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  1. WElcome to AS
  2. Welcome to AS
  3. welcome to AS
  4. Welcome to AS. You are not alone here, many know how you are feeling. We are here for you Patricia
  5. Welcome to AS, you will find lots of support here.
  6. Welcome to AS
  7. Today is my Anniversary 46 years :throb:

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    2. Juniperberry1900


      Awh, happy anniversary.

    3. Dahliaa


      Happy Anniversary! I hope you've been having a great day!

    4. oceonwaves


      happy anniversary, hope you have a wonderful day. :)


  8. Hi Andrea welcome to AS. I am also a survivor and I am sorry that you had to go through that. You will find there are many here who know how you feel but more important you are not alone in this journey of healing.
  9. Hope you are getting some sleep

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    2. Painnbroken


      My brain does shut down at all it just keeps going and going like the stupid energizer bunny.   See that amazes me that people can sit there and quilt.  I can sit there for hours or days drawing or decorating cakes but to quilt I just can't seem to figure it out.  

    3. patriciag


      I started with baby quilts, I have made Queen size quilts. I don't sell them for family I make a quilt if they have been married 40 years or if the girl is turning 50.  The baby quilt I give to a family member who has a new baby.  When the baby is born I find a spot on the quilt and write the name, date,time for the baby.

    4. Painnbroken


      That's awesome I've always admired people who could do that.  

  10. Welcome to AS, like Mary said sorry that you have a site like this but it has helped me so many times. Take your time looking over the site and you contact us any time with questions.
  11. Well it's 6:00 am here still awake, third night this has been going on.

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    2. patriciag


      I got 2 hours sleep :(

    3. patriciag


      Sorry Free2fly it's exhauting

    4. Free2Fly


      Thanks Patrica it's madness really hate feeling sleepy all the time. :( 

  12. Wanted to tell you, love your profile picture,  beautiful

    1. Iheartcupcakes


      Thank you, Patricia :) I got a new haircut and highlights after YEARS of the same thing. I feel new. I wanted a picture to reflect that. 

  13. Happy Independence Day to my AS friends

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    2. Oneinamillion


      Thank you

    3. 8888


      Thank you!

    4. snmls


      Thanks! Happy 4th to you too!

  14. I am a proud Canadian LOVE MY COUNTY. Today turns 150 years old, I was remember when it turned 100. We are the first provinces to welcome Canada 150 birthday, many people will think it would be Newfoundland but NFL didn't become part of Canada until 1949 and as @MeBeMary would say I gave her another history lesson. So ALL you other Canada on AS, let us join in wishing Canada a Happy 150 Birthday!!!!!

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    2. MeBeMary


      Just don't quiz me later, Patricia. My memory is for not!!!  Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian AS friends. :throb: Sorry for those of you dealing with bad weather, but try to enjoy your day anyway.  


    3. silentg


      Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians!! We have pouring rain here too this am but now it's a little better, I'm in Ottawa so the whole city is shut down for the event :party:

    4. patriciag


      :( Still raining here