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  1. Thank you! I appreciate the warm welcome.
  2. I was new to the site a while back and got scared and overwhelmed and ran away from the site. I thought I could fix this all on my own. I’m reaching back out to the group bc I realize doing this alone is not possible or easy. I want to face my painful past just not sure where to begin. Ultimately I was to heal and survive the awful trauma that has been done to me. Thank you in advance for your support!
  3. How do I find the chat rooms?
  4. I got a call today from an advocate signed to me through the sexual assault center. She asked if I wanted to file. My initial answer 24 hrs later with no sleep was no I do not want to file. At that point I thought filing and pressing charges were synonymous. So the didn't do a rape kit on me. Now that I have sleep a shower and time to think I want that awful guy to pay. I'm considering filing a report so it goes on his file but I'm curious about my safety. Is he able to find out who reported because I doubt I'm his only victim. Will my privacy be kept? I have to think of the safety of myself a
  5. Thanks for the clarification Mary
  6. How do I hide my birthday? I see many have theirs hidden. I would like to know how please.
  7. Hi y'all! My therapist referred me to this site today. I've done quite a bit of navigating yet I'm still not sure I've gotten it all figured out. Learn as I go! Sadly I presume we're all here for the same reason. I look forward to supporting you as well as gaining some support for myself. 👋
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