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  1. Feeling tired. I had a bit of a breakdown last week (nothing bad, just very emotionally draining) and have been recovering from it slowly, it seems. But things are going to be okay.

    1. Finchy


      I'm so sorry you had a bit of a breakdown. They can be so very draining, so it's ok to feel tired. Take your time to recover. Sitting with you. ❤️ 

  2. Wow, a week or two turned into a month. I've been really busy and haven't had time and the emotional space to visit AS, but I'm glad to be back and hope that everyone is doing well!

    1. MeBeMary


      Welcome back, poet-survivor.

      I'm sorry you needed a break, but good news is that we are always here to welcome you back. Wishing you less stress and more steps forward.


    2. Finchy


      Nice to hear from you, poet!! ❤️ It's ok! Time can get away from us. I'm sorry though that you've been struggling a bit lately. Hopefully things will settle down for you. We're all here for you whenever you have the time and emotional space. No rush. :hug:

    3. poet-survivor


      Aaah, I ended up taking another long stretch! Thank you guys for all the support and welcome back, even as I dip in and out. ❤️ 

  3. Just wanted to hop on briefly and say that I hope everyone is hanging in there. I won't be back on for another week or two because I'm really busy right now, but I'm thinking about everyone and hope you're doing okay.

    1. Finchy


      ❤️ Sending you hugs and tons of support during this busy time!

  4. Feeling tired. There's a lot going on right now and I know that it will all work out, but it's still a lot.

    1. Finchy


      Take your time. Make sure to rest when you can. ❤️ I wish you all the best with everything going on!!

    2. poet-survivor


      Thank you! I am feeling rather overwhelmed right now but am trying to take little breaks and to keep things relative.

  5. Really feeling the weight of recovery and healing being a very long, even lifelong, process at the moment, but all in all feeling good. I am going to have a tea party with my roommates tomorrow and am looking forward to it very much!

    1. WendyAlone
    2. poet-survivor


      @WendyAlone It was, thank you! We had some delicious scones with lots of jam and little tea sandwiches :) 

    3. WendyAlone


      Oh that sounds nice 😊 

  6. Yesterday was a really tough day. I had a pretty bad dream, therapy was hard, and I didn't really get a chance to process any of it before going to other meetings and hanging out with my roommates at our weekly dinner. And then we ended up having a conversation that was on another pretty personal subject for me, and I just got more upset. But today has been a lot better! I went to the farmer's market, went for a run, planted some seeds, and got some good work done. I'm just going to wrap up some stuff right now and take the rest of the day to relax a bit. :) 

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    2. poet-survivor


      Thank you!! *hugs back, if you're comfortable!* It is tough but worth it to do the work. 

      I hope you had a good day too! We planted a bunch: thyme, parsley, chives, marjoram, mint, sorrel, tarragon, basil, and holy basil! My partner is a chef so we're really into cooking :)

    3. Finchy


      It's definitely worth it to do the work. It can just feel really hard in the moment. I'm glad you're putting in the work. ❤️ Hugs are always welcome! *more hugs*

      Oh lots of herbs! That is so awesome! We used to plant fresh basil and thyme. It was so nice. That's cool you're both into cooking. It must be nice to have a chef in the house!

    4. poet-survivor


      Yeah!! When I'm feeling overwhelmed I try to look back at where I was one, two, five years ago, and just marvel at how much has changed. :)

      Ooh, lovely! Do you keep any other plants? I've always loved gardening so it's nice to still be able to plant things. And definitely, the food is always delicious!

      Hope you're relaxing well!

  7. It's been a little while since I've logged on because life is really busy right now but I'm doing okay. Started doing active inner child work with my T and had a really good time cooking with my younger self the other day; I haven't been able to get into that space since but am optimistic that our communication will keep improving.

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    2. poet-survivor


      Oh, what other games do you play? I don't have too much time to play but I really like Animal Crossing and have some PC games I've been chipping away at. It's good that today was a better day!

      Haha, yeah! Oh wait, the Arceus one! I just looked it up and it looks really neat, like you're in Sinnoh actually making the Pokedex. Man, sounds like I have a lot of games to catch up on!

      Thanks! And I saw, it's so nice to meet other NB folks!! :) 

    3. Finchy


      I play a lot of games lol. Currently I'm playing Judgment, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Fire Emblem Warriors...oh and yes, ACNH! Animal Crossing is so soothing. I don't play as much as before, but it's always nice to check in on my villagers and buy new clothes. 💜 What PC games do you play?

      Yes, Arceus! It's like an open world game...so cool! Yup, you have lots of games to catch up on and to look forward to. 😄 Treat yourself some time!

      It really is!! Nice to meet you, fellow NB! :lindybunnie:

    4. poet-survivor


      Oh, awesome! Those sound so neat! I have been pretty busy and don't get to play as much but I love checking in on my villagers too. On PC I've been slowly working my way through Oxenfree, I play some Don't Starve, and I've played both Portal games! So not too much, but they're fun. There's also an old MMO called Wizard101 that I really love and play on and off.

      Yeah, it looks awesome! And I definitely will!

      Same to you! 💖

  8. Missfrier, Wanna, Mary, Thank you for all your support and welcome! It's good to see the forms back up. It really means a lot to receive such support and I hope that I'll be able to return as much with time. stay safe and well, Q
  9. Hi, I made an account on AS a few years back but haven't felt ready to talk on the forms until recently. I started therapy again a little while ago and I'm hoping to connect to some other survivors as I finally start to heal. looking forward to getting to know this amazing community. -Q
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