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  1. Hello Venusian, Welcome to AS, I am glad you found us. I am a survived of CSA too, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Just remember you are not alone in this journey, this is a safe place. Patricia
  2. Hi , I am sorry for what you have gone through, I was abused as a child too. All the emotions you are feeling are normal. Take your time going through the stages. I am sorry your husband didn't react with more compassion. You will find support here and you are not alone. Patricia
  3. patriciag

    Nova Scotia

    Some pictures of my daughter Mar.30th 2019
  4. I love my camera, it's so easy to use, so much lighter than my last one. It has the zoom lens built in. It's just a hobby for me, no training but I find it so relaxing. I do go on YouTube to get hints. The only thing I have taking these pictures is a lens filter, it makes things brighter but need to take it off if taking pictures in doors.
  5. Hi wasitreal, welcome to AS. I am sorry for the tramua that you have been through. The site can be a little overwhelming at the beginning. Just take your time going over the site. There are many people here will help you. Many of us have spouse who are understanding. I didn't tell my husband the details of what happened to me until many years of marriage. You are not alone here. Patricia
  6. Hi smalls, welcome to AS, I am sorry for the tramua that you have been through. There are many of here that understand what you are feeling and trying to find out who we are. Like you what I do know about me is I am a wife, mother and now a grandmother. You are not alone here. Patricia
  7. patriciag


    Very nice I can't draw a straight line
  8. Welcome to AS, you will find support here and others who understand. Thank you
  9. Hi Autumn, welcome to AS, i am sorry for the tramua that you have been through. You find this to be a safe place. We are here for you. Patricia
  10. Hi mom, welcome to AS, I am sorry for the trauma that you went through. You will find support here. You will get a welcome from our Newbie support team, they can help you any questions you have but we are all here to support you. Patricia
  11. patriciag


    Did you draw this
  12. patriciag


    Welcome to AS, you will find support here
  13. you have found a safe place. Patricia
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