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  1. Triggerwaring! Power rape A rape situation, identified by Groth, in which the assailant seeks to establish power and control over his victim. Thus, the amount of force and threats used depends on the degree of submission shown by the victim. go on reading here: https://quizlet.com/61389018/chapter-12-glossery-sexual-assault-flash-cards/
  2. Hi Riinee, great you found us here. Yeah, speaking out can be a excellent help. And yeah, you are not alone. A warm, kind welcome from me to you. Greetings, S..A.I.
  3. Getting free (ok let´s say more free)!!


  4. Go on ; fighting! Wish you stengh S.A.I.
  5. Warm welcome from me to you, too. Greetings, S.A.I:
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