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  1. ...before time came and took our dreams away...

  2. The souls that burn will twist and turn and find you in the dark no matter where you run...

  3. ...and one day we'll see the light.

  4. They got in my way...

    I wanted to join the RAF and become a fighter pilot but a mental case got in my way.... Still trying to fight for justice against the Social Services, the health service, the Police, the department for education, the tourrete rapist, the diseased turd etc.. the list goes on and on.... Still can't quite fathom out how to get solicitor on my side so I can fight for justice and compensation... Need to get the Tourette rapist and diseased turd out of my head and system... I need stop the constant harassment and verbal abuse from the social services... Need to put the Tourette rapists child porn scam in front of the crown court to clear my name.... It's been 26 years since I was able to get a good nights sleep...I really need a break....
  5. Is time travel possible?...

    1. Free2Fly


      I don't think so but if it was it would only be to all the rubbish times. 

  6. Where did it all go wrong?...

  7. You would have studied and got all your GCSE's.. but that's life and that tough! (...unknown Social Worker)

  8. I didn't deserve to be mistreated like that...

    1. MeBeMary


      No you don't. :( Sitting with you, if it helps.

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you @MeBeMary, for your kind words.


  9. Girl at the end of the world...

  10. I was betrayed...


  11. Through adversity to the stars...

  12. It's a terrible thing to live in fear...

    1. Annie7


      yes it truly is ;(

  13. Through adversity to the stars...

  14. My Father & Sister scalped me... 

    1. MeBeMary


      Shame on them for not being the family members you deserve. :hug: if ok.

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you @MeBeMary for you kind words. (((((Safe hugs)))))


  15. Where did it all go wrong??