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  1. Hi @Winnifred welcome to AS. Like others said, drunk or not, no one had the right to assault you! Whether or not they remember what they did does not erase the fact that they did it. I am so sorry. It is normal to 'bury' it for some time so you can continue to function. When things start to settle, it comes back up, almost like an obsession. This is also normal. I am glad you joined. I hope you are in touch with a rape crisis center or an equivalent to help you work through things. Hoping the best for you as you heal from this.
  2. Hi @Confusedfred welcome to AS. I am sorry for the trauma you endured. Everyone here is at different stages of healing and a lot of us are dealing with things that happened many years ago. You're in the right place.
  3. Welcome to AS @Ravenclaw_nerd, I am so sorry you were assaulted as a young child and that your parents blame you...that makes zero sense to me but it is unfortunately very common I am glad that your friend suggested you come here for support. This forum is very supportive and warm and no one here will ever blame you for what happened to you.
  4. Welcome to After Silence @eludf7! I am sorry you were assaulted months ago. When I first called a rape crisis line, I told them straight up I had no idea what I was doing or how to talk, just that I needed to talk to someone who understands. Every little step counts. I'm glad you joined this forum. There are so many lovely people who are supportive here. Hope you will find comfort and support here
  5. I am so sorry this happened to you but I am glad to know you're getting counselling and decided to join this site. What happened to you was not your fault and you have every right to your feelings. PTSD can be difficult but it can be managed easier with the counselling you're doing, you have someone who you can talk to who probably knows about all the long term effects. I wish you support and comfort.
  6. @LoveMyCat, I am sorry for what you been through. I understand the feelings of being alone, scared and depressed after such types of assault. I am hoping that soon you will be able to live your life outside your room again and you can heal. This is a safe site to be with lots of amazing folks who can relate.
  7. Hi @Emptyness welcome! I am so saddened for what happened to your daughter. I'm glad you found a place where you can help understand what she's going through, how it's affected her, so you can support her better. This is a great step for you (and for her). Thank you for being a caring loving mom to her. I am hoping that by being here, it can help you sort out your feelings, too. You are suffering, too, I wish you weren't. I hope it gets better and you and your daughter can get closer. Wishing you all the best.
  8. @Hybrid0 you did the right thing. Way to go on breaking your long silence...you can be free of holding on to those horrible memories to yourself now. This site is the safest place I've felt in a very long time.
  9. @0123 i am sorry for what brought you here. Can understand how hard it can be to reach out but am super glad you are able to post here. I also understand not feeling you can talk to friends and family about it. Makes a lot of sense to me. I wish you comfort and healing and safety.
  10. @Hopenlight Welcome! Can I first say that I like your screen name? It's uplifting. I am very sorry for all you've endured. Glad though that you are finding your voice and coming here to share and support. It's common to find it difficult to start but take a look around the site, become familiarized with it as you go. There's no obligation in sharing your story or how to, that is completely up to you. Some here don't share their story for months or years and that is okay. You can heal, and you deserve community support.
  11. Welcome @Lucille. I'm sorry you were assaulted 8 years ago. I can relate to pushing it away and trying to move on, only for it all to come rushing back at another time. When this happened, I reached out to a rape counselling center for women. It started to help me put words to what happened (other than the police report which I'd done when in shock) and begin to feel. One valuable thing I've learned in healing from this is to be patient with your progress. Sometimes it seems you're not getting anywhere, or it's getting worse, but then there are those precious times when you feel your own strength and have the confidence in yourself that you should have. After Silence has been an incredibly supportive and validating place that feels safe to share what happened among people who "get it" and will never tell you to "get over it".
  12. Welcome back @Lilshakira, there's lots of support here for you
  13. Hi @Datingwoes welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the pain that brought you here. Wishing you all the best as you heal.
  14. Hi there and welcome. I'm so glad you found this site to talk about what happened. Remembering things years after they happened is really hard. Self doubt is unfortunately very common. I hope you find the support you are looking for
  15. Welcome, I am sorry that this is a difficult time for you. The aftermath can be really hard. You're among people who are supportive and caring. Sometimes reading of other survivors' stories and being able to say "me too" helps to break that feeling of being alone. Our stories are unique and the way we all deal with the abuse/assault(s) can be varied, but we all have something in common. We are all strong survivors who deserve peace, healing, and kindness. I wish that to you.