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  1. Hi Tribia welcome to AS, you have found a safe place.
  2. Welcome to AS
  3. New

    Hi Forever, welcome to AS. I am also from a small down, one main street. I am glad you found us and we are here for you. Patricia
  4. Hi

    Hi Tami, welcome to AS. You will find many here that can't sleep. Right now it is 3:30 am here. I am sorry for what you and your sister have been through. You find support here. Patricia
  5. Hi Duff welcome to AS. You can PM me anytime, I know a little about Canada legal process for CSA. like Mary said we do have a forum here on AS. Patricia
  6. HI Bizzy. Welcome to AS you will find support here. I am also one of those ones who came with old wounds. Patricia
  7. New

    HI Rosey welcome to AS Patricia
  8. Welcome Allison, I glad you found AS,
  9. Been thinking about you :hug:

    1. Hawkgirl


      @patriciag  Thank you.  Sending you hugs.  Praying for you too. :hug:

  10. I hope you are well enough to go to Uncle Olaf's funeral on Friday 12th.  you are in my prayers.

    1. patriciag


      Thank you, praying l can make it to

    2. patriciag


      oceonwaves  I made the funeral, didn't stay for the fellowship, but I made it.

  11. Hi noma, welcome to AS, I am sorry for the trauma that you went through 15 years ago. You will find this to be a supportive site, with many understand how you feel. Your mindset can change you can go from being a victim to survivor. You are not alone here. Patricia
  12. HI Krazie welcome to AS. Sorry for the trauma that you went through that brought you here. I know that feeling of feeling lost. You will find this to a support site and we are here to help you on your journey of healing. Patricia
  13. Hi Morg, welcome to AS. ( you see I am counting myself as one of your friends ). You will find this to be a very supportive site. Patricia
  14. Hi Blossomgirl, welcome to AS. I am glad you found AS. We are here to support you. It is so hard at first to let those words come out, but it gets easier. I always look at it that we finally give it a voice and that is the hardest step. So glad you have supportive people around you and you are going to see a T. we are here for you Patricia
  15. Sorry I haven't been on line much lately, took another bad turn. Still waiting to hear from the Dr. in Halifax :(

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    2. MeBeMary
    3. oceonwaves


          Patricia,  I hope you get some good news from the doctor in Halifax.  I'm so sorry that you are suffering:(

      hope you are able to get some rest and nice kind people to look after you.

      sending healing thoughts and angelic help to such a kind loving understanding woman:getwell:

    4. howlieowl


      so very sorry things are not looking up right now. sending positive, healing energy