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  1. Hi, I'm new

    Welcome to After Silence @Jo Maria. Take the time you need to look around and post when you're ready. I'm happy to say that I've seen so many people here that are supportive and kind and helpful. It's a great group here and we all heal at our own pace.
  2. New to AS

    Welcome to AS @BrokenMD. It can be scary to join a site like this for the first time. I hope that the feeling of being overwhelmed decreases over time as you find your way around here. The Newbie Support Team is here to help you do that if you need that. No pressure or judgment here My suggestions for what to do next would be to look over the forum headings and descriptions to see which one(s) you are drawn to. Read a bit of the topics and see what inside you needs to be addressed. Here are some examples: If you are struggling with flashbacks and/or nightmares, the Aftermath is the best place to post. If you are needing support, the Gathering Place is the section best for that. Telling your story is always up to you and no one should push you to do so but if you want to, once you reach 10 posts (you have 3 right now), you'll be able to access the Share Your Story section. Best wishes to you on your path to healing and remember, you are not alone!
  3. Hello

    Welcome to AS @A new leaf I am glad you found us. I also find it easy to share my story when others show courage to share their own stories. I wish you comfort as you ease into this forum that is home to many supportive and welcoming people.
  4. New here

    Welcome to AS @Janeway9 I hope this site helps you feel less isolated after what you've gone through. Best wishes to you and lots of support
  5. New Here

    Hi @GrayLady welcome to After Silence! I'm sorry for the trauma that happened to you and that you're struggling with coping. Healing from this takes its time and is not the same for everyone. Sometimes it seems we are moving forward steadily and sometimes we are at a stand-still. No one will judge you for your story, each person's story is as unique as the snowflakes that fall. The main thing is that you were sadly hurt and all we all want is to heal. This forum is a very supportive place to connect with other survivors. I do hope that in this time you will find some healthy ways to cope.
  6. Welcome to After Silence! I am so sorry about what you've endured, you've had it rough. I'm happy you've decided to join AS and not carry all of this on your own anymore. I'm also glad you were able to share your past with your husband. This is a very supportive, non-judgmental and caring place for survivors from all backgrounds. You'll find you're not alone. After so much trauma, it's easy to lose sight of who we are. I hope that soon you will come to know yourself and that healing will come to you. Best wishes to you as you heal.
  7. Thinking you and your daughter. Hope everything is good.  Hugs to you both

    1. fallenstar


      Hugsss thank you! She's doing well :)

  8. New here

    Welcome to AS @TinaM. It's great to hear you have a good life despite what you have sadly been through. You are in the right place for support and connecting!
  9. New here and so honoured to join

    Welcome Sandy! I am glad you feel you are going forward toward safety and feel open to ask questions and to share. We are here for you.
  10. Answer to unprayed prayer

    Hi @Tanyse welcome to this wonderful support forum for survivors. I'm sorry you need a place like this yet glad you found us. It is a safe place to share with others and give/seek support. Best wishes to you!
  11. Thinking of you and your daughter tomorrow :hug:

    1. fallenstar


      Thank you!! :hug:

  12. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to AS Martina! I'm sorry you've had multiple traumas and suffer mental illness along with dealing with that. You'll find you're definitely not alone in that here. We have a good forum for Psychological Well-Being if you would like to discuss the impact of your disorders and we also have an Eating Disorders forum for support. I'm really glad you found this site. Like others have said, it's very supportive here and no one judges anyone for their story or their coping mechanisms because we get it. Wishing you the best!
  13. So It's Been A Long Time...

    Hi @OmegaWolf welcome back! I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling lost and that things are financially so rough right now. AS is always here for you as long as you need. if okay
  14. New here, hoping that this can help me feel less isolated

    Hi and welcome to AS! I'm so sorry for what happened to you and that your trauma counseling hasn't been helping as much as you need it to. I hope that you joining this support forum helps you feel less alone. You're among people who are compassionate and kind. Wishing you all the best on your path to healing!
  15. Hey new here.

    Hi and welcome to AS! I'm sorry you had a rough time that landed you in the hospital. Glad though that you're back out and you are able to post Yes, changing your username is fixable. If you post in the Help Desk an admin or board moderator can help you with this issue. AS is a forum that is very supportive, caring, respectful and non-judgmental. I wish you all the best in your healing!