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  1. Welcome to AS. Sometimes people don't know what to say or act. You have a voice here and listen too.
  2. Welcome to AS, you will find support here.
  3. Welcome to AS, you are not alone here
  4. patriciag


    Welcome to AS. You will find support here.
  5. Welcome to AS. Sorry for all the trauma you have been through
  6. Welcome to AS We have tenacity to minimize what happened years ago but that's not true. Things that happened have shaped us to what we are today. This is a safe place with others who understand. You are not alone here.
  7. Welcome to AS You will find this a safe place, it's very well moderate. You only have to share what you feel like doing. The staff is here to help you in anyway.
  8. Hi Ayame Sorry for what you have gone through. You have found a safe place and you are not alone here. Nightmare can be bad, I know when I have them, it puts me in bad place . It's nice to have a place where others understand. Patricia
  9. Hello Venusian, Welcome to AS, I am glad you found us. I am a survived of CSA too, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Just remember you are not alone in this journey, this is a safe place. Patricia
  10. Hi , I am sorry for what you have gone through, I was abused as a child too. All the emotions you are feeling are normal. Take your time going through the stages. I am sorry your husband didn't react with more compassion. You will find support here and you are not alone. Patricia
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    Nova Scotia

    Some pictures of my daughter Mar.30th 2019
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