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  1. Having a pretty rubbish day, family arguing, feel pretty down... another day in paradise... :( 

  2. Greetings :)

    Your welcome, good luck with the finals .
  3. Greetings :)

  4. “ I Only Want To Be With You ”

  5. Hands not required.

    Yeah, I mean I've stood still and looked at the world around me and it's pretty dull and miserable... i know for me a lot of stuff has been pretty weird & ive been pretty disappointed in myself for various reasons.
  6. Hands not required.

    Your welcome cap, I think this start of the year has been rubbish for everyone.
  7. New Here, and Saying Hello

    Hi , welcome to as,
  8. Jumping In

    Hi welcome to as.
  9. Yet another weird day, my past bugging me in my head & the air is weirdly fresh...

  10. The fireworks have started and it's only 8pm so yay this should be fun for my ptsd... :( 

  11. Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  12. Christmas

    Merry Christmas Patriciag
  13. Christmas

    Merry Christmas activist.