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  1. Thanks Gale, I haven’t been on much, I have been going through a rough patch, it has been hard to be supportive when I have been feeling so bad. I still have all my fur babies, my yellow lab is 12 now and her ”GULLP” that effects her long nerves has now started to effect her hind legs. Thankfully she is not in pain right now. The 3 kitties are doing great they are laying on my lap every chance they can sometimes I have all 3 laying on my legs from my lap to my toes I have a blanket of cats. Lol As I type this I have Graham and Gracie on me, Domino is in her new Cube/bed she got for Chris
  2. Welcome, your not alone I was drugged and R.... over 17 years ago and I still struggle sometimes with the memories. I may never know everything about that night but I have learned that is ok. I was looking for a site that I could find the support I needed and I found it here. Good Luck on your healing journey. Kris
  3. Hello, I am sorry for what has brought you here. You have found a supportive site. No one here will judge you, you will find compassion and understanding take your time look around the site you will find that there are many people going through the same types of things you are going through you are not alone. Kris
  4. Hurts so much, I feel so alone . All my fault I let him in my home. My home is no longer safe. I am not safe!! :cry:

    1. Dahliaa


      I'm so sorry you're hurting :( Safe :hug: Whatever happened, it was in no way your fault.

    2. MeBeMary


      Nobody ever has the right to hurt you. I am sorry that HE hurt you. It is HIS fault, not yours. Sitting with you, Kris. :hug: if ok.

  5. Welcome to AS you have found a very supportive site. We are here for you. Kris & Graham, Gracie, Domino and Sandie girl
  6. Hi @nomadlady1 I was hurt when I was 6-10 I was also R***** as an adult working through my adult I have been recently remembering stuff that has happened as a child and struggling to keep in a good mindset and trying to move forward. My therapist is helping me to recognize that this was not my fault I was an innocent child and sick men did this to me. You are a survivor even if you don't see yourself that way. It took a lot of courage to come here and ask for support. I am we'll say a few years older than you. Ok almost double your age. But if you want to talk I am here you can feel free to PM
  7. Welcome Timi I am a survivor of CSA also amongst many other traumas. I am sorry for what has brought you here. You are so strong and brave. It is always heartbreaking to me when I read that another young life was changed forever by someone that had no right to hurt you. You are not alone there are many of us that understand what you have been through. Remember when you are having a really hard day there will always be someone here to listen you just have to ask. kris Graham, Gracie, Domino, & Sandie
  8. Welcome sunshine I am so sorry for what has brought you here and that is is so recent for you. You have found a wonderfully supportive site there are many wonderful people here that will listen to you without judgement. Take your time and look around. Remember that you are not alone.
  9. Kris78


    Hi Katie welcome to AS you found a very supportive sight and there is no judgement here. I wish you the very best on your healing journey. There are many topics and forums that you should find one that helps you find what you are looking for. You are not alone. krissending safe hugsif ok
  10. @Kkhateera welcome to AS you have found a very supportive sight. I am so sorry for the trauma that you have endured that brought you to us. We are here for you. You will find no judgement here I wish you the best on your healing journey kris safe hugsif ok
  11. for what has brought you here you found a very supportive sight with very friendly, understanding and good people. Safe hugs if ok kris
  12. Sorry for what brought you here you will find many supportive people here. You are not alone here. Welcome to AS.
  13. Welcome to AS glad you found us you have found a very good site with many supportive and wonderful people here.
  14. Welcome to AS I am glad you found us you will find this to be a very supportive sight with many wonderful people on here. Kris
  15. Welcome to AS I am sorry for what brought you here, but am glad that you have found us. As others said this is a very supportive sight with some really amazing people. I am glad you are not feeling as alone, you are not alone. Kris
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