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    Kickboxing, Video Games, and sketching.

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  1. Wow, super impressed by your gaming skills! That genre - Lies of P, Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and Dark Souls I feel are some of the most challenging games! I've watched my husband play and seen him toss a few controllers trying to beat them 😂 Cudos! 👏 Yes, it's the newest God of War! I can't wait to see how you like it! That definitely makes sense! Have you played all of the Assassin's creed games? I hear the series is huge! Would you recommend starting from the beginning of the series or picking up at a certain one? I'm mid-way through Spider Man 2 now and just love swinging around the ci
  2. Glad to hear you are a new joiner as well, thank you for your warm welcome and glad to hear you have enjoyed it!
  3. Agreed.. Very well said. I find what I am dealing with very isolating to discuss with people I know IRL. Even when attempting conversation, I find some may harshly judge and shame me as they don't understand..
  4. Impressive! Those are all great picks! I haven't played Dragon's Dogma II or Lies of P yet. Love that you are a variety gamer as well. I am currently playing Persona 5 Royale (an amazing JRPG) definitely becoming one of my favorites with a very moving story and concept, God of War Ragnarok, and As Dusk Falls (a fun decision story game to couch play with others). Are there any upcoming games you are excited to start? So glad to be here ❤️
  5. Love this mission! Glad to hear it, this is an amazing outlook. I cannot thank you enough for the warm welcome.
  6. Happy to be here! Appreciate you ❤️
  7. Nice to meet you Finchy! I appreciate your kind words, glad to be here and found AS! Excited to hear you enjoyed the series Life is Strange! It is one of my all time favorites, very moving! Definitely amazing to find a fellow gamer fan can't wait to learn more about other games you've enjoyed!
  8. Hello, I'm Claire. Nice to "meet" you all electronically! I'm 28, married, and located in Northeast US. I'm working on the long-term effects from CSA. Looking for different outlooks, connection, and to find healthy coping mechanisms. Helping others brings me happiness, and I would love to connect with you in order to mutually benefit each other. Thank you in advance. ❤️
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