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  1. Hello Everyone

    Hi and welcome to AS! Great to have you here even though I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here. I also have a dog a golden retriever she helps me to feel safe at home. I was actually thinking about having a rocking chair that was handed down to me from my Grandma refurbished today while I was out on a long walk with my dog. Anyways as others have said this is a supportive place full of kind caring individuals that will cry with you laugh with you and support you along your healing journey. BraveOne
  2. Getting through

    Hello and Welcome to AS. I am so sorry for the trauma that brought you to our cite. The 6weeks will hopefully fly by for you. This is a great place to start it’s full of kind caring supportive people who have all been through something. It is nice to meet you and I am glad to see that we have another brave member. BraveOne
  3. Abused

    Hello and welcome to AS @Trisha Templeton, You are not alone, lots of us struggle after abuse. One positive thing I can say is that you reached out for help. That is a huge step that can be very hard for some. It is even very brave of you to join our site for support. I hope that you find this site as I do supportive and a place to find hope of a better tomorrow. BraveOne
  4. Joining again

    Hi and Welcome Back @123456, sorry to be welcoming you back in such a time as now, but I am glad that you remembered how safe and supportive this site is. As others have stated I am also sure that this site has grown and changed some since you were here before. If you need any help please feel free to ask for it. I wanted to also say that I am proud of you for getting out of a DV relationship, I know how hard that is and it takes a lot. Good Job. I know things cant be easy right now but we are always here at AS even if its not in person. BraveOne
  5. Intro

    Welcome to AS @Batwing19, I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here to our forum. I have also just recently moved and I am still unpacking as well. I hadn't thought about how I am still unpacking emotionally as well, that is something I will have to ponder on for a while. AS is a great place, the people here are more like a family then what I have in he real world. It was important to me to learn that I wasn't alone after years of silence and I just wanted to let you know your not alone. Things may seem tough, but I can tell already your tougher then things. Remember its not in how many times we fall, its about how we rise back up BraveOne
  6. Hello, I’m new here

    Hi @IBelieveYou, welcome to as though I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here. I like your name too, a lot of us don’t have people that believe them so that’s a strong name choice. You have found a great supportive place full of supportive people that will care for you and about you. Looking forward to seeing you around the forums.
  7. Hello!

    Hi @Noleavesonthetrees, welcome to AS hope you find it to be a safe place to share and learn as well as grow as I have found it to be. Sorry for what brought you here but glad to have you none the less.
  8. I'm new (at least as of yesterday)

    I get it. I actually did not say a word for 10 years about what had happened to me and one day I just kind of lost grip with reality and ended up in therapy and then here. i didnt have anyone i felt safe sharing it with, so I understand why people keep it quiet too. As long as I never verbally said it I thought it would go away and it did for me till it didnt anymore and it all came up and I thought I had lost my mind.
  9. New

    Hi @Kenzi, and Welcome to AS! It is a pleasure to meet you, even if it is here and for these circumstances. I am sorry that you have a reason to be here. Take a look around if you have any questions reach out to any of the NST (Newbie Support Team) and we will be happy to assist you. BraveOne
  10. I'm new (at least as of yesterday)

    Hi @Amsekhmet, Welcome to AS. I am so sorry for what you went through back in 96, and for all the years of dealing with the trauma feeling alone. I am glad you we told about AS and that you have found it useful so far. my assaults were old as well when I joined and I felt very alone and isolated by them. finding others to connect with was so important. i am so glad you have found our warm safe space to share. Wanted to point out that you are so brave to have shared you story and joined our sight, that is pretty impressive and I am glad that you can show your strength already. cant wait to see more from you around the forums. BraveOne
  11. So happy to have found this forum!

    Hi @PhoenixRoxanne, welcome to AS. Like everyone else said while it’s sad how you found us, I too am glad you did find us. This is an amazing site full of strong amazingly brave survivors here to support each other. Glad you are here to work through your trauma and looking forward to seeing you walk your healing journey out with us. It’s an admirable aditude to come to this site looking not just to get support but also to give it. See you around the forum excited to get to know you better. BraveOne
  12. Hi. I'm new.

    Hi @sybilscrush welcome to AS. Thanks for being a supporter of people in real life and here it’s improtant to our community to know we have support after these traumas. BraveOne
  13. Hello

    Hi @prettybird148 welcome to AS, and being a supporter it means a great deal to those of us that have been through these types of trauma to get support from people around us, and it is imperative that those supporters get support for themselves as well. BraveOne
  14. Hello!

    welcome to AS, sorry you have experienced trauma and that you had to call the suicide prevention hotline but I am glad you are here. You are not alone in this heal journey, and I am happy that you reached out for help and that they gave you this resource. looking forward to seeing you around the forums. BraveOne
  15. Hello

    Hi @Goldenboybrokeme, welcome to AS and I am very sorry you have a reason to be here. I am sorry for the fate you suffered at the hands of an older cousin, it was not your fault at all that lies on him. Sounds like you have had a negative experience with therapy and I am so sorry about that, it probably wasn’t a good fit don’t give up there are good therapists out there it’s important to keep trying. Joining AS was a huge step and I want to point out how brave I think you are for joining us here and reaching out to a community of supportive people who have all been through Similar traumatic life events. You really aren’t alone. Looking forward to seeing you grow and heal will keep an eye out in the forums for you for sure . BraveOne