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  1. Idk if you prefer people commenting on your blog entries or no but... "I can't consent under those circumstances" is correct. Then, you said you already told him you didn't want to have sex with him. And the third proof of you being the victim is how you are feeling now. You have such hard times because of what happened. Do you think you would feel this way about it if you really enjoyed it or consented or something? I think no.
  2. WolfMoon

    New here

    Welcome, Pea ☺ I'm so sorry for what brought you here, you didn't deserve it. Everyone is really supporting and understanding here so I hope you can feel comfortable here. Don't hesitate to share anything when you feel like you want or need to. Healing takes time so no rush and take care. Sending you support ❤
  3. Helloo Pink 🙃 I joined this forum not so long ago too lol but Im'ma welcome you anyway. I am in denial too, I understand it's hard and I'm sure everyone here understands you, they're really nice. I hope you will find what you're searching for. You're not alone, we're here for you. Sending you a lot of support 💛
  4. Thanks to everyone for the nice words and support. Take care, a lot of love and strength on you ❤️
  5. Thank you Finch and Mary, I wish u all the best too, u certainly deserve it ❤️ And to anwer the question, I have a psychologist but I'm not sure she's really helping lol
  6. I'm not sure what to say but I'm glad I've found this site. Everyone seems to be really kind. I'm sorry for everyone who is going through a tough time, a lot of strength and love on you I don't know what to do lol. It seems like I can't help myself. I thought it will be better by now but it's not.. But maybe this site will help me to feel at least a little bit better. Even though I feel like I can't share my story yet. I hope everyone's having a good or at least an okay day ❤️
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