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  1. Excited to start our first topic chat on personal boundaries in a few minutes! Hope to see you all there!

  2. You are more than welcome! And you are never alone in this. If you ever need or want to talk, please reach out. By the way, your posts throughout the forums are very supportive and sweet. Looking forward to getting to know you more on the forums.
  3. Welcome back to After Silence, @samantha2009! We will all be happy to offer you that support system once again. I know that it still hurts, and we are here for you through all of it. We will continue to be. Sitting with you and offering warm hugs to you, if okay. 💗
  4. Mave


    Hello, @restingup! We’re happy to have you join this community. I hope you find this place to be as nurturing and comforting as I have. While I’m sorry for what brought you here, I’m glad that you are here. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out. You are so welcome here!
  5. Hello, @AWillingVessel! Welcome to our community. I am sorry for the pain that brought you here, but I am glad that you can now benefit from some much needed and desired support. You are not alone, and none of the abuse you endured is your fault. We are all here for you. Please share whatever you feel comfortable sharing whenever you feel willing and able to share it. If you ever want someone to talk to, my inbox is open. Please take care of yourself and remember that you can and will heal. Sending you lots of warm, safe hugs, if you like.
  6. Mave


    Hey, @lilyhailey! Welcome to the community. I am truly sorry for the horrible event that brought you here, and I understand the pain taking a while to show itself. This is a safe place full of fellow survivors happy to offer you support as you heal. I am truly sorry to hear that you feel judged by others and that some use painful details against you. You deserve understanding and kindness as you process what happened to you. We are here to support you and be here for you. I wish you the best and look forward to getting to know you better. Sending safe hugs and comfort, if okay.
  7. Mave


    Welcome to the community, @Dawn76! Like @snmls said, you are a survivor. You got up today and every day before that and survived. You are not defined by what happened to you, and no one here will ever judge you for what's happened to you. We are more than happy to have you here. Please feel free to share whatever you feel comfortable sharing when you are ready and remember that you are safe now. Sending you lots of safe, welcoming hugs, if okay.
  8. Welcome to After Silence, @Jess<3. This is a thriving community full of good, kind people. I am deeply sorry to hear of your suffering and wish there was more that I could do to make it better. You didn’t deserve any of the actions others took against you, and I hope you know how strong and brave you are. You will get your life back, and you can heal and take your power back. We’re all behind you. You are surviving every day, and you will thrive soon. Keep fighting and please reach out if you need anything. My inbox is always open. ❤
  9. You’re welcome, @Cryingred. And you’ll get there. Take your time and share when you’re ready. There’s no rush, but I’m really glad you feel the desire to share. When I let it out, I felt better. I hope you will too when you feel the time is right for you. We are all here to listen to you, and you are never alone in this. Take care!
  10. Hello there, @InfiniteAbby! I'd like to offer a bright, sunny welcome to our community. I am truly sorry what has brought you here and wish that there was more I could do. No one deserves to be treated that way, and you did nothing to ask for it. What happened is not your fault, and you are a person completely and utterly worthy of love, kindness, and respect. I am even more sorry to hear that other people brushed what happened to you off. We are all here to support you, and we will listen to you and not treat it as anything less than significant trauma. We are here to help you. Please let me know if you need anything. Welcome again!
  11. Welcome, @Cryingred. I'm sorry that you come here under these circumstances, but I am also so happy to hear about the beautiful life you have to enjoy. Please look around and feel free to share whatever you feel comfortable sharing. We are all here to support you and validate your experience, and you deserve that support and validation. Here if you ever need anything! By the way, I love your username. It's very unique, and that's my favorite color. Again, welcome to our community! Be proud for taking such a bold step in your healing.
  12. Mave


    Welcome, @Ro_91! We’re more than happy to have you here with us, and what happened is in no way your fault. You are not alone, and we are all here to validate and support you. You’ve taken such a brave step. Please celebrate yourself and your strength. If you feel you want to, I’m here to talk.
  13. Welcome, @Ijustneedtotalk! I’m sorry for what brought you here and wish we could meet under better circumstances. This community is amazing and will support you through the hardest of times and all your doubts. I hope you feel better knowing that. Once again, welcome!
  14. Mave


    Hello again, @AngelasAshes! Welcome to our community. I am so sorry to hear about what you went through and hope you're off the wait-list soon. Send me a private message if you feel comfortable and ever need anything. We are here for you!
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