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  1. Thanks Amy @Iheartcupcakes 🤗
  2. @Struggling88 waving backatca 🤗😁
  3. Thank you ever so kindly @MeBeMary
  4. It feels nice to know that there are people here to talk with although I wish none of us had a reason to be here. What are some things that you do on hard days to cope? I've been reading a ton and ordered a bunch of book off Amazon. My fav so far has been Psychopath Free By Jackson Mackenzie. So many "holy crap that's my past life moments". It's such a good read for anyone recovering from abuse. I feel like it's one of those books that I will read for the years to come. I took a highlighter to it so I can just flip through to the super relatable parts although it feels like it was written for me. I'm at this stage of grieving my past self where I want to absorb all the information out there I can. In some way as strange as it may sound pushing all those memories away was easier to cope. I just shoved all the memories away in a vault closed it up tight as can be and did my best to forget. Now that it's all out there and the vault is open so many more things about my past have come flying out that I had suppressed so far deep down that now the flood gates won't stop. I'm not sure what's worse tbh. Neither feels healthy at the moment. Gosh it's all so confusing isnt it? What's the lesser of 2 evils I keep asking myself. I feel like it's all that I think about these days trying to put each piece of the puzzle together. I know I will never figure out why the me from my past would tolerate a marriage as such cuz dammit you couldn't pay me to stay in a relationship like that now.
  5. Thanks for making me feel welcome @8888 @missfrier @Capulet @peachyk @samantha2009 🤗
  6. @samantha2009 thank you so very! It does feel like alot BUT not in a bad way. My truth has been a secret for over a decade now and has just come to fruition in the past 6 months. So although historical it's all so new, raw and feels like it all just happened again. I've had to share my "secret" at great lengths in the past months. It's been grueling tbh and terrifying. I have a good couple of weeks of peace and then something will trigger me and BAM its 10 steps back and all the emotions and tears. Some days I feel so hollow and like I'm on auto pilot. Others I'm so happy and content. Life feels like a bit of a living nightmare right now. My whole life is exposed online cuz of my ex husband. I just made a post about it. I'm over here just trying to live my life. Keep my kids safe, happy and healthy and enjoy my new happy life. Everything is truly a rollercoaster day by day. Most are good days but the bad days are just extremely painful and numb. I just want to move forward in my life BUT that's just not possible right now unfortunately. But I see that glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. I know I've got this! I made a promise to all the people involved to " make this right" and I never break a promise. So to have AS now is a true blessing is disguise. So a BIG THANK YOU to you all for being here.
  7. Hello everyone! Thank you for having me here and letting me share in all of your journeys. I have the utmost respect for all of you. What a brave bunch of amazing souls gather here. I guess you can call me Stormy. I very much look forward to getting to know you and hope to gather some amazing people into my soul circle. Although it feels a bit overwhelming at the moment I couldn't be more pleased to find a safe place to share and learn and most importantly cope with my past and present. Much respect to you all and healing light to each and everyone of you
  8. Stormy here. I'm also new to AS and have no clue here to start. I'm 41 and started my new lease on life 3 years ago. I start therapy on the 25th and although I should feel really happy about this I'm terrified TBH. I'm so thrilled to have found AS but it also feels overwhelming ATM. So many beautiful people, so much information and knowing that people here " will just get it and me " Feeling emotional knowing that I'm safe here. Finally a place to find some peace.
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