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  1. Hi @charlie87 and welcome to AS I'm sorry for what you've been through, no one should have to need a site like this. You are right, having support from a community like this will be helpful, it has been for me. There's lots of support here and many many kind and caring members. Take the time you need to look around here and post when you are ready. I wish you all the best as you begin to heal from your trauma.
  2. Welcome @Miny, I'm saddened to hear how you've been treated by others. You won't find that here, as others here have said. You're among fellow survivors and friends.
  3. Welcome @LeChuck. Your English is fine, you made no mistakes I'm sorry you experienced childhood sexual abuse. I also did and also recently began to remember it. You are not alone. Many people here can relate to this and many here deal with anxiety and depression as well. You're in the right place for healing and support.
  4. Welcome @purples! Glad to have you with us though I'm sorry you need to be here. We welcome all gender identities here, we have a section for Transgender survivors under the Survivor Connections if you are interested, and of course the rest of the forum.
  5. Hi Karen, welcome! I'm glad someone told you about this forum, it has been a great source of support for many members here including myself. I am sorry that you have traumatic memories from your childhood, I also am recovering mine. It's not easy to deal with the emotions that are stirred up when remembering, finally. Really glad to hear you are in remission I'm sorry that you don't have a good support network in your family - I can also relate to that. It can be very difficult to know that you cannot talk about your pain to the people who should want to be there and support you. I have found a new family here on this site. I wish the best for you as you navigate this forum, hopefully you will find exactly what you are seeking here.
  6. Hello and welcome to AS @Hecate, I am glad that you decided to post. I'm sorry for what brought you here and hoping the best for you as you heal.
  7. Welcome to AS @Created2Thrive I like the username you chose Glad you were able to break the ice in posting your first post here, it's understandably difficult to search for a place like this, to join AND to post. Well done Happy that you took your time, hopefully you will feel the support that this board has to offer.
  8. Welcome to After Silence, @Jiamarie. I am sorry you've been through so much and hope you soon feel at ease here once you get a good look around. Best wishes on your healing!
  9. Hi @someone934 welcome to After Silence, like everyone said, there's a lot of support to be had here. Best wishes on your journey to healing! You are not alone.
  10. Welcome to AS @nothingtoseehere! Sounds like a challenge to have a fulfilling career and having to deal with trauma with barely any time to see your T. I'm glad you found us, you will find lots of support here
  11. Hi @j.holiday and welcome to AS. Sorry you are struggling. Many people here can relate to not being able to disclose our trauma. Hope you will feel comfortable here to share when you're ready, there will be no judgement just caring and support and kindness.
  12. Welcome @sca. It can take a lot to speak up so way to go on joining and posting this! I'm sorry that you need to be here. As PB said, take your time, get a feel for the site and post only when ready. No pressure.
  13. Hello @Izz welcome! I'm sorry for what you went through. This is a safe and supportive site for survivors to do exactly what you're seeking. We have sections for everything you are struggling with: Psychological Well-Being, Eating Disorders, Self Harm, and Relationships & Sexuality. Best wishes in your recovery and I look forward to seeing you around the board
  14. Welcome, Mary. Sorry you are feeling stuck and isolated right now. Hopefully the three weeks left will fly by. Take your time to get comfortable here and post when you are ready. No pressure
  15. Hi @AmazonianPrincess welcome to AS! I'm sorry you are struggling and that you were recently assaulted. Wish there were more support groups available but so glad to have this place. Like everyone has said, AS is filled with supportive people and this site is designed to keep survivors safe with great moderation done daily. We are here to answer any questions you may have along the way.