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  1. Newbie

    Welcome to AS @Dakota101916! I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you here, but I'm glad your here. Its really hard when our loved ones don't believe us, it keeps many of us from talking about our traumas. This is a highly supportive place full of caring people, that will listen and be able to understand. Looking forward to seeing you around the forums.
  2. New to This

    Hello Suture and welcome to AS. I am sorry for the trauma you've endured. Your not alone, AS is a safe place full of kind and caring individuals. Your free to share as much or as little as you like, please take a look around the forums and share at the speed that is right for you.
  3. New: Hope Over Experience

    Welcome to AS @Hase. It was incredibly Brave of you to join and to make your first post! AS is full of warm friendly understanding people that are extremely caring and supportive. I am so sorry for the past trauma that brought you here. Your not alone in the keeping quiet many of us here have, myself included. Its ok to still feel like a victim we all go through our own unique processes and this takes time. Here at AS we are all on our own journey some may be a little ahead some a little behind where ever you are at on yours is 100% acceptable here, we are here to support and care for one another. BraveOne
  4. I'm back

    Welcome Back to AS glad to see you again. Sorry your increased stress has caused some triggers again, your always welcome and cared for here at AS
  5. Scared

    Welcome to AS @Terrified Angel, sorry for all you have endured. You have found a safe place to use your voice share as little or as much as you want. Your not alone here so many supportive caring people here.
  6. Hi everyone

    Hi @LottieAngelHeart, welcome to AS. Sounds like you've been through a lot in your life and like you are a brave woman indeed to relocate to Arkansas that must have been a huge culture shock. A life time of trauma sounds really hard to so I am sorry you went through all of that. I am happy that you found AS, I like to think of it as my personal sanctuary on the internet, there is a lot here places to share, learn, vent, cry, share artwork, talk about religion, politics and to share your story and a bunch of other stuff too. The good news is there is a really good team of helpful people to help guide you and there is forgiveness if you put something in the wrong place usually someone can move it for you or delete it if it needs to be. When you do share something you worry may trigger some one hit simply add a trigger warning or TW. Lots of helpful people here that are super supportive. Please feel free to look around get comfortable and start sharing at a speed that suits you! Welcome again looking forwards to seeing your posts. One
  7. First time

    Hi @Donna84 welcome to AS. I'm sorry to hear about the trauma that happened to you as a child and into your teen years. I'm glad you have stumbled across our little sanctuary here on the internet. Hope you find this a warm and inviting place to share whatever you need to share, to know your heard and surrounded by other survivors. AS has been helpful for me to get over talking about my trauma to people face to face its been really a hard to concur fear and I wont lie I still struggle with it. This is a safe place to share whatever you need to as much or as little as your willing too. Hope you find everyone to be helpful and comforting. If like to say thank you for being brave enough not only to join AS but to put up your first post too. One
  8. I’m new here

    Hi @Onefineday, welcome to AS. I'm so sorry to hear about your trauma, your not alone though. I did a simalar thing tried to ignore it never speaking of it trying to just brush it off and move on from, your not alone in questioning yourself either. Here at AS you will find many of us have tried to ignore it and move on, it seems to work for some for some it resurfaces again no matter how far we run. AS is a safe place to talk about it and how the secret effects you, your free to share whatever you want about it or not share and just chat about how your learning to overcome. Remember each and everyone of us is on this journey to healing some are miles ahead some miles behind some got turned around some are right next to you, try not to look ahead and get jealous its an easy trap to get into. I also wanted to point out just how brave you are for seeking out AS and joining and sharing your first post way to go its a step of progress. Please feel free to look around and get comfortable. Looking forward to seeing your future post. One
  9. New to the group-looking to talk.

    Hi @ASnow, welcome to AS. Sorry for the trauma you've had to endure over the years. Glad you found AS, its a very safe and supportive place. Its warm and full of friendly people who have been through simalar things. Feel free to share as much or as little as you feel safe to share with us and remember your free to choose what you share no one is forcing you to share anything. Ive made some terrific friends here that I share so much with now its hard to imagine my life with out AS, I'm so glad you have found us here!
  10. Hello I'm new

    Welcome to AS. Sorry to hear about your trauma and I am so thankful that you have a supportive husband I know that can be rough too though. He sounds like an amazing guy for you. You have Definately found a supportive place here. I'd recommend taking your time to look around chat with folks in the forums share at a pace your comfortable with. I'm glad you found us here amd I look forward to hearing more from you
  11. Newly Arrived

    Welcome @crybaby, to AS. Sorry for the trauma that brought you here all those years ago. AS is a great place for support, it seems like everyone is caring and supportive here. Being a councillor and carrying a trauma around has to be very hard and thankless, thanks for helping so many! I hope AS can be a safe place for you to get some self care. Please take your time look around and share at a pace that is good for you, its on your terms here. Glad to welcome you. One
  12. Just Saying Hi

    Hi @Hazel, and welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you to our site. This is a place of healing and everyone is at a differnt place on the journey, everyone is supportive and caring willing to listen or build you up and everything in between. Positive thoughts your way! One
  13. truely feeling safe and supported loved and heard its so odd for me I never want to leave... But alas I have to go home eventally

    1. pattyr


      Hey, glad to hear that!  You deserve it.

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    3. ActivistAlly
  14. Hello im new!

    Welcome hushbunny to AS. I am sorry for all that you went through and for holding in for 30 years had to be so hard. AS is a great place to start and there are so many kind caring individual here that will truely care and support you through this journey of healing and peace. Many of us go through times of being unable to sleep or are natural night owls so I'm sure someone will be able to converse with you. I want to point out your bravery in joining a site like this and encourage you to talk to people here but do so at a pace your comfortable with and not to rush the timing. Something to remember is everyone is on their on journey of healing here some are a bit ahead of you some are way ahead and some may be somewhere behind you so just because we arent in the same place doesn't me we can relate or help. Sending safety and support your way.
  15. I'm new

    Hi Jessica, welcome to AS. Sorry for what you went through 3 years ago its hard when friends and loved ones weigh in on it and make it worse. I too went through a time of trying to ignore what had happened it worked for a while and it was so scary to finally talk about it and hard to finally seek support. AS is a wonderful place full of supportive and caring people great advice a place to vent cry and truely heal. Its brave to share what you shared here and a huge step in the right direction. Anniversaries are hard so I hope I'm not to late to offer a safe hug if its ok and some support to help you through. Looking forward to seeing you grow and heal with us here.