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  1. Just looking for support

    Welcome, and I hope you find what you need here.
  2. Newbie Saying Hello

    Welcome to this supportive place. Sometimes it takes 38 years or more to be ready for this part of healing. I hope you will find what you need.
  3. New Member

    @Bloom2B welcome to the forum! I'm sure you will find support and understanding for your next steps in healing.
  4. Hello

    Welcome @Nicome! I'm happy you found what you were looking for. I'm sorry you are dealing with the after effects of trauma. You are not alone and we can all support each other.
  5. Newbie seeking support

    Welcome, and I am sorry for all the trauma you have gone through. I'm glad you found that one key support that started making more healing possible. I hope you find even more by taking part in AS.
  6. New Member !!

    Hi @Mochi and welcome! I'm glad you found a place to look forward to support and camaraderie. There is a forum called Share Your Story. I believe you need to have 10 posts to access it, so you can share your story there soon. Personally, I find Gathering Place to be a forum that is quite open-ended in its subject, if you are looking for a place to begin and not sure where. Aftermath is another, if you are dealing with the after effects of trauma. I'm sure you will soon find your way around. You can also just read the most recent posts, not worrying too much which forum they are in.
  7. Good days & bad days

    A warm welcome to you @WaterfallSoul. I'm glad you looked for and found this place. I'm sorry for what happened that brought you here. You are certainly not alone with the body flashbacks, PTSD, and being attacked in your home. I personally was not attacked as an adult in my home, but you will find other people here who share that part of your experience. Hooray for your child and the joy he brings to you.
  8. Hello

    Welcome @Cdm. You are brave to take this step for yourself, and you can participate here in your own way at your own pace. It is a supportive community you have found.
  9. Hi

    Welcome @Silence Is Golden I'm sorry for the abuse that was done to you and its far reaching effects through your life. I can relate to what you say. I hope you find what you are looking for here. It is a very supportive community.
  10. Old account, newly present.

    Welcome and welcome back, Cael! I think this kind of healing work can be isolating in the best of situations, and I hope you do find support and community here. I think you will.
  11. Breaking the Silence

    Welcome, @Redness, and I hope you find the support and learning you are looking for to heal. I think you will. It is a brave step to reach out and speak.
  12. Silent No More

    Welcome, @Aerlyn. I'm sorry you have needed to survive so many forms of abuse for that long, and I'm glad you did survive and are reaching out to a place where you will find support. You are brave to know what happened, and brave to speak about it. I know the feeling of wanting to "tell what no one wants to hear." I hope you will find the connection and healing that you are looking for. People here will listen.
  13. New and looking for coping tips

    Yes, I feel validation and being believed are key. The injury comes in and out of focus and having others see and reflect the truth back really helps. Also for me seeing validation in my own life helps, evidence like not wanting to cuddle when it used to be pleasurable. Welcome to the website, and I'm sure you will find lots of validation and support here. Sorry for what you were subjected to in the past.
  14. New here

    Hi @Jenna leann welcome! This was the first (and only) online group ever for me as well. I know it is a big step, and I hope you find what you are looking for in the way of support and learning and camaraderie. I'm sorry you are dealing with PTSD and earlier trauma, and my best wishes for you as you heal .
  15. New here - scared but ready

    Welcome, @SunflowerLuvr95. I'm sorry you were subjected to trauma and its aftereffects. I know the feeling of relief you mention. I hope you find more and more of it.