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  1. Your welcome, people here are very lovely and supportive .
  2. Hey welcome to AS
  3. Not doing so good :( 

    memories are preventing me from sleeping & I feel like I am changing again.... I feel like I know longer care & almost everything around me gets to me .


    i'm so done with these Crap memories.

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    2. Free2Fly


      It's okay , thank you though :console:.


      hope your doing okay?

    3. tuliptorn
    4. Free2Fly


      Thanks tulip 🌷 

  4. Hi purples, welcome your not alone i have been through similar to you i am sorry you've had to go through these things . still if okay? free
  5. Welcome to AS Karen, sorry to hear they turned their backs on you.
  6. Your very welcome
  7. Hey, no need to be afraid everyone here are quite lovely and caring and don't judge. welcome to AS if okay?
  8. Feeling creeped out and kinda dissociating... :( 

    1. tuliptorn


      Hope you are feeling more stable now. ((((Free))))

    2. mariella47


      Hang in there free2fly!! Sending safe hugs if that's okay :hug:

    3. Free2Fly


      Hey :hug: if okay?


      Thank you @tuliptorn & @mariella47


      i am doing better cause I am no longer triggered but I am ill :ill::sneeze: so yeah currently I have a headache and feel like I am gonna throw up & I can't sleep cause I keep having flashbacks... things that I said .... things that happened and how the world have changed & how I want my attachment to him to disappear but it doesn't seem to go away... :( .


      hope your both okay.



  9. Talk to me

  10. Today is going okay it's kinda chilled out hope everyone's okay.

    :hug: if okay?

    Listening to : 


    1. LuthienTinuviel
    2. Free2Fly


      Hey how are you doing?

  11. I feel like a crap person right now :cry: 

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thanks Dante :) ,


      i am not much of an outdoor person I have a vitamin D deficiency I am on vitamin D tablets for the rest of my days :( 


      but hey its not all bad.


      i will try to... just not doing the best but I have T on Wednesday.

    3. MermaidGirl91


      Lots of safe hugs my friend.

    4. chlo


      Hugs :)

  12. New

    Safe hugs if okay? welcome to AS sasprella.
  13. Hi AJ, welcome to as there's lots of support here free
  14. Welcome to AS Jamesian
  15. Your very welcome sorry what happened to you to make you have to seek out as , if you ever wanna talk or just need a friend people on here are really friendly & I am too . hope your setting in ok. free