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  1. Hi

    Welcome to AS
  2. I verdif welcome to AS, I'm sorry for what your boyfriend did to you and others didn't believe it. I believe you!!!!! This is a safe place and we are here for you as you start your journey of healing. Patricia
  3. Welcome back Gracie many of us have left and came back.
  4. Hi Heavenly, welcome to AS, I am sorry about what happened to you 15 years ago. Like @oceonwaves said it is never too late to deal with things. I am sorry about having PTSD, I know it is hard on you. We are here for you as you heal.
  5. Hello Patricia

    thank you for your support and that lovely pulsating heart, how did you attach that?

    a bit rubbish at  some computer things, 

    last night did not realise that anyone had replied

    I like name Patricia . I have close family called Patricia, and Patrick he is not alive now.

    I know I have the strength to carry me through some of the time.

    even though its hellish pain sometimes . Have already reported to police and did video recorded



    1. patriciag


      Thank you, when I was younger I never liked my name, but now love it, it means Noble One, I keep reminding my family that :lol:

      Yes, I agree that it is hellish at times and there are times you don't think you can do. It is nice to have a place to go to that people understand. My husband is great but I don't want to burden him all the time.

      You can get the heart :throb: by going to the happy face and click on categories you will see many Emotions, I like the heart even though we can't see each other here, we are never alone and only a :throb: away.

      The one thing I like here is we use the saying " sitting with you". Sometimes when you feel alone, you can ask others to sit with you, it is nice to know some cares.

    2. oceonwaves


      Hello Patricia

      I saw the emoji later. this after silence is absolutely amazing

      Noble One how great.

      Thank for taking the time to explain stuff to me.

      The forums are really helpful

      I was listening to hayhouse  radio during the insomnia.

      but aftersilence is more relevant and constructive to me at present

  6. just sent you a pm, if that doesn't work ask at the help desk.
  7. Hi Coffee, welcome to AS. I am sorry for the trauma that you have gone through to bring you here. This is a safe place and the best part you are not alone in your journey of healing. You are so right when you say your past doesn't define who you are. Patricia
  8. Hi Queenie welcome to AS. Glad you changed your mind and posted here. Take your time in posting your story. As the others have said you are not alone here, others are listening. Patricia
  9. Hi Vermont welcome to AS
  10. Hi Summer, I do agree with you that no one can understand as well as someone who has gone through trauma. I can say that I have shared things here that I have never shared with others. I am glad that you found AS .Looking forward to talking ( reading) about you. Patricia
  11. Hi oceanwaves welcome to AS. I am sorry for the struggle you are going through but sadly you are not alone in feeling this way. This is a safe place, which at times we feel there is no safe place. I can tell you things will get better, the circle will break down. Patricia
  12. Hi sunshine welcome to AS. I am sorry for the trauma that brought you here. You are not alone here. Patricia
  13. Hi Emmah, welcome to AS. You are not here.
  14. New

    Hi Darby, welcome to AS. you find this to be a supportive site
  15. @chant2012 good to have you back, sorry you are through a hard time