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  1. Hi, dreamch8sr, and welcome! I can totally relate. Some days are better than others. You will find lots of support here, and hopefully some comfort.
  2. Hi, mar-tau, and welcome! I'm not from NYC, so I'm not sure how to help. Have you tried searching online for support groups? Possibly
  3. Hi, twinmommy, and welcome!
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    Hi, Sarah, and welcome! None of what happened to you is your fault. All of the shame lies with your abuser. You will find lots of support here.
  5. Hi, AJ, and welcome!
  6. Hi, Jamesian, and welcome!
  7. Hi, Beekey, and welcome!
  8. Hi, jsl6, and welcome!
  9. Hi, BCedar, and welcome!
  10. Hi, Beth123, and welcome!
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    Hi, Silentandafraid, and welcome back!
  12. Hi, limetree, and welcome! It's nice to meet you. I struggle with PTSD too. You will find lots of supportive people here at AS.
  13. Hi, Diannreedjohnson, and welcome!
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    Hi, Galaxies, and welcome!
  15. Hi, Wifey 147.3, and welcome!