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  1. Hi Myra, and welcome! You are so brave! Your dogs are adorable. Glad you’re here.
  2. Hi, Itzel, and welcome! It’s so brave of you to speak out and I admire your courage. Are your brother’s children safe? I’m just speaking from my own experience with a family member that did not end well. I hope everyone is safe! You can message me any time!
  3. Hi, Calliope, and welcome to AS!
  4. Hi, Lake Sunset, and welcome!
  5. Hi, Ultraviola, and welcome!
  6. Hi, Movingforward20, and welcome!
  7. Hi, Mitchi, and welcome! It does become a little bit easier to tell your story over time.
  8. Struggling88


    Hi, Kaley, and welcome!
  9. Hi, iluvac, and welcome!
  10. Hi, Sunflower, and welcome! I had a similar experience that happened with my ex-husband. You are not alone.
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