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  1. Hope your doing okay? Safe hugs :hug: If ok?

    1. Enigma87


      Hey @Free2Fly Yes, thank you for the safe hugs :hug: & thank you for checking in on me. I’m hanging in there. Been feeling a bit disconnected lately, but I’m okay. I hope you are okay :) 

    2. Free2Fly


      Hey, no problem :) .

      Glad your hanging in there, sorry you've been feeling like that . :hug:

  2. Yeah I know of chatzy... Long story don't ask. But yeah I might check it out if I get the courage. Yeah it's worth waiting if it helps I guess, either way thank you feral.
  3. Great information @feralcat, I went to try rainn but chickened out, I mean I'm not American so I didn't know whether I could use it or not. I used to talk with Samaritans but idk... I used to worry if I told them too much.
  4. Yeah, sitting with you and listening friend
  5. Yeah the bullies drove me to have a bit of a break down it sure wears on a person. Anytime friend, remember it's okay to cry just find yourself a safe space where you can let out the negitive emotions.
  6. I'm sorry your struggling friend, I can recognise much of the pain in your words. Is it okay to sit with you and maybe offer a virtual hug if ok?
  7. Hope your doing okay today mini , safe hugs :hug:if ok?

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thank you mini, honestly right now I could use the help but I really don't think I'm worth anyone's time.

    3. Finchy


      It's worth YOUR time though, to get the help. And that's what matters most @Free2Fly. You are worth your time. You are worth other people's time, too. You're worthy. ❤️ I forget, do you have a therapist? 

    4. Free2Fly


      Thank you mini, idk sometimes.

      It's pretty hard to get a t for our kind of trauma, most only do depression or anxiety which is quite sad :(


  8. Hi, would appear they probably had to rewrite the theme for the site. Quick note on Firefox focus the side menu where login button used to be isn't there any more, maybe I missed but does seem like it's not there anymore luckily I know the url for the login page so yeah. Certainly was an interesting error 500 page though.
  9. Free2Fly


    Safe hugs If ok?
  10. Welcome back Poppy, glad to see you again
  11. Free2Fly


    Safe hugs If ok?
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