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  1. Welcome Lost Lamb. I am also new-ish and glad we both found AS. I am terribly sorry for your experience, but so happy to see you now feel ready to heal! Remember, that feeling may come and go at times, particularly when starting therapy up again (at least that is what happened for me). Just know we are here for you in those potential up and downs, no judgement or shame. 💜 Spruce2583
  2. Hi @Phoenix55, and welcome to AS! As everyone has mentioned above, it really is the right place to come for comfort and support, and glad you found us. I am sending over positive vibes and energy your way. Always feel free to reach out, I am new too 💜 Spruce2583
  3. Hi @Tapestry, welcome to the warmest, safest, most supportive place ever! Im so so sorry for what ever has brought you here, but so glad you found us. Never hesitate to reach out 💜 Spruce2583
  4. Thank you! I am certainly trying to hold on to those fleeting moments of courage, and am trusting that one day I will get the courage to try and leave again. Its very comforting knowing I am no longer alone! After ten years of not being able to say anything to anyone about it, I finally have a place to be heard and supported!
  5. okay, phew! Thanks for letting me know its totally normal to post on an old thread (also sorry if i am mixing up or using the wrong tech terms---dont worry I have successfully evaded the Millennial revoke committee from taking my membership card for being technologically inept....thus far, shhh! ) lol You have been super helpful! Let me know if I can ever return the kindness Spruce2583
  6. omg I am so gald you responded! I was hoping to run into a fellow newbie, and a neighbor at that! I was checking out some of the forums and noticed that some are from years ago. Can we post to those still? or do you think they are there for us as resource and support to read. For example, I was looking under the Different Types of SA and was seeing really relatable things, but most of them were from 2009, if I remember correctly. I wanted to post that I learned something new, but was not sure if it was worth it as it was an old post. Today is my first day so I am glad to hear that you ha
  7. Hi Neighbor!! I hope you survived the snow storm! Havent had this much snow in years and I got spoiled lol wow the movie theater analogy is so true!! I will be on the lookout for the Newbie Support Team message. I already am feeling like I made it to the right place. Thanks for explaining the general community workings and I will continue to read all the tips and stuff on the public forums. Thanks Cap Spruce2583
  8. Thank you for responding MissFrier! I appreciate the welcome! I was checking out some of the forums and there are soooo many resources on AS!! I only wish I found this site sooner! But hey, better late than never :) I was so nervous I forgot to actually introduce myself, oopsiees. I am a 29 year young female in NJ. I am currently in an abusive relationship of 11 years and at moments feel courage to leave and identify what happens as wrong, other moments feel stuck and helpless, while other moments I feel safe and loved.... which just honestly makes me feel sick in the head. I work in the
  9. Hi I am new to AS, and also online communities in general. I recently confronted the fact that I am a survivor. I starter therapy 3 weeks ago, and was encouraged to check out online support since LITERALLY NO ONE in my life knows and, as of right now, Id reallyy like to keep it that way. Figured I would post before going to work because I am not sure what to expect, or if anyone will even see or read this, but I am tired of feeling alone, confused, scared, and worthless. Spruce2583
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