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  1. Getting through

    Hi, Elle, and welcome!
  2. Day Dreaming

    Hi, Trisha, and welcome to AS! The dreams are just a normal way of your body processing the break up. Break ups are hard. There are usually some good memories along with the bad ones. Everyone likes to remember the good times. Just remind yourself of the reason your relationship ended and what a better place you’re in now. Safe hugs, if okay.
  3. Hello Everyone

    Hi, @Lynnamoncinnamon, and welcome!
  4. Hey everyone

    Hi, Riinee, and welcome!
  5. Hi

    Hi, Len, and welcome!
  6. Hi guys!

    Hi, Redwood519, and welcome to AS! I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, but glad you’re here. AS is a very supportive site and very welcoming. There’s a lot of healing going on here.
  7. Hi back again

    Hi, Rosie, and welcome back! I’m sorry you were assaulted a second time, but glad you made it back here.
  8. Abused

    Hi, Trisha, and welcome!
  9. Joining again

    Hi, 123456, and welcome back!
  10. Intro

    Hi, Batwing19, and welcome to AS! I’m sorry for what brought you here, but glad you’re here. AS is a wonderful site full of supportive people to help get you through what you’re going through. I’m glad that you’re doing well and are strong. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction in your healing journey.
  11. Hi

    Hi, Jas1, and welcome!
  12. Hello new to this site :)

    Hi, Lar7391, and welcome!
  13. Hi, new here!

    Hi, AJ, and welcome!
  14. Hello!

    Hi, selinacantrell, and welcome to AS!
  15. Hello

    Hi, 1444Fireflies, and welcome to AS!