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  1. New Here, and Saying Hello

    Hi , welcome to as,
  2. Jumping In

    Hi welcome to as.
  3. Yet another weird day, my past bugging me in my head & the air is weirdly fresh...

  4. The fireworks have started and it's only 8pm so yay this should be fun for my ptsd... :( 

  5. Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  6. Christmas

    Merry Christmas Patriciag
  7. Christmas

    Merry Christmas activist.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone 🎄 

    Safe hugs :hug: too if ok?

    1. Dahliaa


      You too! Stay safe and safe hugs :hug: 

    2. Free2Fly


      Thank u :hug: , I will try to stay safe.

  9. Christmas

    Thank u , safe hugs if ok? same for you.
  10. Never Good Enough

    Your welcome
  11. Never Good Enough

    Safe hugs if ok? You do matter .
  12. Hello

    Hello , welcome to as kyla
  13. Hello, new here, this place seems nice :)

    Hello, welcome to as . hopefully with time you will find that and feel what you think is normal. the people here are very supportive yeah , it's a nice place to talk and not be judged. as for "does it ever get back to normal?" Well for me I'm not sure but I guess it all depends on what your version of normal is. anyway, welcome .
  14. My friend recommended this site

    Hi, welcome to as, I'm sorry that happened to you , people should really listen when someone says no.