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  1. Welcome to AS, @Helianthus! I'm glad you found your way here and reached out. You will find a lot of very awesome and supportive people here. You're not alone anymore. I'm sorry for whatever you went through. It was undeserved and very much not your fault. I hope that your being here will help you on your path towards healing. Sending you tons of support and well wishes. ❤️ -Finch
  2. Hello and welcome to AS, @WolfMoon! I'm glad that you found your way here and decided to post. You'll meet a lot of very kind and supportive people, as you've already noticed (hooray!). I'm so sorry for whatever you've been through. None of it was deserved, and none of it was your fault. Please know that. You are strong and can definitely help yourself, BUT it takes help from other people, too, in order to heal. Which is why reaching out here was such a great thing that you've done. Do you have a therapist? I highly suggest getting one if you don't already have one. Therapy can help imm
  3. Welcome to AS @BlessedWithaVoice. I also really like your username. It's lovely and so true. You have a voice you've been blessed with, and you are now using it, which is great. Using your voice will help you to heal. 22 years is definitely enough! It takes a lot of time, and everyone is different, for when they decide to start healing. I'm proud of you. I'm so sorry for what you've been through. It sounds like a lot, far too much for anyone to handle. You didn't deserve any of it, and it wasn't your fault. I want to tell you that you aren't broken. You are injured, and injuries heal. Y
  4. Sending safe hugs (if ok) and cookies to everyone in need. ❤️ 🍪

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    2. mini.finch


      @Free2Fly You're welcome, Free. ❤️ I'm sorry to hear that this year hasn't been so great so far. I am sending you positive vibes and best wishes!!

      @MeBeMary Happy to be of service, Mary. :hug:

    3. Free2Fly


      @mini.finchthank you, it's been a down on all aspects, hopefully spring time will bring brighter days. Hope everything is going okay on the other side of the ocean.

      Safe hugs :hug: back if ok?

    4. Doll6
  5. Welcome to AS @DwindlingFlame. I'm glad you found your way here! I'm so sorry, though, for what you've experienced. As Wanna said, 10 years is a long time to carry the burden that you have...it's tough. But it's never too late to start healing. And I think you're at the point where you're ready. You'll find a lot of very kind and supportive people here that can relate to you. You're not alone. ❤️ Sending you strength, comfort, and healing vibes! Take your time exploring and continue to reach out when you need to. -Finch
  6. Same here! I couldn't be more grateful. You are a wonderful human, and I'm super glad we became friends here.
  7. Hello and welcome to AS @Moe! I'm glad you found your way here. You're not alone. I'm so sorry for what you've been through that brought you here...it's incredibly difficult to process, but I think that joining our community will help you. Feel free to share your story when you're ready. When you've posted 10 times, you'll receive access to the Share Your Story forum to post in, if you'd like to wait for that (it's one of our most secure/private areas). Or you can post in Aftermath with appropriate trigger warnings. Take your time exploring. You'll find lots of friendly and supportive peo
  8. Hehe yup, it's almost my AS-anniversary! I can't believe it! I know it feels like I've been here longer...a ton of my posts are from the game section, though, hehe. Thank you for being the first person to welcome me to the community, Wanna. ❤️ I will always appreciate you for that. You are awesome! So happy to see you back on the NST!! 😄
  9. Hello and welcome to AS, @markeslilja! I'm glad you found your way here. First of all, I'm super excited by your intro...I love video games and vocaloid (though I've never used the program...I just listen to the music! I love Miku!), and it's nice to find someone else that does, too. I'm not into horror games, though, sadly. I can't handle horror at all lol. I prefer RPG's. And no, I also unfortunately have not played Skyrim...but I've heard great things. That's very cool you mod it along with Sims 4! I know nothing about modding haha, but again, very cool. As for your art, feel free to share
  10. Welcome to AS, @Faithish! I'm glad you found your way here. It's ok to be a bit awkward, especially in a new place like this. But trust me, we're all a really friendly and supportive bunch. You're not alone. ❤️ I'm so sorry that you have reason to be here, though. Whatever happened to you was undeserved and not your fault. Take your time opening up and posting where you feel comfortable. Best wishes to you! -Finch
  11. Welcome to AS, @Songofjoy! I'm glad you found your way here, though I'm so sorry for what you went through as a child. It was undeserved and not your fault. It is so difficult to heal from trauma, but I'm glad that you're working on it. There are many ups and downs, backwards and forwards, but just the fact that you're going to therapy and found us, too, is so great. ❤️ I wish you all the very best. You'll meet a lot of kind and supportive people here! You are not alone! -Finch
  12. Welcome to AS, Mic! Nice to meet you. It would be best if you created your own topic/thread for your introduction. Then you'll get more responses and welcomes! Until then, I would like to welcome you. I'm so sorry for what you've been through. It sounds like you've had a very difficult time. I'm so sorry. You didn't deserve any of it, nor was it your fault. You're going through a lot right now in attempts to heal....I'm proud of you for seeing a therapist and for agreeing to see a psychiatrist, too. I really hope that everything helps you on your path to healing. You really deserve to feel go
  13. Welcome to AS, @Trying To Heal Anger! I'm glad you found your way here. I'm so sorry for what you've experienced though, and that you're back to being depressed and stressed. That is awful and so difficult to handle...but you will find a lot of very friendly and supportive people here that can relate. You're not alone. ❤️ You're also not alone in being nonbinary (hello! I am, too ) and being frustrated with the lack of enby gender options. But as Mary said, there is a workaround. I don't use it, but the option is there to add it to your member title. You just can't get rid of where it s
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