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  1. Light house

    No I am not a photographer, just like taking pictures and thank you
  2. Just looking for support

    Hi Gom you will find support here. Patricia
  3. Newbie Saying Hello

    Hi welcome to AS. It's hard to open that door and know there is so much pain in there. The one thing I can tell you it does get better. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it. You will find support here and sad to say there are many who understand what you are going through. You are not alone here. Patricia
  4. I’m new and not sure what to do

    Hi VV, welcome to AS, sorry for trauma you will find support here. Patricia
  5. newbie

    Welcome to AS
  6. New

    Hi Nichole welcome to AS, glad you found our site, you are not alone here. Patricia
  7. Hello

    Hi Gordy, welcome to AS, you will find support here. Patricia
  8. Friend of Survivor Looking for Help

    Hi Bat, welcome to AS, I am sorry for what happened to your friend. You are a good friend for being there for him. Let him take his time sharing with you. We are here to support you both. Patricia
  9. Hi I am new

  10. hello

    Hi avri welcome to AS. Patricia
  11. Hello There!

    Hi Mave, welcome to AS. Merry Christmas to you too. I am glad you found our site . I am sorry for what you have gone through in your past. You will find this a safe place. Patricia
  12. Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  13. New Member !!

    Welcome to AS Patricia
  14. Hello

    Hi Brown deer welcome to AS, Patricia