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  1. Trying to Help after the Rape Kit

    When I had my kit done 20 years ago it was two days afterwards so I wasn't wearing the exact clothing however I did bring both my bra & panties with me. These were put into the kit. As others have said before having clean, comfortable, non-sexy underwear would be a great thing. After undergoing all that's involved with the exam a survivor doesn't have the capacity to think much beyond just trying to get through each moment. The hoodie idea is a great thing too which can give a sense of being less visible. AND sunglasses! If you're in a hot weather environment I would guess that it's likely to be sunny a lot of the time? What better way to be able to shield any residual fear than being behind sunglasses. Finally, drawstrings would be helpful too for the pants so they can be adjusted accordingly. And as others have said - neutral colors and not super high quality as these will never be worn again. Ever.
  2. My deepest, darkest secret.

    I'm so sorry that this happened to you and that you've been holding in this secret for so long. Sending healing thoughts and safe hugs if ok.
  3. @cirrus welcome. I'm sure one of the mods will also reply to this post. As far as telling your story - there is a My Story section that opens after you've posted or responded at least 10 times. I'm fairly new here too so that section opened for me within the past month or so. I've spent some time here looking around and just getting myself acquainted with where things are for a while first before posting my story. There are lots of threads available for a lot of other things before the My Story opens up. Also, as you've already seen above if your story is triggering then be sure to tag it with tw or trigger warning so folks know to take care when clicking!