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  1. Have a horrible migraine & unwell, hate being ill :( 

    1. BraveOne


      Safe and gentle hugs my friend

    2. BraveOne


      Safe and gentle hugs my friend

    3. Free2Fly


      Thank u so much brave,

      my head hurt all over, gonna try to sleep it off.

      hope your doing okay & are safe too.

      safe hugs :hug: back at ya.

  2. Feeling super depressed right now... realising how S**tty the world is & the events with my family are making me fed up :( .

  3. My Story

    Safe hugs if ok? yeah he is very wrong to blame u and if he doesn't believe you then he's now worth your time thinking about friend.
  4. My Story

    Safe hugs if ok? im so sorry he gave you that dilemma, it's not your fault & it sounds like his friend is a horrible person and friend.
  5. Newbie

    Hi Dakota, welcome to as , sorry to hear you've been struggling for that long, it can be really tough but it's important to battle through.
  6. Feel so uncertain today... & im not really sure what to do with myself....

  7. long time no see

  8. long time no see

    Safe hugs if ok?
  9. existing not living....

    Safe hugs if ok?
  10. i just seen him...

    Safe hugs if ok?
  11. New member here

    Hi, welcome to as krista .
  12. At my most angriest today , I never thought someone could anger me this badly , so sorry if I ignore anyone, I'm just not in the mood right now! 

  13. Safe hugs cap if ok?