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  1. Hey there! Just checking in šŸ˜„

  2. Newbie

    Welcome to AS @l3anne. We're here for you if you have any questions
  3. Noob here, first post

    Hi @Lwaxana welcome to AS. I'm sorry for what brought you here. I wish you peace and comfort
  4. Hi i am new

    Hi @Molly125 welcome to AS! Hope you find what you're looking for here
  5. Hello!

    Welcome to AS @caligirl99 I'm sorry that you got such responses from disclosing what happened to you. We believe you and we support you!
  6. *Wave

    Hi RJ
  7. I'm back

    Welcome back @tgdouglas11 Good for you for starting law school! That is huge. I am sorry though that your PTSD is 'reactivated', I found that similar things happened when I went back to school years ago. I'm glad you reached out here. Hoping that you will feel self-empowerment by deciding to help yourself at this time. You're stronger than you think!
  8. New here

    Welcome to After Silence, @cunixdr I am sorry for what happened to you. Please know that you don't have to disclose if/when you are not ready to. Sometimes just sitting amongst other people who 'get it' is enough for a while. You are welcome to do what is best for you to heal, whether it's posting or lurking until you feel ready to post. I wish you all the best.
  9. Hello there

    Welcome to AS @Rhiannon-rhi I'm sorry you're dealing with so much stress, anxiety and depression. This is a great place to share with others who understand and support each other.
  10. New member here

    Hi @Krista21 welcome to AS. I'm sorry for what happened to bring you here. This is a great place to find people who get it. You are not alone. Sending you lots of support!
  11. New

    Hi Suzanne and welcome to AS. I'm very sorry about what happened to you. I'm glad you found After Silence. It's a nice community here. There are many caring and supportive people here. Take your time to look around the site and post when you feel ready and comfortable
  12. Hoping to start healing

    Welcome to AS @ItsMeV, I'm sorry to hear you've needed to suppress for so long, it is very difficult. I am glad you have 3 people who know, but it's completely understandable you want to reach out more to people who do know what it's like. When you reach 10 posts, you will have access to the Share Your Story forum. I wish you peace and healing and plenty of support!
  13. New to the group-looking to talk.

    Hi @ASnow welcome. I'm so sorry about what your grandfather did to you. Dissociation has helped me, too. Can also relate to not remembering for many years things that happened and wanting to remember. Some things have come back but not all. I'm glad you found this site because you'll find that you're not alone, and there is so much support and kindness here. Best wishes to you!
  14. Hiya!

    Hi @ShawnaB welcome! I hope you will find the support you need here. It can be scary to face trauma; it is easier when you know you're not alone. Take your time to look around the forums and post when you're ready
  15. Hey, Iā€™m a newbie

    Welcome @PTSD_RyujiSakamoto I'm glad you found AS on recommendation. I'm sorry for what happened to you as a child. It is very confusing especially when another child is involved. I'm not sure if you happened to see, but there is a topic for this under Sexual Assault: Different Types forum. I have also gone through it, the other was also a female. Don't have full memories yet, have lots of dissociative amnesia for childhood, but like you, I didn't know it was abuse for most of my life. Wishing you healing and plenty of support through this.