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  1. I and many others vehemently disagree. So sorry you’re feeling this...sitting with you... DBNB
  2. ((((((teleah))))) sitting with you wherever your memories take you
  3. DamagedButNotBroken


    I have no words teleah. There are no words. My heart is broken in a million pieces for 10 year old you, and for adult you. Sitting with you. (((((((teleah))))))
  4. ((((((((((TC))))))))))) ((((((((teleah)))))))) I understand this very very well and I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Sitting with you. DBNB
  5. DamagedButNotBroken


    oh teleah this is heartbreaking. Sending safe hugs to you and to Nodak. Sitting with you, DBNB
  6. The person who is not worthy in this situation is your father. And it sounds like your step-father treats you as an adult who is an equal, whereas your sister still gets treated like a child. This is because YOU grew into a strong capable adult. Still, I understand your hurt. You were hurting and this man you wished had been your father chose to commiserate and not comfort.. Teleah deserves comfort from her friends and loved ones, so ((((((((Teleah))))))). Teleah is worthy and deserving. I cannot say the same for your father. HE was not worthy of a daughter like you. Sitting
  7. Sitting with you, so sad for little teleah. We all want to think that our abusive parents were more than that. Our little selves want heroes to look up to. They want to be helpful. They had to dissociate to feel like they had parents who were like other kids' parents. So it's very hard to be unified in understanding that some of them are more monster than parent. I am so sorry that you are going through this, it is emotional torture. For me, the hardest part is making peace between the parts of me who want to be the good helpful child for my father—the ones who are loyal—and the ones who
  8. You are not a bad mother--you are doing your best in an extremely difficult situation. Your daughter will eventually understand. Sending safe hugs, DBNB
  9. teleah it sounds like your mother did what she always did regarding you, and regarding anyone else in her family, really. She used your sister to divide you, because if the two of you banded together, you would have been a threat to the control she had over the family. And if you trusted your sister and if your sister was an affirming part of your life, the two of you might have had a relationship which would have been one more thing that your mother would be both jealous and enraged about. She had more power with you divided in your corners. Your mother could have said anything about your sis
  10. We are hard-wired as human beings to think the best of our parents. They are our role models, they are our world, they are like gods to little kids. Also, since it was clear that your father was not going to take care of your mother, SOMEONE had to. Also, it seems that your mother was truly incapable of caring about anyone but herself. What I think is perhaps the most important thing to focus on in all of this is not how capable they were of gaslighting you (the power dynamic combined with the horrible combination of narcissistic/borderline mother and predatory father would have been too much
  11. sitting with you, in the forest if that's what it takes. DBNB
  12. I'm so sorry teleah. HE was the impure one. You did not choose him. (((((teleah)))))
  13. Desperately wanting you to throw something at the truck. I always will do what I can to help you out if this cursed forest. You are not alone-- (((((((((()teleah))))))))))
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