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  1. Hi there and welcome @OkottaPhoenix to AS, I also reported mine and going to trial soon, it takes so long to reach this stage. nearly three years since reporting. and so many others deserve there day in court which is often denied to them . This is a very supportive site and a godsend when times are really tough. You are definitley not alone !
  2. Welcome to, I think it is part of the course of this kind of trauma is to loose friends, they do not understand and can say hurtful things. Same is true for me it will be 3 years in september and I have alienated friends, but found AS very helpful. I hope you have a healing journey and I do not think it was a terrible introduction at all.
  3. @MeBeMary :hug::hug::throb: and chocolates lots of both to you, alll throughot 2018 and the remainder of this year, thank you for all the support and kindness you show to everyone on here AS. 

    Bless you for being an amazing humanbeing.

    :rain::rain::rain: all things chocolate and you have your upsidedown chocolate umbrella to catch them.

    happy catching.:P


    1. MeBeMary


      @oceonwaves Thank  you so much for the :hug: s, :throb: , chocolates, and compliments. I am truly humbled and appreciative of your kind words. You made my day.  There is 20 minutes left of National Chocolate Day, so I wish you the best Chocolate Day holiday ever. :hug: back to you.

  4. I absolutley love that picture of the oh so cute kitten, on your profile pic is the kitten yours, I love cats and most animals.

    glad you are looking forward to 2018

    so am I, I hope your therapist begins to help in 2018.

    1. ladypendragon


      Thank you! It's a Sandcat/Sandkitten. I love animals as well! I


    sorry you feel like this, :throb::throb::throb: sitting with you.


    no matter what you have said or thought or done, you are truly worthy.

    I have experienced your kindness and understanding many times.

    you love your pets ,you have tremendous compassion.

    you have overcome some terrible obstacles.





    1. Beamcam


      thank you for all your kind words Oceanwaves 

  6. Appalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, who ever lets him on on parole needs to be prosecuted of course he will pretend remorse still he might be refused parole They do not care about women and childrens saftey it is just words. the second one is about domestic violence but shows how they pretend remorse
  7. Yes I too am a warrior and laugh and smile and carry on, I hold my head high today. I have nothing to be ashamed of. glad you are a smiling warrior too.
  8. @eludf7 welcome to AS, I found rape crisis really helpful they know and are used to people haing difficulty putting it into word, I did not find out about AS for a long time after that and it is a godsend, sorry that you have been assaulted and it is brave of you reaching out on this forum. this is a great site with wonderfully understanding kind brave members and all the other positive adjectives applies to the members here too.
  9. @Hybrid0 yes I think you did the right thing Welcome to AS
  10. @Datingwoes HI and welcome to AS
  11. @Hopenlight welcome and this is a site of hope, and I know you and can heal. I am so glad you found your voice. finding this site and the wonderful people on here has been a blessing. AS and the courageous wonderful members.
  12. @MelodyR2005 Welcome to AS
  13. @Lillies&Roses welcome to AS what a lovely profile name you have chosen. wishing you a wonderful healing journey from the trauma that led you here.
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