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  1. Subjected to an abuse ritual by my sister (and her friends)..... incest?

  2. Intolerable cruelty...

  3. I never saw it coming...

  4. I'm trapped living in the past...

  5. I live in the past...

  6. Any news on the new chatroom?

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    2. Stephenjames


      Thanks for replying to my post @Capulet. Would be nice to see the chat room back up and running. 

    3. Capulet


      @Stephenjames - I might have spoken too soon but honestly didn't know that our admins had a little something up their sleeves. :)  Something was set up last night that you may be interested in hearing about. 


      This is, of course, not a guarantee that chat will return - but it is somewhat of an update as well as something we're going to try.  

    4. Stephenjames


      Hi @Capulet thank you very much for the heads-up with regards the new feature for donations to After Silence. I will be donating to the After Silence fund, I love the work that you do and think its an excellent idea! Hopefully we will see a new chat room as you say. Thank you once again, regards.  

  7. I'm so angry I think my blood might curdle...

  8. Through adversity to the stars...

  9. Once they get their claws into you, they don't let go...

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  11. Feeling really rather ill...

  12. Claire G** is a danger to me...

  13. They tortured me..

  14. Melanie G***** is a danger to me...

  15. I'm so sorry. What you went through was so terrible. OCD is so hard to deal with and then add all this on and it feels unbearable. How are you still managing? You gotta be special. I hope things get better soon. Here for you, Safe hugs if ok

    1. Stephenjames


      Thank you @elisand for your kind words to my post. Yes, OCD can be a very debilitating condition that is hard to find and answers too. I hope I can find solutions to a great many problems. Safe hugs to you too, if ok.  

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