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  1. i was innocent child he took my childhood away from me he hurt and now im trying to move on but it hard it not fair i never ad that childhood that most have i only can rember the bad things he did to me none of the good stuff
    people  dont understand when i say  i dont rember my  childhood  i cant   tell them  what  he  did  so i dont  rember  

  2. I been awake for a while.  Starting to feel l Iike im going backwards I am to scared to go downstairs. In case. There some one. Is down there I know there not. But I cant go down. I also keep looking at. Bedroom. Door in case he there.   Which I I know he not as he dont no whete I am. This is stupid I dont no.

    1. Kmkz


      Sitting with you and facing whatever challenges present themselves to you. 

    2. missfrier
  3. May trigger. 



    This time 3 years ago my littl baby nice was fighting. For her life it so unfair. 3 years ago friday at 745 pm she. Passed away I so dont want thia week to happeb. Like so unfair

  4. hiya im sorry for what you ave been through you will get lots of support here
  5. I want to give up I cant do it 

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    2. Bluesclues


      So many safe hugs, stay strong. 

    3. ActivistAlly


      We're all here for you to help support you.  :hug:if ok

    4. missfrier
  6. hi ludf7 welcoem to this amazing site you will get lots of support here rape crisis are really nice and nderstand i am nearly finishign my counciling with them
  7. hi just trying welcoem to this amazing site you will get lots support here
  8. im not  normal   i dont want

  9. Hi

    hi welcome to AS you will fond lots of support here
  10. hi lechuck welcome to AS you will get lots support here
  11. hi sca welcome to group you will gets lots of support here
  12. is feeling torn  i dont  know

    1. MeBeMary


      :hug: to you. If I can do anything, let me know.

    2. missfrier


      Thank u 

  13. hi izz im sorry for what u have been throu you will get lots of support here
  14. hi mary welcoem to AS you will get lots support
  15. hiya im sorry for the trauma that you have s ufferd you will get lots support her