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  1. Hi welcome back @beyondthismoment I remember you, of course. That's awesome you're getting a Master's degree! Take as much time as you need to settle in here. We're here for you whenever you need support.
  2. Hi welcome to After Silence! This site has been like a second home when I need it for six years now. So many people here are very supportive, caring, and helpful. I think I will keep coming back to this site for a very long time (probably as long as this will be online). Hope you find what you're looking for. Wishing you the best on your healing journey, the staff here do a wonderful job keeping this a safe place.
  3. Hey @chant2012 nice to see you back. I'm sorry you had such difficulties that took you from here but glad you took the time to take care of yourself. Sorry you're struggling currently. It's always good to have a safe place to come back to, like a chosen home (AS). Welcome back
  4. Like i just wrote in the Random Thought Dump thread, im not myself much lately anymore to be here on AS, this is my reason for not posting/replying to anyone. The alters/parts/insiders have been taking care of me and only i can post here, so i just wanted to explain. Sorry about my absence. Just wanted to say i appreciate those who have private messaged me, i just have not been able to reply because its not been me. And wont be me for a while. My alters will be blogging, but thats about all i can do for idk how long. Im sorry and i wish u all well until im well enough to be back to the me you know. Thx ~ fallenstar

    1. MeBeMary


      No need to feel sorry. Sometimes dealing with our issues means more time on the site, sometimes less. As long as you realize we are here for you when you need it and are able to reach out.  You are not alone, as I'm sitting with you, even if you haven't asked. :hug: to you, if ok. 

    2. josiel


      :ditto: No worries, star! :hug:


  5. Thank you for sharing that you understand, Annie, and i am sorry that you really do from personal experience. Not to sound creepy but i wish we could meet in person. I know that Angela has expressed this before. The unfortunate thing about being Canadian on a mostly American board means we can never meet anyone from here. Hang in there, Annie, you were put on this earth for a greater purpose than what you have been through. - Ashley
  6. Hi @beautifullymended and welcome to AS. Awesome choice in username by the way I'm sorry you've experienced trauma. This board has always been a supportive and warm place to come back to for me. I hope you find the same.
  7. Oh ok thanks for letting me know @SilentBird. Sometimes these technical things are tough to sort through, I guess.
  8. Hi, I've tried to upload pictures to posts on my android. Would I need to use a computer to do this? I have the option 'Choose Files' and I'm able to select the one I want, but it does not save it on my post. Is there another way to do this? Thanks
  9. On the one hand, I'm a crazy mix of uncontrolled un-dealt with emotions. On the other, I'm flatlined. I never make sense. I'm hopeful and hopeless. I don't know how to fix me.

    1. MeBeMary


      The truest contradiction of life. You are supported.   :hug: to you.

    2. fallenstar


      Thanks Mary!! :hug:for you too!

    3. MeBeMary
  10. Just wanted to say it is nice to see you around the board again. Thinking of you!

    1. fallenstar


      Thanks and hi nice to see you too😊 

      I'm taking it easier on myself here (hopefully everywhere). Nice to see familiar people and familiar warmth here

    2. wishinuponastar


      :) it is good that you are taking it easy on yourself, you really deserve it. I understand what you mean :) 

  11. Just wanted to pop in and say I was thinking of you. Hope you are making it through and know that many here care for you. ((((Hugs)))))

    1. Annie7


      thinking of you too 

  12. hi I am new to this sight and really do not know where to go to be able to share listen and chat with other survivors

    1. wishinuponastar


      Good afternoon,

      I just happened to see your post and wanted to see if I could help a bit. There are many sections on AS where you can share. We have sections like "Gathering Place" where you can get support, "Aftermath" where you can share about you struggles with nightmares, flashbacks, etc., we have a humor section where we post silly things or simple life where you can share what is going on with your life. We also have "Share Your Story" where you can post your story. Also, we have a chat room, link for chat: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?/chat/

      For the Chat Room and the Share Your Story, you must have at least 10 posts in order to access them. To see how many posts you have, you can view your content count which is below/beside your image on your profile.

      I hope that this offers so help. Please let myself or any other section mods, newbie support or moderators know if you have any additional questions. Welcome to AS :)

    2. dlaugh123


      thank you so much

  13. Hi welcome to After Silence! I'm sorry you need to be here....this is a very warm and supportive forum. I go through hesitation as well but the more I see how members here help validate others, the safer I felt to post. Hope you find comfort here.
  14. Taking care of some things at home tonight. Be back tomorrow in full form!

    1. Iheartcupcakes


      Take care of yourself :throb:    :hug:

    2. wishinuponastar


      We have to take care of ourselves. Get what you need done and we will be here. :)

    3. patriciag


      :hug:Take care, and  sense I am late seeings this, glad you back in full form :throb: