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  1. Today is my 30th birthday.

  2. New Here

    Hi Kanny welcome to after silence and I'm sorry for the trauma you've experienced.
  3. Noob here, first post

    @Lwaxana welcome to AS and take your time with sharing there’s no rush. This site is very supportive and has helped me a lot since I’ve joined back in May. I wish you nothing but positive and healing vibes during your healing journey.
  4. I’m back here

    Welcome back and I hope you find support and healing on journey to healing. @Beachmom
  5. New here

    Hi Heather Welcome to After Silence and I hope that you find what you need here
  6. The Inner Child Thread

    I call my inner child Bella her and I don’t get along. Bella actually scares me because she’s the side of me that is cold hearted. She’s cold hearted because nobody listens to her and she trusts nobody. She scares me because I know she’s cruel and heartless and I’m not like her.
  7. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I would say I’m taking my power back you have made me resilient You’re to blame not me Because of you I’m strong
  8. Learn from yesterday live for today and hope for tomorrow