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  1. I feel like a crap person right now :cry: 

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thanks Dante :) ,


      i am not much of an outdoor person I have a vitamin D deficiency I am on vitamin D tablets for the rest of my days :( 


      but hey its not all bad.


      i will try to... just not doing the best but I have T on Wednesday.

    3. MermaidGirl91


      Lots of safe hugs my friend.

    4. chlo


      Hugs :)

  2. New

    Safe hugs if okay? welcome to AS sasprella.
  3. Hi AJ, welcome to as there's lots of support here free
  4. Welcome to AS Jamesian
  5. Your very welcome sorry what happened to you to make you have to seek out as , if you ever wanna talk or just need a friend people on here are really friendly & I am too . hope your setting in ok. free
  6. Welcome to AS beekey.
  7. Hey, welcome to AS hope you can find what you need to help your girlfriend . free
  8. Welcome to as BC
  9. Welcome to AS Beth123 , my advice make sure you read the rules just so you don't get in any trouble, & after that just get comfortable with the place . if you need anything there plenty of people to ask for help . free
  10. Welcome to AS, please forgive the late welcoming , I missed your post ,
  11. Hi

    Welcome to AS
  12. Welcome to AS @limetree
  13. Hey welcome to AS Diann. i am sure you will always have a voice here.
  14. So recently I have been quite absent from myself or disconnected rather can't really understand why, I just feel so out of character like someone else is taking my place while I watch days go by.


    i am also struggling with I guess I could say they were feelings or urges one of the two.


    anyway can anyone relate or maybe give some advice?

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    2. Free2Fly


      Aww :). Thank you :blush:

      i appreciate it so much.


      hope your doing okay too :up:



    3. Painnbroken


      You're very welcome! I'm doing okay thank you for asking :)

    4. Free2Fly


      :) glad to hear it . :hug: 

  15. Want to cry but all I can do is laugh instead of crying... kinda feel like I am going insane. :( 

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    2. Free2Fly


      Oh... ok...

    3. limbodante


      I don't mean that harshly. Just relax. Don't think good or bad or "it should be some other way." Just enjoy a good laugh, there are all sorts of physiological benefits to a good belly laugh :)

    4. Free2Fly


      Ok , thanks limbo :)