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  1. Thank you, @Finchy!! ❤️ I thought it might be. So often, we struggle with how we’re going about things as we travel this road. This hopefully will remind people that yes, while we make mistakes along the way, we were just doing the best we could do!! I know that I found this reminder to be comforting in hindsight and it helps me to not beat myself up. 😉
  2. To anyone who needs to hear this…. ❤️ When we come face to face with trauma, Knowing what to do doesn’t exist. There are no answers as to why. There is no instruction manual or guidance. Some of us didn’t tell anyone. Some of us did. Some of us didn’t have a choice. Some were brave right from the start. Some of us took a while to get there. For some, trauma is new. For others, it is old but feels new. For some, danger still exists. But we all dealt with it in the best we knew how to. Some said it was the wrong way. Some said we made it worse.
  3. Welcome to AS, I am hopeful that being among those who understand is a game-changer for you. It was, for me! Wishing you strength, healing and positivity! Best, - Cap
  4. Capulet


    Good morning Katia, and welcome to After Silence! Wishing you all of the best, today and always. 🙂 Please feel free to look around at your own pace and to contact a staff member if you have any questions or concerns about the site and how to navigate it. You are among friends and are not alone! 🩷
  5. @Doll6 - thank you! She had a very emotional week...she's been extra clingy...usually he was at my house every day after school and they would be watching movies together and sometimes cook together...she has been trying to adjust to being without him and has been hanging out with me - I am secretly enjoying that part but am sad for her. I just let her talk and I listen - and I make sure she eats, gets some sleep. They still talk and communicate via phone - she continues to make me proud and has quelled my concerns that they'd get back together by saying she'd never consider it - she feels
  6. I'm both proud and disgusted with myself this afternoon. My daughter, who is a couple months shy of seventeen, texted me this morning, letting me know that she ended her relationship with her boyfriend of over a year. They got together at the very beginning of December, 2021, so it's been a while. A while of this young man coming to my house after school every day, walking in and out as he pleased, eating my food, drinking my sodas, coming along with us whenever we tried to do a 'family' thing - (the daughter and I have had many a quarrel over his tag-along status over the last year) and
  7. Welcome to AS, @Jess_!!
  8. Welcome, @dancergirl217!! Although I am sorry you are here by circumstance, I am hopeful that you will find tons of support here. You should hear from a member of the Newbie Support Team soon. In the meantime please feel free to look around and browse our many forums at your most comfortable pace. There is a lot of helpful information here. Wishing you all the best in your healing process! - Cappy
  9. Welcome to AS, Naomi - hoping that being among others who can relate proves to be healing and comforting. Best wishes always!
  10. Welcome, @Broken But Beautiful!!! I am glad you are here but sorry it is under these circumstances. I hope that this community can provide you some comfort. Wishing you all the best!
  11. Ughhhh.  I have a terrible cold.

    (Also what I said to get out of going to a therapy appointment a few years ago.)

    This time, it’s true!

    Hoping you all are having a good day. ❤️

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    2. Doll6


      Hope you feel better soon cap 

    3. Capulet


      Thank you, all.  I am hanging in there.  I am glad my weekend starts now - and will last four days!  I plan to rest as much as possible and be the best couch potato I can possibly be.  

    4. Doll6


      Sounds like the perfect plan @Capulet

  12. Good morning @Petunia18 - welcome to After Silence, where so many others can truly relate. I agree it is very scary when we try to put into words how trauma has affected us long-term. There is no right or wrong way to do it - as long as you take it at your own pace and are comfortable. Take as much time as you need to look around and browse our community. I am sorry you have reason to be here but do hope that this wonderful group of survivors can provide you with comfort and validation! Best wishes, - Capulet
  13. Welcome to AS, @Broken Zero. I am hoping we can be a healing resource for you. Please take your time looking around and jump in wherever you feel comfortable. Best wishes and again, welcome! - Cap
  14. It does!!! And you're right, these things will certainly shape you....especially if you are young when you first collide with trauma. Some people have unfortunately not had time to adapt to a life trajectory; trauma is all they really ever knew and understood. I know that's infuriating when you think about it. You're correct, though - the version of yourself that just is - does the absolute best you can. There's no way of knowing what an alternate universe/life path would have offered - for sure its own set of trials and challenges that I'm sure you would have tackled with the same s
  15. @Doll6 - thank you for reading and for responding. While I am sad that you, too, can relate to some of these, your reply is truly validating and I truly appreciate your making me feel a bit less alone in these. Know that if you ever need to reach out, I am always willing to listen. I’ll only accept the title, ‘kick-ass survivor’ if I can share it with you all. 😉 We are, after all, in the same boat, trying to cross the same ocean, weathering similar, if not the same elements. Hang in there - and again, thank you. ❤️
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