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    Reading, painting, bridge, walking and astrology and meeting good friends for cups of tea and cake.

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  1. Hello @Confusednotokay, welcome to After Silence. I feel sure that you will find support and understanding here. We are all survivors of sexual violence and we will be able to relate to your story, nobody will blame you. You were not to blame. Please take your time and look around the forums and I feel you will soon be aware that many of us also feel confused and very much not okay. here I hope that you will find what you need to help you heal from what has happened to you
  2. Hi @Zoe F. Welcome to the AS forum. I am sorry that you have been through such a difficult situation with your partner. I am also sorry that you didn't get support from your 'friends'. Shame is hard to deal with and does not belong to us, but needs to be placed firmly on the abusers. I hope that you will find the support and validation here that you need. Thank you for offering support, this will be needed and appreciated.
  3. hey, i just saw your response to me in Today I Feel…? and i wanted to say thank you; i forgot to send that response in the thread, and i want you to know i truly appreciate all of your words. so truly, thank you so much

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    2. markeslilja


      @Andrea1501 feeling very down today and dealing with a lot of pain. also very tired.

      how are you too?

    3. Andrea1501


      Sorry that you are feeling very down and tired. Very sorry too that you are dealing with a lot of pain.

      Do you mean emotional or physical pain, or perhaps both?

      I am doing okay, thanks for asking

    4. markeslilja


      it’s no worries, nothing new. It’s both but the physical pain is flaring recently. 

      it’s good to hear you’re doing okay!

  4. Hi @notmyrealnamexx, welcome to AS. I am sorry for what has brought you here. I am also so sorry that you are having more bad days. You are using this right and you have posted in the right place! I hope that you find the support here that you need. Everyone here will be able to understand what you are going through as a survivor of sexual violence. Thinking of you and sending you support
  5. Thanks very much mini.finch, MeBeMary and Poppy. I do remember your name MeBeMary. I will ask the Help Desk as you suggest
  6. Hello, I guess I am not really new as I used to be here some years ago. It is a great Forum and the support I had when I was posting really helped me. I used to be Andrea1501 but the new site didn't seem to recognise me, so now I am Andrea2603! I don't know if anyone can remember me but, if you do, please say hi. I am pretty sure I will be the oldest person here, I am 72, but if there is anyone near to me in age, it would be really nice to know that I am not the only one. I have come back because I have been feeling angry and weepy and I think it's because my present physical s
  7. Dear child me it was not your fault. You were a child, innocent. You had no understanding, no knowledge, no experience. You did not know why he did what he did. What was it? You did not know. You were only 3, only 5, only a child. Forgive yourself dear child. Deep forgiveness. Forgive your body. Let go. I love you
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