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  1. I have an increasingly abusive sister...

  2. Angry as hell...

    I am as angry as hell. Claire stole my Dartmoor walking and this is totally unacceptable and in forgivable. Claire had no business forcing her way past my mother and into my spare bedroom where I was minding my own business. Just because Claire is bi-polar and gets 'high' she has no business taking it out on me. I demand a re-trial! It just forced it's way into my bedroom to verbally abuse me to try and make itself feel better ruining my Dartmoor walking and then buggered off again. No thought for anyone else what so ever! It did it again on the morning of 16th December 1998 the day of my 23rd birthday. I was set up in Selina car to be verbally abused by Claire ruining my home life and subjecting me to nearly 20 years of mental torment and torture. Do I sound a bit petty and mental? Claire is petty and mental! Give me back my Dartmoor walking!
  3. Unwritten..

    Really very rather angry today.. I was told that in order for the main sexual abuse perpetrator to her job I would have to be subjected to a child porn scam to make out that I am the paedophile and not the perpetrator. The sexual abuse perpetrator would lose her 'take home pay' if the Police didn't set up a child porn scam and blame me for it. I am really rather annoyed...
  4. Really, need a cure for my brain...

    1. MeBeMary


      I'm sorry it's been so hard. Wishing for peace to come to you (and your brain).  :hug: if ok.

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you MeBeMary for your kind words. Most appreciated! ((((Safe Hugs)))) to you too!!


  5. A cure for my brain...

  6. Through adversity to the stars...

  7. Thanks for letting me know Free2fly.
  8. Hi, Would anyone know how to post a cover photo to your profile. I'm not sure if its me or the system playing up? Thanks.
  9. The souls that burn will twist and turn, and find you in the dark no matter where you run....

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    2. Stephenjames


      Come September by Natalie Imbruglia.

    3. Annie7



    4. LuthienTinuviel


      That is beautiful rapha

  10. Who sabotaged my career in the Royal Air Force?

    1. Stephenjames


      It was Melanie Graham....


    2. Stephenjames


      I could have joined The Royal Air Force, I feel sure...

  11. My personal Holloway....

    1. Stephenjames


      Claire G needs to be locked up!


    2. Stephenjames


      I do believe Claire G will be locked up!... its only a matter of time...

  12. Never give up on your dreams!

  13. Happy Birthday Annie!! Hope you have a great day!!


    1. Annie7


       xx thank you that made my day Rapha! :throb:

  14. Wish I was bright!

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    2. Painnbroken


      You are bright and I agree with Annie.  

    3. Stephenjames


      Thank you Painnbroken very kind of you! :)


    4. Painnbroken


      You're welcome but I am only speaking the truth Rapha. Hang in there.  :)

  15. The unnatural evil lurking behind the walls :( ....

    1. Annie7


      oh yes ;(