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  1. So real. I feel this. And also yes to @mango_star1 😂. .
  2. Spirituality and Survivorship Topic Chat is starting now! (8pm EST/7pmCST)

  3. Topic chat is starting now! 

  4. "Saying no to our loved ones" Topic chat in one hour, 2pm EST/1pm CST in the "Let's Chat" chatroom ❤️ 

  5. If you're struggling with Valentine's day, please join us in about 40 minutes (7pm EST/6pm CST) for the topic chat ❤️ 

  6. Developing a Support System Topic Chat starting in ~15 minutes (2pm EST/1pm CST)-- @Mave and I are excited to see you there!

  7. TOPIC CHAT SATURDAY: "Survivors with Disabilities" January 18, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. EST/ 1:00 p.m. CST/ 7:00 p.m. GMT

  8. TOPIC CHAT: Today at 2pm EST/1pm CST “Recognizing Cognitive Distortions.” See you all soon!!

  9. Can't wait to see everyone at the topic chat in less than an hour! (7pm EST/6pm CST) "Nurturing Your Inner Child"

  10. TOPIC CHAT WEDNESDAY: "Nurturing Your Inner Child" at 7pm EST/6pm CST

  11. TOPIC CHAT: Wednesday 7pm EST/6pm CST--"Nurturing Your Inner Child"

  12. New to AS? NEWBIE CHAT happening now in the "Let's Chat" chat room! Access is under the main AS header :)

  13. TOPIC CHAT is starting now! Coping with the Holidays

  14. Tomorrow, December 18th at 5pm EST/4pm CST is the Coping with the Holidays topic chat!! Hope to see everyone there :)

  15. Animals in my attic + PTSD = no sleep yet again. 

    1. MeBeMary


      If animals are literal or figurative, I am hoping they are gone soon and sleep returns to you.

      Sitting with you, moon. :hug: if ok.

    2. 8888


      Sorry to hear you can't sleep.  :hug:if you would like.

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