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  1. Welcome back to AS @marivdb. So sorry you need to be back here but I'm glad you are seeking support. We are here for you!
  2. Hi @Soatsaki firstly, welcome to AS! Your birthday is successfully hidden as I don't see it. Your birth date is only visible to the Moderators and Administration staff on After Silence. This post can clarify things for you. Hope this is helpful
  3. Hi LilyB70 welcome! I'm glad you feel you're in the right place The Share Your Story forum is accessible when you reach a total of 10 posts made, whether you start a topic or reply to a topic. I can understand the need to share and connect, and it's easy to reach 10 posts. I see that you've got 3 posts made already so only a few more to go. One area of the board you can post a lot while getting a feel for this site is if you like games, you can post in Humor and Silliness forum. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me or any member of the Newbie Support Team
  4. Welcome to AS, @Bird Song, glad you found us. You can post when you are ready and share what you're comfortable with sharing. We're here to support you on this journey to healing.
  5. Welcome @mousie41,
  6. Hi @mishaboo welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry you suffered so much by people who should've been loving toward you. So glad you have spirituality helping you through this! We're glad to have you and we are here to support and listen.
  7. Welcome @fraidyfreida you are in the right place. Glad to have you with us. Wishing you peace and comfort and lots of support through this!
  8. Yes, patronizing is definitely the right word for it. Hate that you had to hear that sentence too my sister only said it once but she doesn't need to say it more. It replays in my head. I think you have a good theory - it makes sense. And you're right that it's selfish to say you're lying just so your mom can save face. Glad to have you here
  9. Welcome to AS @PleaseBelieveMe! I am sorry you are struggling with these questions. They are so difficult. Much about the lack of support from loved ones as well as the assault/abuse itself is pretty much impossible to understand. I had told one of my sisters a small vague reference to something I remembered our father did to me, her response was: "I believe you believe that it's true" yet she talks to me and I just don't talk about that stuff. I don't accept that she thinks I am lying, I am hoping though that eventually she might believe me. It hurts, absolutely! Wish I had some answers for you, just know you are not alone and you are believed here. Lots of support headed your way!
  10. Hey

    Hi @Shaunie and welcome! I'm so sorry for what you've experienced. Seeking professional help is a good idea. It's been of great help to me and many others here. So glad you found AS, this place has become my family. If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to message any of the Newbie Support Team, we are happy to help
  11. Welcome @TattooedTeacher to AS. I am sorry you have been treated cruelly so recently. You'll find a lot of understanding here that is hard to find elsewhere. I do hope that therapy has been helpful (it is for me personally) and I relate to using creative means to cope. We have a section here called Healing Through Creativity you might like to check out.
  12. Hi and welcome to AS @pahatfi. I am sorry for your recent loss and that you endured csa. I hope you have supports in your life, and this forum is an amazing source of support for many survivors who've sought it over the years.
  13. Hi @Healingtz welcome. I'm sorry for what you've endured and I'm glad you found us. I hope schooling is going well, it is always impressive to me when survivors choose careers that are helping others. It can be hard when you have unresolved trauma, my bit of advice is to be kind to yourself, you deserve that!
  14. Hi and welcome @Alimanu! You are definitely not alone and this forum is judgement-free. We are here to give and receive support. Many good blessings your way
  15. Hi @Winnifred welcome to AS. Like others said, drunk or not, no one had the right to assault you! Whether or not they remember what they did does not erase the fact that they did it. I am so sorry. It is normal to 'bury' it for some time so you can continue to function. When things start to settle, it comes back up, almost like an obsession. This is also normal. I am glad you joined. I hope you are in touch with a rape crisis center or an equivalent to help you work through things. Hoping the best for you as you heal from this.