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  1. Hi

    Hi, ellebelle, and welcome!
  2. Hello everyone

    Hi, Aliss, and welcome! All abuse is bad. No one deserves to be abused. Glad you’re here, but sorry for what happened to you.
  3. Hello

    Hi, Patti, and welcome!
  4. Noob

    Hi, deadbolts, and welcome!
  5. new here

    Hi, toheal, and welcome!
  6. Where can I talk about my story?

    Hi, knighk18, and welcome!
  7. News

    Hi, emergingawareness, and welcome! I’m sorry you’re having a difficult day. You’ll find a lot of support here.
  8. Massively overwhelmed

    Hi, Running, and welcome!
  9. Another newbie

    Hi, DiiO, and welcome!
  10. Newbie

    Hi, CosmicDaze, and welcome!
  11. Newbie

    Hi, Wanda5, and welcome!
  12. Hi I’m new here

    Hi, Arabellachristie, and welcome! I am an adult survivor of CSA. You can message me any time.
  13. Battling demons

    Hi, happykats, and welcome!
  14. New here

    Hi, Mimity, and welcome!
  15. Hey guys

    Hi, Sabrina757, and welcome!