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  1. Hi, Samantha2009, and welcome back!
  2. Hi, Hopeless13, and welcome! Good job reaching out for help. That is hard to do. Have you looked in your area for a women’s shelter? They can be very resourceful and often times have counselors or victim’s advocates who can help you out.
  3. Hi, Brooklyn, and welcome!
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    Hi, Kham, and welcome!
  5. Hi, restingup, and welcome!
  6. Hi, Lorrieanne, and welcome!
  7. Hi, ScarredHart, and welcome to AS!
  8. Hi, Srsly-Serendipitous, and welcome!
  9. Hi, Tsabu, and welcome!
  10. Hi, signedaway, and welcome!
  11. Hi, owl, and welcome!
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