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  1. Capulet


    Welcome to After Silence, @Marabee!! Though I am sorry you have reason to be here, I am hopeful you will find lots of support here! Best wishes, - Capulet
  2. I'm writing all of these down. Please keep 'em coming!
  3. Hello, AS Community Members!!! Once our license renewed in a few days, we are going to begin to explore some new features for After Silence, so that we can continue to evolve as a place of healing and support for survivors all over the world. We'd like to know what kind of new features that you, our community members, would like to see us offer. Perhaps you've seen fun/interesting features on other survivor sites that you'd like to see us bring to AS. Or maybe you have some ideas that haven't been thought of before? We may also have existing features that can be tweaked or improve
  4. Absolutely!!! One step at a time. You will get there. Glad to help - have a wonderful night!
  5. Hello @whitetempest, and welcome to After Silence. Many struggle with words, but hopefully, as you become more comfortable with interacting within our community, the words will eventually flow. It will take some time and patience, but they'll come. Anyway - you are not alone and you are among friends. I hope being here brings you peace, comfort and healing. By the way, we do have a dark mode. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the forums page, there should be the word 'themes.' Locate that word and hit the drop-down arrow next to it. It will give you three options, one o
  6. Hello @klorraine and welcome to After Silence! I'm sorry to learn of the circumstances that have led you to our community, but do sincerely hope that this is a successful first step toward healing. It is highly common for survivors (especially those in the helping profession) to focus on helping others to heal and neglect our own well-being. Been there, done that! (I'm a social worker.) Hoping that being here brings you peace, comfort and healing. You are not alone. You'll soon hear from a member of the Newbie Support Team with some helpful links and tips on site navigation.
  7. Welcome, BZ!! I can’t really make sense of hating chorizo but loving chorizo bread! But hey - not everything has to have an explanation. Happy you are here seeking support from those who understand, though I am sorry for the circumstances that have led you to us. I am hopeful that being here brings you peace, comfort and healing. Sending you all my best, looking forward to getting to know you! Best wishes, Cap
  8. Welcome to After Silence, @LittleWolf! I am pleased to make your acquaintance, though sorry it is under these terrible circumstances. I am glad to see you’re taking steps toward recovery and hope that being here will bring you peace, comfort and healing. It certainly is a game-changer when you are surrounded by those who can relate or understand your struggles. I see our lovely @mini.finch has by now given you the females-only forum password. If you are in need of any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to holler. We have many helping hands here and I think you will fit int
  9. Welcome to After Silence, @HealingGi!
  10. For some, Mother’s Day is complicated.

    For those who have dreamed of motherhood and are still waiting for that dream to come true.

    For those whose children have died.

    For those who have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth.

    For those who have made difficult decisions regarding their motherhood.

    For those who made the painful choice to say goodbye.

    For those who will only be celebrated for the children in their arms while also mothering the ones in their hearts.

    For those who are dealing with infertility.

    For those whose motherhood is challenged by society.

    For those who aren’t sure where they fit on Mother’s Day.

    For those who have complicated relationships with their children.

    For those who are experiencing motherhood without support.

    For those who are missing their mothers.

    For those who have complicated relationships with their mothers.

    For those who never knew their mothers.

    For those who have reasons beyond this list.

    Please know that you have my support. ❤️ 

  11. Welcome to AS, @Chantilly - so sorry for the circumstances that have brought you here, but hope you will soon see that you are among friends and that you are now a part of a truly amazing community. I hope that being here brings you peace, comfort and healing. You've done nothing at all wrong. I hope that this community will help you to validate that you are not responsible for the actions of others. I know that's initially so hard to believe, but it is a truth I hope you will someday embrace. You should be hearing from a member of our Newbie Support Team soon with some helpfu
  12. Hello, everyone! Just a quick reminder that our status updates are PUBLIC and can be viewed by visitors to the site and also by unregistered guests, as well as by members who have not yet completed the approval process. In the interests of keeping AS safe and members' privacy intact, I have thrown together a few things to keep in mind when posting a status update. Please remember: Statuses should always be 'light,' (as in non-triggering), encouraging, and brief (one or two lines). Statuses should never contain any personal information, such as names, locations, email add
  13. I cannot guarantee that I can make this happen for After Silence, but I will promise to at least explore some options for our members wanting to live-connect. I will agree it is a nice thought, to be able to communicate with another survivor at a moment's notice and to not have to wait for a response on a post. Connections, when made quickly, can be a beautiful thing and a game changer during times of struggle. My primary concern is the safety and security of our members. This includes anonymity. I cannot guarantee any of these things off-site, and should anyone's personal information
  14. Welcome to After Silence, @Dutchess! I am sincerely sorry you have reason to be here, but at the same time, I am excited for the connections you will make while visiting our community. So many folks here can relate to what you have experienced and you're definitely among friends and aren't alone. Wishing you all of the best!!! - Cap
  15. Unfortunately, no. We do have a FB page but it's not currently being monitored or maintained. I will see what I can do about that - I do think we should be more 'out there.' - Cappy
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