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  1. Hey Bella!!!  It's been so long!!! I have thought of you many many times. I hope you are ok. 🐎🌸🌷

  2. Welcome krd26, AS is the place to go to when in need. Hope you will find it helpful😊
  3. Hi

    Hi Tami, welcome!! ☺
  4. Hi strugglin88, thankyou!! I clearly remember you. Hope life has been treating you good!!
  5. Thanks mebemary, I found them😀
  6. Hi oceanwaves, thankyou so much! I'm hoping too it won't be overwhelming. 😊
  7. Thankyou MeBeMary😊 just a question for you, there is a lot of content that has gone missing, would you know why?
  8. I apologize, I just found my old content 😆
  9. Hello everyone. It's been three years since I've been here. It got too overwhelming so I had to give myself a break, what a long break😅. I have popped in a couple of times but, nah, still wasnt ready. I'm gonna try to give it another go, so if I disappear again you know why. I can't believe it's had a facelift and all my previous conversations and followers list has disappeared. I'm really hoping to come across some oldies and am looking forward to meet new people. Ok then, breathe in and let's get moving, lol!!!
  10. seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. seek the path that demands your whole being.

  11. "Trust the wisdom of your soul. It knows the way"

  12. Washed my long hair, it can be a big job sometimes :-)
  13. Welcome to AS, I hope you find all the help you need.
  14. ((((((mariella))))))))

  15. Welcome back :-)