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    Reading, painting, walking, Pilates, bridge, astrology and meeting good friends for cups of tea!

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  1. Thanks very much mini.finch, MeBeMary and Poppy. I do remember your name MeBeMary. I will ask the Help Desk as you suggest 🙂
  2. Hello, I guess I am not really new as I used to be here some years ago. It is a great Forum and the support I had when I was posting really helped me. I used to be Andrea1501 but the new site didn't seem to recognise me, so now I am Andrea2603! I don't know if anyone can remember me but, if you do, please say hi. I am pretty sure I will be the oldest person here, I am 72, but if there is anyone near to me in age, it would be really nice to know that I am not the only one. I have come back because I have been feeling angry and weepy and I think it's because my present physical s
  3. Dear child me it was not your fault. You were a child, innocent. You had no understanding, no knowledge, no experience. You did not know why he did what he did. What was it? You did not know. You were only 3, only 5, only a child. Forgive yourself dear child. Deep forgiveness. Forgive your body. Let go. I love you
  4. Welcome to AS. You are not alone in your feelings
  5. Hi. welcome to AS. I hope you find the help and support you need best wishes
  6. Hello and welcome. I hope you find the listening you need here
  7. Great idea, thanks Maddison Rose. I suppose we should be wary of interpreting someone else's dream, though!
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