us here and I am looking forward to seeing you around the forums. Your are worth the struggle and you can heal. BraveOne
  4. New here

    Hi, welcome to AS Tryingtosurvive, though I'm sorry for the very recent trauma that brought you here. That has to be very fresh and raw feeling still, I'm glad that a friend pointed you to this site. Like others have said this is a good place to get great support advise a place where people who have been through simalar things and will listen without judging you all well gently supporting you. Take your time to look around share at your own pace as little or as much as you want, this is compleately up to you. Again I'm sorry for the trauma and look forward to seeing you around the forum. BraveOne
  5. First time here

    Hi @Nolongerstrong, welcome to AS. Though I am Sorry for the trauma that brought you to us. First of all you have found a very warm inviting caring site full of people who can listen lend a shoulder to cry on and help rebuild a good foundation. My Name hasn't always been BraveOne I started out here as oneinamillion because I felt like I was lost in a crowd and no one would be able to help me and 2 years of being here has helped me out tremendously and I hope to see the same for you. You did an incredibly challenging first step down the road to healing by joining our site, and it just prooves to me how strong you are even if your shaken right now. I feel like AS is one of the best things I've done for myself in the healing process and I hope that you too will get there. Take your time share as little or as much as you want about anything get to know people here make friends see that your not alone and its ok your here and your safe with us. Remember you are both stronger then you think and far braver then you know. BraveOne P.S. But you can call me One its nice to meet you ;)
  6. So... Hey

    Hi and welcome to AS @Youngbellbird. Youve found a really safe place to share as much or as little as you feel like sharing, with supportive people who can relate and understand. I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here and I really get that feeling of disconnect that occurs in the aftermath of the stuff I dont like to talk about with family and friends because I too fear their judgement. You'll find people here that understand and welcome you nI matter what happened. BraveOne
  7. New Here

    Hi VK, welcome to AS! You'll find lots of support here. BraveOne
  8. Unsure Newcomer

    Hi @KindaConfused, welcome to AS. Sorry that you are questioning if you are in the right place or not, I am sure if your questioning you are so I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here. AS is a safe place to talk about everything learn from others lean on others and start the healing process. Hope your doing ok so far.
  9. Ready to talk

    Hi @PBJ17and welcome to AS. You have found a warm supportive place here and I hope you feel comfortable with us so far, take your time opening up I know its not easy to share your story. I'm glad you were able to introduce yourself and I wanted to say welcome to our internet family. BraveOne
  10. Hi i am new

    Hi Molly! Welcome to AS. Sorry for the trauma that brought you here. There is hope and healing glad you found a place to vent cry share and help others as well. Looking forward to seeing you around the forums. BraveOne
  11. Hello!

    Hi @caligirl99 and welcome to AS. I am so sorry for the pain and trauma that brought you here. AS is a very safe place to share anything with out rejection or judgement, a place I am so thankful to have. Its a site full of amazing people that are supportive caring and very helpful. Feel free to look around share and make new friends.
  12. I'm anxious today worried about so much, but keep pushing myself to finish what I started.

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    2. Kmkz


      Make sure to look after yourself and try not to burn out. I have faith that you can finish, without pushing yourself too much. Take care

    3. MeBeMary


      :hug:  You got this.  :hug: 

    4. BraveOne


      Thanks everyone

  13. *Wave

    Hello RJ, Welcome to AS. Sorry for the trauma that brought you here. Take your time look at the site post whatever wherever when your ready.
  14. New here

    Hi cunixdr and welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the trauma from years ago and the recent events that have brought it to the surface, I know first hand just how hard that is to face. AS is a great site in that the people here are supportive, warm, caring and nonjudgemental. You share whatever you want to whenever you want to here totally up to you. Your not alone, it was great to meet you BraveOne
  15. The only time you should look back is to see how far you've come, wow have I come a long way

    1. Iheartcupcakes


      YES YOU HAVE. I am so proud of you!

    2. BraveOne


      Thanks that makes me smile really needed the encouragement today.